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  1. DennisMidjord

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Weird. It actually shows more accounts than we have on the server. Maybe it's bugged? I recall that it used to show the exact amount of accounts (reseller's included).
  2. DennisMidjord

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Utilities -> Domain Resolver. This shows the total accounts on any server. It's not the best way to get the total number of accounts, but it's pretty simple.
  3. DennisMidjord

    Translate strings for registrar module

    Anyone got any ideas?
  4. DennisMidjord

    zoho smtp not working

    Seems like something is blocking the connection from your server. You will face the same issue if you try to connect to another SMTP service if it's running on the same port. Ask your host to open port 465 outgoing TCP.
  5. DennisMidjord

    zoho smtp not working

    If you have SSH access to the server from where your WHMCS installation is, please try using the following command: telnet smtp.zoho.com 465 You should see something like this: Trying Connected to smtp.zoho.com. Escape character is '^]'. If you only see the first line, something is blocking you from making the connection - probably a firewall.
  6. We're working on a registrar module. I'm not really sure how to use multi-language support. I've created a folder called 'lang' inside of my addon folder, but I'm not sure how to use the language strings. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Will I also be able to use these strings outside of the addon (fx in a custom additionalfields.php that we include in the default additionalfields.php)?
  7. DennisMidjord

    zoho smtp not working

    Could very well be a firewall rule that rejects the connection. Are you able to telnet to the SMTP port?
  8. DennisMidjord

    Ask for different domain fields if order is a transfer

    Jesus Christ... Well, thanks @brian! I can't wrap my head around why the additional domain fields has been implemented in such a bad way 😄
  9. Is it possible to have WHMCS output certain additional domain fields if an order is a transfer of a domain? Some domains doesn't require the same fields for transferring, so we want to hide these. Other domains require information on registration that transfers doesn't.
  10. DennisMidjord

    Transfer syncing in WHMCS

    Was actually not that difficult: $registrationDate = Capsule::table('tbldomains') ->select('registrationdate') ->where('id', '=', $params['domainid']) ->first(); $date = new DateTime($registrationDate->registrationdate); $now = new \DateTime(); if *code that checks if transfer is successful*{ return array( 'completed' => true, ); } // Cancel the domain transfer if name servers aren't updated within 4 days elseif($date->diff($now)->days > 4){ return array( 'failed' => true, 'reason' => 'Client did not accept change of nameservers within 4 days', ); } // If the nameservers for the domain hasn't been updated, but the transfer was initiated less than 4 days ago, show this error in the Transfer Sync email else{ return array( 'error' => "Nameservers not updated", ); }
  11. DennisMidjord

    Transfer syncing in WHMCS

    Darn. For .dk domains, you don't transfer the domain - you just change the name servers. There's no API for this, and the transfer will never fail. I might just instead do some custom code to check if the order data is older than 4 days, and fail if it is.
  12. DennisMidjord

    Transfer syncing in WHMCS

    Hello. I have a few questions about transfer sync: https://developers.whmcs.com/domain-registrars/domain-syncing/ I see that there's an option to set 'failed' => true, but what does this mean? return array( 'completed' => true, // Return as true upon successful completion of the transfer 'expirydate' => '2017-10-15', // The expiry date of the domain 'failed' => false, // Return as true when transfer fails permenantly 'reason' => 'Reason message can go here', // Reason for the transfer failure if available 'error' => 'Error message goes here', // If the check fails, an error message string can be provided here ); What does 'permanently' mean? Will it only fail after X number of tries?
  13. DennisMidjord

    Hook to cancel invoices for terminated products

    Oh. Great catch. It actually will - I've never had that in mind.
  14. DennisMidjord

    Hook to cancel invoices for terminated products

  15. DennisMidjord

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    They already did. Kind of. WHMCS price model was changed last year, I think. Instead of having branded, unbranded and fulltime, you're now invoiced based on how many active clients you have... And can only pay monthly. The thing is, WHMCS is something you only need 1 (or maybe a small amount of) licenses for, while you need a lot for cPanel. Our cPanel license costs just increased by 500%. We're going to pay almost half of what we used to pay per year - but now per month! I've heard that some hosts are going to need to find more than 70.000$ more for cPanel after the new price model.

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