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  1. DennisMidjord

    WHMCS Cron Job Activity Email (2 Years later...in 2019)

    I like the new design. It's much cleaner. If anything fails, you can go to the module queue in WHMCS and see what happened, and you have the option to try whatever action failed again.
  2. DennisMidjord


    SMTP is always the preferred method. Use SMTP authentication, sign your messages with DKIM and setup an SPF record for your domain. If those steps are followed, you're almost certain that the emails will be delivered.
  3. DennisMidjord

    Square Up Payment Gateway Module

    I don't understand that logic. You're going to be charging your customers, but can't afford to make a one-time payment of $99? 🙂
  4. Hi, Why is there an email template for clients having default payment method set to credit card, and another email template for everyone else? This often causes confusing for our clients as they don't add a credit card to their account, but still get the credit card email-templates.
  5. DennisMidjord

    Invoicing in two languages

    Ah, I see. Well, instead of changing the language for all clients, maybe just do something like this: if ($clientsdetails['country'] == "Bulgaria" || $companyname == "SOMETHING ELSE THAN IT USED TO"){ do this, but only for Bulgarian clients } else { do this for everyone else } You'd just have to change the company name, and it's easier to revert afterwards. Would be much easier if you were able to use $adminLoggedIn == true.
  6. DennisMidjord

    Invoicing in two languages

    You should be able to do something like this in invoicepdf.tpl if ($clientsdetails['country'] == "Bulgaria"){ do this, but only for Bulgarian clients } else { do this for everyone else }
  7. DennisMidjord

    PayPal recurring payments was added to wrong clients

    Ouch! Thanks for linking that thread.
  8. Hi. After updating on the 22nd of January to WHMCS 7.7, we started experiencing a really weird issue. A couple of clients only paid for small part of their total due, but the amount paid was matching other client's unpaid invoices. After investigating we found out that a bunch of our clients' subscriptions suddenly started paying for the wrong invoices in WHMCS. According to my research, this started happening when the cron job ran after upgrading. We've had to cancel all PayPal subscriptions, send out emails manually to hundreds of client explaining why. Some of the PayPal subscriptions are really old, but I'm wondering how this could happen?
  9. DennisMidjord

    Hook won't output my 'return' on submitticket.php

    Too bad. I thought this was a nice way of handling changes to the theme we're using, but I guess not 😉
  10. I'm having trouble returning a string using ClientAreaPageSubmitTicket. If I use AdminAreaViewTicketPage, the div is shown just fine when viewing a ticket as an admin. <?php add_hook('ClientAreaPageSubmitTicket', 1, function($vars) { return '<div class="alert alert-info alert-dismissible"><button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="alert" aria-label="Close"><span aria-hidden="true">×</span></button>Check <b><a href="/client/serverstatus.php">serverstatus</a></b> before submitting a new ticket</div>'; }); Any reason why this doesn't work?
  11. DennisMidjord

    Add Client API Required Fields

    Hmm, I see that. Maybe create the accounts with some dummy info at first, and then have your hook delete that info from the database? I don't know if that would cause any issues, but it might be the only way to achieve it if you want to run it from the same installation.
  12. DennisMidjord

    Add Client API Required Fields

    Maybe you can avoid specifying it by going to Setup > General Settings > Other and define 'Optional Client Profile Fields' to be address, city, state, country and postcode? Haven't tried it yet.
  13. DennisMidjord

    Change language on two systems simultaneously

    That would be something that could take a long time, especially when we only need this for one language. Both websites default to Danish. We'd have to do a lot of work with the current WPML plugin to have every link on the english website changed 🙂
  14. We're using WordPress as a front to our WHMCS installation. WHMCS is installed in /client/. Now, handling languages is not the easiest since we're dealing with two different systems. There's a language switcher in WordPress and one in WHMCS, but they don't really work together. Is there any way for us to make the two systems work together?

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