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  1. In this day and age nobody needs a scanner to send "copies of documents" Most people have cameras on their telephone that are adequate to take a photograph of any such documents and then just email them to the company that requires them, i have had to do this on a few occasions and without any problems doing so they have passed inspection and been accepted. As long as they are part of a verification process and not the only process because obviously documents can be faked, then there is no reason they shouldn't be accepted in this way. Things like email address and mobile numbers should be validated quite frequently, at least annually i would say because those are the most likely to change.
  2. To find out what the inner workings of whmcs hook points are doing in regards to errors you would need to speak to the developers. All i can tell you is broken hooks/modules will often result in blank pages so that tells me there is as far as i can tell no graceful fallback in these cases. If you find out it is the case then ofcourse you can put in a feature request, or at the very lease suggest to the devs directly a method that would deal with your case.
  3. I might be missing something here but i'm sure whmcs pretty much has this covered already. there are plenty of options to allow you to auto renew or manually renew its all a matter of settings. For instance, clients can manually renew a service before due just by paying the invoice, if one isnt yet created they can simply add a credit (assuming that you have it setup to accept credits)
  4. No currently this does not happen however you might want to suggest that it does it would certainly help to improve work flow for future clients setting up. WHM has the availability to make a package from edited values, WHMCS could easily push a package to the server or indeed all servers if need be. The options in your screen shot should be fairly self explanatory however i will try to make them more simple. The basics are that you can decide when to provision and order, for example i order hosting from you. You have the choice of whether your system provisions immediately before payment (no intervention admin needed but client may not pay), after payment is made (assumes paypal or another gateway is calling back to system), sets the order to pending (requires admin intervention usually to verify the client and payment), or simply leaves the order as is with full manual intervention from admin.
  5. The setting within the clients account works the other way around. If you have the reminders on you can disable for specific clients. I don't believe it works the way you are thinking.
  6. I dont know what happened it was just an odd one time deal that resolved itself, i thought maybe it would show in the cron logs but it wont because for all intent and purposes the daily cron did run i just didnt get the email. Everything else it appears ran according to plan, invoices were created and according to the system emails were send out, i have not actually checked any mail logs to see what actually sent out on that cron run. it seems somewhat pointless now though with the job doing as its told Anyway its not a system bug, maybe just a quirky little thing that was a little confusing.
  7. There have been comments stating it is the fault of the person upgrading, i don't believe that to be the case, if you have no intention or just cant keep up with apples updates then don't make an application to work with an IOS device. Thats just common sense in my book. Apple will always progress so you have to be prepared to support and progress your application. Are people seriously going to hold onto an old IOS version for a device they paid hundreds for because one app refuses to be brought up to speed? I think that blaming the people that have upgrades was a ludicrous remark to be quite honest. I think its time WHMCS put out an update or pull the application. Its not about the money its a matter of principle, when you pay for a service you expect to get a service. Would you sign up to a phone network that doesn't cover your area? no neither would I, i dont see how this is any different.
  8. Hello, i dont know the reason for this happening, on the day of installation the cron job did not run, but it has done since.
  9. Updated yesterday and my cron email has since stopped being sent, i get the emails from the domain sync but none from the daily cron. So far as i can tell tasks are completing as i have seen invoice emails being send out but appears not the daily cron.
  10. The cpanel module already has the loginto cpanel or whm feature. take a look at the templates and see if you can find where its located, then you should be able to see if there is a way to make the webmail login button.
  11. Yes the wording is a little off, it should say "Allow Suspend After" or "Protect Service Until". In any case all you really need to know is that the date chosen is the date that the service is protected until. As you found 10/22/2013 will protect that service upto and including the selected date so if for whatever reason a client request an extension and you grant it, if they said payment on the 22nd that is the date you would choose and if they fail to pay still on that date the next cron job will act on the suspension as normal.
  12. they need another increment addition to identify a fixed patch. 5.2.10 to 5.2.11 and to fix 5.2.11 its moved onto 5.2.12, This isnt good. That should be 5.2.10 to 5.2.11 and for the repair of the patch 5.2.11r or even There is no sense incrementing to 12 when its still the 11 patch.
  13. I have to agree with the responses, certainly not in the tone of them but the meaning and reasoning behind them absolutely i concur. I have been an IOS user for several years now, some paid applications and many free. There are thousands of free application developers that update their application regularly infact i have seen on occasion a bug fix get released within days of an update. If a free application can do it then so can whmcs. I am in the same position as one response, IWHMCS is by far the most expensive application i have purchased for IOS and i have to say i find it quite frustrating that the application is not being updated. There have been many reports some dating back to 2012 that have not been fixed, this in my opinion is a very poor service from whmcs in this area. Of course you have other areas that are in progress, of course you have other updates that are in progress. But in my opinion if you are not going to maintain the application/services that you offer then you should refund all of the purchases of the no longer functioning service or offer those that wish to have it, the option to transfer over to your new mobile friendly system. One way of the other something needs doing and it needs doing promptly. I can only request that you update the application and bring it into line with the rest of the system, this is my preference but i dare say others may disagree with me. In any case which ever direction this is taken into, it needs to be done swiftly to resolve all of these issues, im not talking weeks or months (or years as it has been so far), I'm talking days or even hours. Just so you know this isnt a put down of whmcs, as many will know from my previous posts i'm actually quite happy with the system and what it offers my business. Things like this just bring the whole service into disrepute and that is a shame.
  14. 7 and the updated 7.0.2, iphone5 the application has crashed at startup since updating. i have not updated my ipad2 so i still have a working application on there but the point of me having the app is so i can support on the move, i really dont like carrying my ipad around everywhere i go.
  15. Since installing IOS7 i have not been able to run the whmcs application on my iphone 5, The application opens tries to load for a few seconds and then silently closes. Is there an update coming to fix this?
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