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  1. My wholesaler is offering a discount for new .net.au domain names next month. I have setup a promotion (see attachment). However, I only want the discount to apply to new domain names registrations and not renewals. Will this work? Thanks
  2. I found another post in the forums that fixed the problem but the solution is not ideal: Under Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways, tick "Force One Time Payments" and unstick "Force Subscriptions". That didn't work, so I added another payment option "Bank Transfer". That adds another option to the drop down menu on the invoice and now when the client selects PayPal that pay now button appears. This looks like a bug with WHMCS where you have to use at least two payment options for PayPal to work.
  3. I have PayPal as a payment option in WHMCS. I have had a number of clients pay their initial orders with PayPal but none have paid their renewal invoices with the service. Today I logged in as a client to pay an invoice by PayPal and I can't see how to initiate the payment. In the Client Area I can select invoice to be paid and it displays the invoice but their is no button to pay the invoice. I'm using the default invoice template. There is a drop down menu under the word "Unpaid" with one option "PayPal". Selecting PayPal from the drop down does nothing. Have I done something wrong with the setup or is this a bug?
  4. I haven't worked out the mysql syntax but I have about 100 domain names and this is what I did: 1. Make the changes to the domain name pricing first in "Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing". 2. Go to "Clients > Domain Registrations" and select a domain name. 3. Click on the checkbox next to "Auto Recalculate on Save" and click on "Save Changes". 4. Repeat step 3 for all domain names where the price has changed. I have submitted a ticket on this issue to WHMCS Support. Hopefully they will fix it with the next update.
  5. I'm using version 5.2.7 as well. I've manually updated the recurring pricing.
  6. I've just changed my domain name pricing and I'm trying to update the recurring amounts on domain names. I used the Bulk Pricing Updater but I can not get it to work. This is what I have selected: Product: Domain - .com.au Status: Active, Suspended Billing Cycle: Domain: 2 year Currency: AUD Current Price: New Recurring Price: 33.00 The results I get is: Conditions Statuses: 'Active','Suspended' Billing Cycles: 2 Pricing Update Results Updated Domains with TLD 0 - 0 Affected All my pricing is on AUD and I have many .com.au domains. What am I doing wrong? Or is there is bug in the updater? Thanks
  7. I have clients who purchased more than one domain name on the same day. When they come due for renewal, separate reminder notices are sent out for each domain name. The domains all have the same Next Due Date and Expiry Date. How can I get WHMCS to combine the reminders into one email? Thanks
  8. I have the New Zealand currency (NZD) as an option for orders. When a customer is placing an order the flags for Australia and the US appear but the flag for New Zealand is just a rectangle. I've created and uploaded the NZ flag to the directory (/whmcs/images/flags/nz.png) but it still not displaying. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks
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