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  1. 1.094 released Added function to removed domain from local cache database Added new config option to allow to set fetchonload for admin panel individually to lessen load time Optimized DirectAdmin connection object for quicker connection
  2. lonea

    SMTP doesn't work with zohomail

    I can confirm this is a bug. I can get the email to send when I goto Utilites -> Logs- > Email Message Log, then pull up an email in the list and click on Send Message. Any other email function will result in SMTP Error: data not accepted.
  3. lonea

    SMTP doesn't work with zohomail

    Please refer to the original OP. Seems like you are just trash posting to boost your post count.
  4. lonea

    SMTP doesn't work with zohomail

    Paid. It works with other scripts on the same server, so the zohomail account isn't the issue.
  5. Seems like the phpmailer need to be updated. Tried both 465 and 587, and both resulted in SMTP Data not accepted. When using port 25, WHMCS will timeout. The authentication is correct and other scripts using the same zohomail SMTP server work fine.
  6. Version 4.44 released
  7. v2.6 Released Validation function introduced Added CheckMobi integration to Validation Removed redundant functions such as Send/Split/Sub Cards under giftcardprovision→clientarea Graphical interface enhancement
  8. 1.4 (Jan 1, 2019) Added validation before a key is deployed Added CheckMobi Integration for validation Edit 1.31 (Dec 6, 2018) Added new config option for separating bulk keys Modify the way QR code display when it is bulk keys Edit 1.3 (Dec 5, 2018) Added validation for table name only allow alphanumeric New config option on product for selling bulk keys
  9. No, due to the reason with DA you can get a lifetime license. Much more sense in terms using it as a DNS system.
  10. Best way for support is via our support ticket. Thanks
  11. Boost your WHMCS' domain functionality with a free DNS editor module on us! 100% free, no gimmicks. With the free version, you will get the a basic DNS editor in the Client end to use. If you want more functionality, you can subscribe to our Premium or Professional version. Premium Edition ~ $25 / year Admin management interface Web Redirection Support Email Forwarding Support Email Catchall Support Professional Edition ~ $50 / year All features of Premium Dynamic DNS (DynDNS) API functional - Allow for your customer to update it's A record with just a API call DNS Template Support - Apply common DNS settings onto many domains. Gmail, Outlook, etc... Domain Parking templates - Allow you to use html/php templates on new domains for free advertisement of your company Module Requirement You must have a DirectAdmin hosting account with Addon-domains allocation. If you don't have a DirectAdmin server, you can purchase one here Can I see some screenshots? Overview DNS Editor Email Forwarding Web Redirect Catch-all Cost The module is Free for free version $25 per year for Premium $50 per year for Professional More info? https://whmcsdnsmodule.com/ Where can I buy? You can it through this link -> http://whmcsdnsmodule.com/buy
  12. v2.5 Released New Restriction Group option buying and redeeming gift card New Cashier Mode (Variable Card Value) Gift Card Minor bug fixes

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