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  1. V1.22 (Oct 16, 2020) New option for Disabling Client Area functions when domain nameserver isn't set Bug fix with Admin area subdomain
  2. V1.2 (Oct 5, 2020) New Sub-domain function New Masked Redirect function New option for showing DNS Suite Management link in the Client Domain page (in Admin)
  3. v4.614 (Oct 1, 2020) Updated hook for WHMCS 8
  4. v1.1 (Sep 18, 2020) Sub-domain introduced Masked Redirection introduced
  5. v1.13 (Jul 1, 2020) New hook option to create domain prior to registrar (pre-registrar hook) Client end API/notification setting is now AJAX Bug fixes; catch-all, email slot v1.15 (Aug 4, 2020) New option for module to respect WHMCS per Domain DNS Management setting Removed logging option Removed WHMCS api config option Code clean up
  6. Start your own DNS Hosting sevice with our brand new WHMCS DNS Provider Module. On top of basic hosted DNS service, you can also value-add your DNS Hosting service with web redirection, email-forwarding, email catch-all and DDNS services all at once! What's the difference between this module and your WHMCS DNS Suite module? With the DNS Suite Module, it is designed to work and compliment with the native WHMCS Domains functions. It does not work with domains not registered with your WHMCS. With the DNS Provider Module, you will be able to sell DNS Hosting service same as selling a web hosting service. It will work with domains not registered with your WHMCS. Best of all, you can offer it for free or charge money for it. In a nutshell, you can provide DNS hosting service as a standalone product with DNS Provider module similar to CloudDNS, EasyDNS, CloudFlare, etc... Other Use Cases If you are a VPS or dedicated server provider, a lot of times your customer may ask you if you provide free DNS hosting for their domains. With this module, you can assign your customers a free DNS hosting plan which they can manage and control their DNS all within your Client Area. Basic Edition ~ $35 / year AJAX DNS Record Add & Modification Admin management interface Server to Server Migration Support Premium Edition ~ $65 / year AJAX DNS Record Add & Modification Admin management interface Server to Server Migration Support Web Redirection Support Email Forwarding Support Email Catchall Support Professional Edition ~ $100 / year All features of Premium Dynamic DNS (DDNS) API functional - Allow for your customer to update it's A record with just a API call DNS Template Support - Apply common DNS settings onto many domains. Gmail, Outlook, etc... Domain Parking templates - Allow you to use html/php templates on new domains for free advertisement of your company Module Requirement You must have a DirectAdmin hosting account with Addon-domains allocation. If you don't have a DirectAdmin server, you can purchase one here PHP INTL module Can I see some screenshots? Client Add/Remove domain to dns hosting Client Area Service overview Overview DNS Editor Email Forwarding Web Redirect Catch-all Cost The module is $35 per year for Basic edition $65 per year for Premium $100 per year for Professional More info? https://whmcsdnsprovider.com/ Where can I buy? You can it through this link -> http://whmcsdnsprovider.com/buy I only need to offer DNS to domains registered with us? Do I need this? You can take a look at our DNS Suite Module
  7. Yep, they wanted access to the whmcs and have the default template run on it. I declined.... as this is clearly an issue with the coding.
  8. This module allow you to quickly pull your inventory stock of your products. Have fun! https://github.com/licensechef/WHMCS_Liveinventory WHMCS Live Inventory Checker Simple api to display your inventory stock in JSON Upload the folder into your whmcs/modules/addons/ Activate it in Settings How to use No hash set: http://yourwhmcs/index.php?m=liveinventory&pid=X With hash set: http://yourwhmcs/index.php?m=liveinventory&pid=X&hash=yourhashstring Get all Product: http://yourwhmcs/index.php?m=liveinventory&pid=all Return JSON {"stockcontrol":0,"qty":0}
  9. v4.613 (May 20, 2020) Fixed SSL connection issues Fixed Central Portal not showing under Service Menu Installer will not comment out disable_functions in the customized php.ini file
  10. WHMCS Global Services was hacked a few years back with all of their modules, do a search for whmcs global services hacked and be the judge yourself. I'm pretty sure it's fixed now but just giving you a reference point. I believe MG have their share of issues but not as severe as WGS faced.
  11. v1.11 (Apr 30, 2020) Added AJAX modification for Catchall, email forwarding Minor bug fixes
  12. v4.612 (Apr 17, 2020) Various bug fixes Tested with WHMCS 7.10
  13. The original CSF Autounblocker developer is back with another useful tool. Customer Pin 1.3 With the Customer Pin module, you will be able to provide support pin codes (variable length) to your customers. Allowing for quick account verification over the phone, live chat, etc... Key features *5 type of pin: (Main pin, 3rd party pin, temporary pin, service level pin, domain level pin) *New in 1.3 *Email-able Temporary pin *Variable length and pin combo (numeric vs alphanumeric) *Adjustable pin code valid period *Autogenerate when a code expires *Easy to install, no template code modification needed *WHMCS 6 compatible *Easily translatable using WHMCS language files *Limit sub-accounts to see only 3rd party pin *Pin request form to allow your customer to quickly request a support pin *New in 1.3 Requirements Templates that is based off the Six layout. It uses the sidebar for display Ioncube loader v10 Pin concepts Main pin is intended for all general purpose verification. Such as billing modification, account changes... etc 3rd party pin is intended for the account holder providing account support access to a 3rd party individual without providing the main account. Such as contacting your company for support. Temporary pin is intended for providing quick verification if the account owner can't login but still have email access. Temporary keys are generated by your company staff and it is emailed to the customer's email Service Pin is intended for providing quick verification for a particular service, per service Domain Pin is intended for providing quick verification for a particular domain, per domain Cost The price for this module is a one time $20. It includes all minor version updates free of charge. You can order this module at our site: http://licensechef.com/buy-whmcs-customerpin-module The module is ioncube 10 encoded Screenshots 
  14. v1.1 (Mar 18, 2020) Added AJAX modification for DNS Record management, Web Redirection Bug fix for Web Redirection Bug fix with mutli-language
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