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  1. it doesn't store it in a table, it pulls the details from the registrar when needed. you could use DomainGetNameservers API if you need the information for a specific domain.
  2. it might be worth adding a kb article about this in your knowledgebase ? 🙂
  3. brian!

    Payment gateway show per currency base.

    I doubt it - though you can remove gateways with hooks based on various conditions, e.g the hook below specifies which gateways are valid with which currencies in the cart... if you need the same with invoices, that's doable but a little more involved...
  4. brian!

    invoices.php tpl admin file

    there isn't a template file for the invoices page in the admin area. I suspect it would require a jQuery hook to do that..
  5. maybe i'm missing the issue here, but can't you just remove that line from the template?
  6. this would be expected behaviour for the domain renewals feature - in that, the domain renewals page uses either the default pricing slab for renewals (e.g the price shown on the domain register pricing table for renewals), or if the client is in a client group with it's own pricing slab, those prices will be used instead. the easiest solution would be for you, as an admin, to invoice the domain renewal early... https://help.whmcs.com/m/payments/l/756083-creating-a-renewal-invoice-early ... and that will use the recurring amount ($30) already specified in this domains settings.
  7. you can upload files, via the Admin Area Client Summary page, and the client will be able to download them from their client area homepage. https://docs.whmcs.com/Clients:Summary_Tab#Files
  8. brian!

    Domain search option isn't working

    when a custom template fails, your first thought should always be to test your site using the Six template and see if the issue continues. the second thought should be to contact the theme's developers as a) you will have bought the theme and therefore usually be entitled to support from them, and b) they should know more about the theme than anyone else. when you look at the domain register page using Six, the Google Captcha feature is shown - but it's not shown when using ColorHost.... so disabling Google Captcha on the domainchecker page in general settings -> security might be a temporary fix, but I suspect the issue is really caused by the ColorHost theme being out of date for your installed WHMCS release.... contacting the developer to ensure you're using the correct version, or discussing the issue with them should be your next step. it's the same as above - when using Six, Google captcha is shown; when using ColorHost, it isn't - so disabling Google captcha in general settings -> security -> login forms might fix it - but the ColorHost template should be showing these captcha forms, so I can only assume that it needs updating...
  9. brian!

    Client Account Login Notification Hook

    if you're using any recent version of WHMCS, just remove the references to $adminuser... $command = "sendemail"; $values["customtype"] = "general"; $values["customsubject"] = "Account Login from $hostname"; $values["custommessage"] = "<p>Hello $firstname $lastname,<p>Your account was recently successfully accessed by a remote user. If this was not you, please do contact us immediately<p>IP Address: $ip<br/>Hostname: $hostname<br />$signature"; $values["id"] = $userid; ... or ensure that the admin is authenticated to use SendEmail.
  10. you haven't enabled Private Messaging in your own settings - so as things stand, no one can PM you either! try enabling messaging and then you should be able to PM users... and they should be able to PM you. 🙂
  11. have you seen the TransferWise product in Marketplace ? it's not what you need, but it might be worth having a word with them as they should already be familiar with the TransferWise API.
  12. ... or just click on the link and you'll see a message button on their profile page (if enabled).
  13. brian!

    SQL Error

    if the table wasn't created, it sounds as though the update didn't complete properly. for a one-off table, you could recreate it manually using the SQL structure specified in /resources/sql/install/tblusage_items.schema.sql - though I think there were a few more tables than just that one added in v7.9, so there might be more tables missing in your install.
  14. if it's a hosting service, that would be better... though the same answer would basically still apply, e.g you prevent termination with a hook, suspend the service (using ModuleSuspend) and then change it's service status to cancelled. and if you're wondering why i'm suggesting still changing its status to cancelled and not suspended, it's because suspended services will still get invoiced for, cancelled/terminated services won't. if you wanted to do the suspending manually, and if the associated module supports it, then there will be suspend / unsuspend buttons on the product tab in the clients profile.

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