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  1. i'm tempted to suggest that if this is a commercial custom, then it's developers should have dealt with this during the design! 🙄 it's a JS issue I think and specifically some of the settings in scripts.min.js in standard cart - topPadding and marginTop - so if I set their values at 150, then I see this... so it might require some experimentation, depending on the size of the fixed header, to find suitable value(s). possibly, you could do this as a hook, but I modified scripts.min.js directly for the above demo... that would cause a potential issue for updating (so might a hook) - who knows whether v8 will even use standard_cart?
  2. where are you trying to do this - on the products page or view cart ? either way, whilst you could easily use a hook to change the language strings, it's not really practical because either page could have both webhosting and server products in them and it would be difficult to differentiate between them. you could do it by editing either template as it's just an if statement to determine whether it's a hosting or server product and then display the appropriate string.
  3. and the tab wouldn't exist depending on the module too - e.g it wouldn't exist for cPanel and would be called something else by the cPanel template and shown in a different way. now you could write a hook to cover all bases, i'm just suggesting that this link might be shown in slightly different places depending upon the module used for the service (if it's altering template content). assuming that screenshot is from Modern, you should just need to use the following in a custom.css file... #order-modern table.cart th { background-color: #000 !important; }
  4. or the person who specifically recommended changing the software in the first place, still doesn't quite understand how to configure it after numerous years trying ? *sighs* for years, i've seen multiple issues that weren't there previously - sadly, it's simply not worth complaining about them as I wouldn't trust they'd be fixed without creating new issues elsewhere... and if that isn't a metaphor for WHMCS in general, then I don't know what is! i've seen that too - new accounts created and immediately they've updated their profile pic - whereas users on slightly older ranks seemingly can't.
  5. or more accurately, their spin doctor didn't spin that it's a new theme - it might just be an updated and thinned version of blend... time will tell. their inclination to make it more usable for mobile devises was previously stated. the improved support for currencies was interesting - and explains why numerous staff over the last few months, were checking out the previous threads i've replied to about increasing the allowed integer and decimal values... it's so simple for them to do.
  6. then I humbly apologise Dennis!
  7. aah - I was trying to avoid using internal functions, defined in encoded files, that we probably shouldn't really know about. 😎
  8. that's' probably something that you should take up directly with Zomex as Mono is their theme.
  9. I suspect it will be a clash between your sticky menu and the modal window and which has focus... perhaps the thread below might help.
  10. it looks as though the service (product) or any of it's addons are assigned to a module - so your products are not setup correctly... e.g if the service is a hosting account, it needs to be assigned to the appropriate module, e.g cPanel https://docs.whmcs.com/Products_Management
  11. have the operators added signatures to their admin profile? if they have, WHMCS will add in to the ticket page when they are entering their reply. https://docs.whmcs.com/Support_Tickets#Replying_to_a_Ticket
  12. then I suggest you contact it's developer and see what they have to say.
  13. i'd agree with Steph - not seeing any obvious issues. that said, you are using the Boxes template at checkout (so assume it's your default) - although it's still shipped, Boxes was deprecated years ago and hasn't receive any meaningful updates in that time. https://docs.whmcs.com/Discontinued_Order_Form_Templates#Deprecated_Order_Form_Templates defaulting to standard_cart would probably be better going forward.
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