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  1. brian!

    Invoice language as admin

    that just means that the {$pagetitle} variable isn't getting translated - I would have thought that could be easily fixed in the template or with a hook.
  2. I think there are other options... https://www.whmcs.com/two-factor/ https://www.whmcs.com/members/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=242 though as I think you have to pay WHMCS for using TBT, you might want to check with them first by opening a ticket. if you get your license directly from WHMCS - https://www.whmcs.com/support/ if you get your license from a reseller / host - https://www.whmcs.com/reseller-support/ there will be "Open A Ticket" buttons available via both links - just click on the appropriate link above...
  3. Hi Peter, because they don't exist in the template - you would need to query the database to create them using a hook... e.g to get the company name of the client.. <?php # Admin Area Sidebar Get Client's Company Name Hook # Written by brian! use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; function admin_sidebar_company_name_hook($vars) { if ($vars['pagetemplate'] == 'viewticket') { $userid = $vars['userid']; $results = Capsule::table('tblclients')->where('id',$userid)->value('companyname'); return array("companyName" => $results); } } add_hook("AdminAreaPage", 1, "admin_sidebar_company_name_hook"); ?> website URL would be a different matter as I assume for you that's a client custom field ?
  4. brian!

    Language strings for Domain Categories

    for a more detailed explanation of what @lims suggested, see the post I wrote below - as you'll have to create Language Overrides for each language that you want to translate these categories. looking at it again, I will add that you could do this with an action hook instead of modifying the template, though you would still likely need to create the overrides for the categories.
  5. there's no built-in way to do this... one possibility might be to take a look at the Share Cart addon, but I doubt that it would work with upgrades (as it's not really a cart process) - you should check with its developer to be sure though.
  6. brian!

    Domains renewed two times

    you mean you have auto-renewal enabled with your registrar - e.g the domains are renewed automatically whether you've ben paid by their expiry or not? https://docs.whmcs.com/Domains_Configuration#Automatic_Renewal as you can see, the general advice when using WHMCS is to disable that and let WHMCS take care of renewing the domain... although, if you have clients who are slow to pay (after the expiry date), then that may not be practical. as per above, if you go to General Settings -> Domains and UNTICK the "Auto Renew On Payment" checkbox, then when the invoice is paid, WHMCS will just create a ToDo item for you and will not attempt to renew the domain again... if you've already renewed the domain, then you can delete the ToDo item... and if you aren't using Domain Synce, just remember to check the expiry / next due date on the domain to ensure that it is correct.
  7. have you looked at using the equivalent code in six/header.tpl as a starting point ? all those arrays that it uses to display notifications/languages etc should exist in your template too, so it should just be a case of outputting them.
  8. some progress is always welcomed ! 🙂 thanks for updating the thread - it might be helpful to others who run into a similar issue with the addon.
  9. brian!

    Display hosting package on home page

    aahh - there be the problem... all that hook does is create the array and pass it to the template - you will need to output it in the template. as a basic example, the table code in the post below could output the array... for example, if you were outgoing to output this on the homepage, then you could change the hook from ClientAreaPage to ClientAreaPageHome, and you would edit homepage.tpl in practice, what you will probably want to do it output it in the same style as your own website / cart, e.g copy code from one of the products.tpl templates and adjust the variables used to your new custom array... it's one of those situations that is relatively easy to do (the layout design may take some time), but lengthy to explain... but have a play, and if you have any questions, you only have to ask.
  10. brian!

    Bulk Change Registrar For Multiple Domains

    ok fair enough... just thought it worth mentioning in case you thought transferring the domains was just an SQL query away! 😛
  11. brian!

    Bulk Change Registrar For Multiple Domains

    aahh, you're a Nominet member too. 🙂 I should add for the avoidance of confusion, that all this query does is change which registrar WHMCS tries to use to manage these domains - you haven't actually changed the registrar responsible for these domains by doing this, and I assume that you have already done that, or intend to do it.
  12. brian!

    Bulk Change Registrar For Multiple Domains

    at least you made the effort to check first! using a SQL update query would be the obvious way - though that then leads to the next question of can you easily identify these 50 domains? i'm assuming that you can get a list of these 50 domains and then run an update query such as... UPDATE tbldomains SET registrar = 'brian' WHERE domain IN ('domain1.com','domain2.net') obviously, change the registrar value to whatever you want to use (and ideally find a domain that is already using that registrar so that you get the value correct). alternatively, you could just do a copy&paste using phpMyadmin on the affected domains in tbldomains and just change the value of the 'registrar' column for those domains... but if you have a list, the query should be quicker.
  13. if that works Christian, well done for putting the effort in.
  14. brian!

    Custom Invoice not working anymore..

    if you get your license directly from WHMCS - https://www.whmcs.com/support/ if you get your license from a reseller / host - https://www.whmcs.com/reseller-support/ there will be "Open A Ticket" buttons available via both links - just click on the appropriate link above... this community is primarily an informal user-to-user help facility... occasionally, and more during beta periods, WHMCS staff will appear here and chip in, but to ensure contact with them, it's easier to open a ticket (Especially if it's a process issue that may be specific to your setup)... and that way, you could share details with them that you couldn't/shouldn't do publicly here.
  15. I doubt that there's a generic problem with recalctotals - otherwise all hell would be breaking lose on here with other users stating their carts aren't working either. my assumption would be that it's an incomplete/corrupted upgrade - the fact that it doesn't work under six/SC is a clue to that too... if it had worked there, it would imply a template issue... if it's not working full stop, it's a missing/corrupt file or a clash with an existing file. did you use the automatic updater to update? which version did you update from ?? i'd be tempted to get hold of either the full or incremental zip and start uploading folders via ftp ('vendors' would be first on the list) to see if that resolves this.

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