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  1. 206470-OZTD7-H-230b.png

    ... and that's it from me for 2018 - i'm taking a break from here for Christmas & New Year! 🎄

    i'm thus avoiding both the 7.7 beta releases and the possibility of Chris enabling the Christmas lights and animated snow effect again. ❄️

    with the v7.7 betas, there should be more than the usual minimal WHMCS staff floating around this place to answer the threads -

    so take advantage of them being around, because once the beta testing is over, they'll disappear back into the ether as usual! 🙄

    if you want to ensure that I look at a particular thread on my return, just mention me with @brian! and i'll get a notification.

    I expect to be back here around the second week of January 2019... enjoy yourselves everyone!


    P.S - for anyone yet to have paid what they owe me, the PayPal account and bank don't close over the festive period, so I will look forward to receiving payments - I won't forget if you don't pay!

    1. WHMCS ChrisD

      WHMCS ChrisD

      Ha! Using an image to avoid the filters that's evil 😛 Have a great break @brian!


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