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  1. Ok then.. I will have to translate it my self...
  2. Hello @priestakos, happy new year ! what happened to your repository in github for greek language ? are you updating it ?
  3. @brian! EDIT: I confirm it is working now... !
  4. ok, thanks @brian! i will try it and come back here with the result. thanks a lot... i should have know it is the encoding of greek chars... ! Happy New Year !!!!!
  5. Hello and Happy new year.. ! Any chance of fixing this for whmcs v7 ? Καλή χρονιά φίλε μου με υγεία, αγάπη και ότι άλλο επιθυμείς για το 2019 να το έχεις.. !
  6. Happy new year ! I use this module and i am happy with it ! Just give it a try !
  7. that means i should have a server for customer accounts and a simple hosting package outside that server for whmcs EDIT: or have the whmcs on the same server BUT on a different IP
  8. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you and your families. What if WHMCS and customer/account server is on the same server/ip ? How can i make it work as for clients getting banned from csf they can't access the whmcs and unblock their ip. Maybe using some proxy or another way ? Great module, i have been using it some months until now and i am very happy.
  9. Well, I am not into this specific Lang pack but I was looking after some other modules/custom add-ons that are dead links and it happened to comment on this one... Anyways, thanks for the effort to dig this up for me... Cheers
  10. hmm... i didn't think of that... ! thanks, i will give it a try
  11. sorry for digging up an old post. link is dead and i hate when this is happening... ! custom addons/modules/codes are hosted on own servers which all of a sudden they can't keep/afford anymore and when someone searches it, it is a dead link... !
  12. Can you sort out this addon for v7 ? Doesn't work...
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