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  1. We have their module and it work fine, latest WHMCS and Vultr. Are you positive you use latest version and correct version for PHP 7.2, also by error are you positive that API key is OK?
  2. Hi, can anybody tell me or is there already some hook that can change WHMCS login links for reseller (clients that have WHM) to login to their cPanel account?
  3. Nesooo

    How is 7.6 going for you so far?

    To add on this, extremely slow load of admin area.
  4. I also confirm this, we did try to disable all plugins, hooks and still same, huge slow after upgrade to 7.6 version in admin area. This code bellow did help, but still slower load then before, but it is stupid if we need to disable this to get performance boost. $disable_admin_ticket_page_counts = true;
  5. Nesooo

    Product Type Reseller

    Hi, can anybody tell me is it possible to change for Product Type - Reseller to auto login to cPanel not to WHM and if yes how, over some hook maybe or similar ?
  6. Nesooo

    deleting old, unpaid "add funds" invoices

    I added API username in file, under API role, I only selected: UpdateInvoice But still it is not changing invoice status to CANCELED when I execute crons/cron.php - Invoices are older that date set in file. - Do I need to allow some other API actions ?
  7. Nesooo

    deleting old, unpaid "add funds" invoices

    Is this valid on WHMCS 7.5 I added it, and run /cron.php but it look like nothing is removed For API username I have set my WHMCS Admin usrname ?
  8. HI, I moved WHMCS to subdomain (separate cPanel account) but our main support email to pipe is on main site cPanel account, now, is only solution to use POP3 pipe or there is still way to pipe emails to WHMCS with orginal method ?
  9. HI, can anybody tell me why WHMCS do not detect when ENOM complete domain transfer, I need every time check is domain transferred, it always stay IN PROGRESS. Automatic domain registration, whois data etc. update works OK, but transfer no, it never detect it.
  10. Nesooo

    Invoice cancelation slow

    Yes, 1 hook causing problem, this can be marked as solved.
  11. I have this same problem, will this be fixed with V4 theme, because Blend do not look good, like using something 10 years old compering with Blend ? This is JS error, when I try to close widget in V4 scripts.min.js?v=394825:30 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getAdminRouteUrl' of undefined at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (scripts.min.js?v=394825:30) at HTMLDivElement.n.complete (scripts.min.js?v=394825:3) at u (scripts.min.js?v=394825:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (scripts.min.js?v=394825:2) at l (scripts.min.js?v=394825:1) at pt.fx.tick (scripts.min.js?v=394825:3)
  12. Hi, why is invoice cancellation extremely slow, our setup is on dedicated server, not load, large amount of RAM, optimized, MariaDB etc. only slowdown is when invoices are canceled, it can take over 30-60 seconds and nothing else can be done until this process is done. Is this related maybe to MariaDB or we missing something else or it is general problem with WHMCS when you have larger set of clients, we have around 1500+
  13. Nesooo

    Social Login can not setup

    Yes, tnx. this has resolved problem.
  14. HI, for all 3 Social login setups, I get this error when try to save keys: System Error. Please refresh the page and try again. -

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