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  1. try and check this Goto your phpinfo.php Check these entries Configuration File (php.ini) Path /opt/alt/php74/etc Loaded Configuration File /opt/alt/php74/etc/php.ini Login in console/via putty Edit the file You will find the timezone empty just fill your timezone of your timezone and save
  2. for anyone that needs to fix We managed to fix the issue Goto your phpinfo.php Check these entries Configuration File (php.ini) Path /opt/alt/php74/etc Loaded Configuration File /opt/alt/php74/etc/php.ini Login in console/putty Edit the file You will find the timezone empty just fill your timezone with the timezone of your choice and save
  3. What timezone you have setup (are you in Minus (-) or in Plus (+). Cause I fill there is something with the UTC. I cannot pick it up. But ran the command of cron jobs in Putty and WHMCS ran it in UTC time not the time we setup in the PHP file and the server time EDIT - Server is not UTC ours and is ADST and WHMCS to run the invoices had to pass 8:00am ADST We tried them at 7:am ADST (UTC 23:00) and no invoices got generated Then we tried them at 8:00am ADST UTC 0:00) and invoices got generated
  4. Hi Anyone, Have a small problem, we upgraded to latest version 8.6.1 and setup Piping for email (previously it was POP. It is faster so no complains there :) But the issue (I think it is a BUG with WHMCS but needs to confirm that it is happening also to others) When someone replies via their email (eg. Outlook) WHMCS post replies in the ticket as UTC. The issue that then faces is that in the tickets replies it messed messed up for example: We open a ticket via WHMCS and the right time zone SYD/AU is posted Customer replies and the ticket gets updated in UTC We reply to them from WHMCS and ticket get updated in SYD/AU Now all those 3 entries in ORDER should be on the ticket as follows: 1. Us opening the ticket 2. Customer Reply 3. Us replying to ticket But that is not happening and instead it is in this order 1. Customer Reply 2. Us opening the ticket 3. Us replying to ticket The headache is, if it is a long ticket, then there is no way of tracking replies from customers properly as they will be out by 10 hrs in our case
  5. HI, Can WHMCS be setup to use $0.000 instead of $0.00 but the total invoice will be as $0.00 rounded to the nearest 1 cent Reason is we need to charge exactly to the 1000's
  6. What does this mean? I am getting this error when posting payments Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 438006 bytes) in /home/etc....... Does this mean that I have to increase the memory limit?
  7. Just received a weird email, not sure but something that I think is trying to access something. This is what Was sent via a the Ticket Subject - "[Ticket ID: 259581] ?????l: D?? t? r????t ??????? ?? ??r ?? l???, ???r ??????t ?? l?m?t? ?. m??_??: 870324006 -------------------------------------- Then we received this - A new support ticket has been opened. Client: LDC Support Department: Accounts Subject: re: [Ticket ID: 259581] ?????l: D Priority: Medium --- The email you recently sent with the subject "[Ticket ID: 259581] ?????l: D?? t? r????t ??????? ?? ??r ?? l???, ???r ??????t ?? l?m?t? ?. m??_??: 870324006" could not processed. You do not meet the requirements to submit a new ticket. --- You can respond to this ticket by simply replying to this email or through the admin area at the url below. ------------------------------------------------------------ Is this something new for hacking now. I remember the old one of 1 year ago and that was patched for in 5.2.x but these one have different subject.
  8. We need to disable it for everyone. Basically if we setup Credit card it needs to stay as Credit card. Only if they contact us then we change it from the admin area.
  9. Hi Anyone, Is there a way to disable Payment Method in Client Area or at least grey it out. It is giving us a grief when customers changes it specially when they change to bank transfer from credit card.
  10. Fixed by Support L2 Suggest to open a ticket
  11. Our Issue was escalated to L2 Support as L1 could not solve the issue even with fresh install of 5.2.12 Suggest to open a ticket with them and mention this http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?80651-Latest-Update-5-2-12-Credit-card-Payments-NOT-processed-on-Cron-Job
  12. Chris, Can that updated be downloaded and applied by us? Instead of opening a ticket
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