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  1. According to the @whmcscares (oh the irony) twitter account they would be transferable. https://twitter.com/WHMCSCares/status/1379513686746927115?s=20
  2. Any tips for a Whmcs alternative? Don't like to get screwed...
  3. Hello, Like every year where are adjusting our pricing on the local index. But because we still have a few clients that uses our old product gamma we still need to updates these pricing also. While that's fine for the active clients, I can't seems to delete the products that aren't active anymore on any client besides that are cancelled or terminated. So that product is still in the clients database (as cancelled or terminated) and most of the times the customer isn't even a customer anymore. Because of that I can't remove the products from Whmcs. I can hide them, retire them that is all fine but they still are in the admin product list (not in dropdown, the actual list where you can see all your products in the admin area). So I was wondering, what if I delete all the terminated and cancelled products from the customers client profile. But I'm not really sure about that, so I would like to know your opinion. What do you do? I think in EU (or BE for that fact), we can't delete the customer profile data, invoices, etc for 10 years (maybe a hard copy of the invoices is fine, don't know). But I don't think that applies on their products (since the actually webhosting is already long gone of course). And if we want we can still see the history on their invoices. So what do you do when a customer (or you) cancels (or terminates), what do you do with their profile, history, products, tickets, invoices, etc? Do you delete it, keep it, keep if for a few months, years, decades?
  4. Hello, So I created a new new whmcs installation (this time on build.mindofmedia.eu/whmcs/) and there it works (downloading the pdf) (without importing the data). So I think it's not a server problem. Maybe a database problem? But the first new one (my.mindofmedia.eu) created a new database and imported all the customer data. What do you mean by the subdomain? Because we don't offer subdomains of mind of media to our customers.
  5. Hello, Normally the domain checker should work now. Using the default of whmcs now. When you only order a domain the total works, but not if you start from a webhosting product. About safari, yes we are using macs at the office so that why we didn't notice it. The only thing that change server why are maybe small updates. And we also switched from php 7.0 to 7.2 and now back to 7.1. After we made the switch from 7.0 to 7.2 we also needed to install other version for the modules for php 7.1 or later. But it continues. So last night whmcs support told to me create a new whmcs installation and use the import assistant to import the data from the old one to the new one. Without installing any of the module (expect activating extra payment gateways that where required for the import) no other modules where installed. And the new installation, which is completly clean expect with customer data has the same problem. And that installation is running on php 7.0 The new installation is on my.mindofmedia.eu
  6. Hello, Since a few weeks I have strange problem that even whmcs support can't figured out. When I client or admin uses Chrome or Firefox (on Mac or Windows) and they want to download something from whmcs admin area of the client area they get the following error: Site not available https://klanten.mindofmedia.eu/dl.php?type=i&id=1166 doesn't work, or the page can be moved to a different url. ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE Regarding the support of whmcs it because of a custom hook but I can't find which one. So I disabled all off them. First thru the configuration file. And that breaks the theme, but when I switched to the default six theme the problem stays the same. Then removed all the hooks from includes/hooks and replaced the with a fresh batch from whmcs. Also disabled all the add-ons, and again replaced the with a fresh batch. Did that also for the gateways And for the servers Replaced most of the files from whmcs with a fresh batch from whmcs Nothing works. The problem stays the same. And strangely it keeps working in safari. Like it always did. When you are in the admin area and in the invoice itself and choose for print you will see the pdf. But even after that you can't download it. And then I found out a other thing, when you try to order something thru the client area the total of the cart won't be updated. It just blank. Also the in the theme as in the default six one. The client area is klanten.mindofmedia.eu
  7. Hello, When I upgraded the whmcs installation from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2 I get an error that the update was failed, it suggested that I reload the page and try again. But after I reloaded the page all I could see was a blank page, can't reach the admin area, the client area nothing. Piping tickets doesn't work either (mail delivery report failure) Yesterday I made a high marked ticket in whmcs support, but didn't got a solutions besides that if my system requirements where ok or not. Well they where okay for 7.0.1 so why would they dramaticly change for 7.0.2. But I checked and they where okay. 24 hours later the ticket isn't replied or solved so I try here I found the error log and the only things it says is the following (repeating every minute) [29-Nov-2016 14:25:05 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class 'WHMCS\Utility\Bootstrap\Application' not found in /home/mindofm/public_html/klanten/init.php on line 0 Tried to replace the file with a new one didn't solve it. Upgraded the php version from 5.6 to 7 nothing Checked of all the requirements where met and as far I can see they do. Updated the ioncube to the latest that cpanel provides... Replaced the database from a backup (that was made right before the upgrade) didn't solve it. Running out of ideas here to solve it. The upgrade or install files doesn't work either. Any ideas guys? whmcs installation is at https://klanten.mindofmedia.eu
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