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  1. Exactly what I needed! I offer hosting here and there to folks for free (non-profits, churches, etc.) and all I ask is if they ever need to shut it down to let me know so I can process the cancel and clear out the account on the cPanel box, hadn't had a cancel since the recent upgrade, so nice to have a workaround!
  2. @dejan.kolar- Did you find anything out on this? Mine just started doing this too - figured save support an extra ticket if you learned the why? :-)
  3. I did a big migration to new hardware, hostname, IP, and I have several servers which I need to convert from one to another, what's the easiest way to do this? I've seen posts about simply creating the server then a big MySQL update, but just curious if there is anything built in to handle this?
  4. ChuckB

    Maxmind not working...

    For some reason since the latest upgrade my MaxMind reports are not coming through - 2 orders will come in without issue, all details reviewed and a report at the bottom of the order, then another time blank. Any ideas why this would be happening? I seem to be having more and more issues with WHMCS as of late, not getting the summary report, invoices get created and not marked as paid... my entire system seems worse and worse - this is one that worries me as I don't have a defense of anti-fraud to utilize! Help! -CB
  5. I had to go into MySQL and change authmodule in my admin profile, to blank, then re-added the two form line back after logging in and it worked just peachy - a bit of work, but better than waiting on fixes and ensuring everything was functioning.
  6. ChuckB

    Promo for "Add Funds"

    Sadly upon going to order: WHMCS Gold Modules is no longer available. Any other ideas?
  7. ChuckB

    Promo for "Add Funds"

    Is there an option to offer some sort of promotion for customers adding funds? For instance like a $15 bonus for deposits over $100 or a 15% bonus? Had a company offer me similar a while back and got myself a few free bucks out of it, thought it might be something customers would take advantage of, any options for doing this?
  8. Keeps getting better and better :-D Thanks all for the feedback on things, looking forward to giving things a try and add in my support for a great add-on!
  9. Awesome! I am really interested in getting switched over, the savings seems like it'd be nice! One other question like PayPal will it show the fees? I like the look of things, just don't want to loose cards if it hiccups - and be stuck with customers without a valid CC# should things go wrong! Lots to consider, but thanks for your feedback! Nice to hear from someone who uses!
  10. I am considering making the jump to Stripe, a lot of issues with my current processor, and well honestly the price is better (no monthly fee) - My one question which I may be missing somewhere, is if I have current customer card #'s are they going to have to re-enter? or will they simply be submitted securely to stripe and handled with the token there after? or will each customer need to re-enter?
  11. ChuckB

    Promotional Upgrade Options

    Greetings! I am having trouble creating a promo code, what I am wanting to do is offer some long-time customers a new package to upgrade switching from Monthly to Quarterly or Above but offer a re-occurring discount. I created a promo code, however when I go thru the steps to test the code to insure it works in an upgrade to a New Package on a Quarterly option it says $0.00 is due, and notes the 10% off, however it doesn't mark the code as being used in the customer's package, nor does it ever apply the discount of 10% for the next invoice. Any thoughts?
  12. Sounds simple enough to me! Thanks for the info! Much appreciated! -CB
  13. I like the look of things, but quick question - how does this interact with my current KB Articles? I have a good chunk + some Demowolf stuff, so of course would love some more articles, but just weary about my standing articles, what's the install process like? Because the price is awesome and they look great, just wanting to make sure I'm not getting some only to loose the rest. Thanks!
  14. ChuckB

    Integration with Olark

    Try this: /* custom configuration goes here (www.olark.com/documentation) */ olark('api.visitor.updateFullName', {literal}{ fullName:{/literal} "{$clientsdetails.id} - {$clientsdetails.firstname}{$clientsdetails.lastname}"{literal}});{/literal} olark('api.visitor.updateEmailAddress', {literal}{ emailAddress: '{/literal}{$clientsdetails.email}{literal}' });{/literal} Put it below the line in your pasted JS code: /* custom configuration goes here (www.olark.com/documentation) */ Should be at the end, works like a charm, I included customer # too so I could do quick searches to bring up data - YMMV.
  15. ChuckB

    Maxmind not working?

    Thanks to Matt - if your using the old links (as I was) switch over to the Cart if your having problems with MaxMind, switched it out, and test order went thru fine as did a fresh order this evening - as always big thanks to Matt and Crew for great software & support! -CB

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