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  1. I assumed the Health Check was real time but I checked again today after the daily cron ran on 7.3 and the warning is now gone so I guess it was a false alarm. 😏 Best regards, Eric
  2. I just switched my WHMCS installation to PHP 7.3 via the cPanel multi-php manager. Under the health section of WHMCS I get the following warning: However, it also says I am running PHP 7.3 My cron jobs all match the automation PHP setting as "/opt/cpanel/ea-php73/root/usr/bin/php -q" and it looks like it is loading the correct php.ini Also, I have no php.ini's in the public_html of the WHMCS site so it is using the default multiphp ini for 7.3 so I am a little puzzled on how or where to fix this? Best regards, Eric
  3. Ok, probably a dumb question, I assume you keep all of the existing BrainTree files in modules/gateways/braintree and just copy these over the top of them or do you get rid of the exist JS files, etc?
  4. Well, our BrainTree module from ServerPing is still working on automated charges on WHMCS 7.10. The only thing that is not working is that customers cannot add or update new cards. We've switched to a different credit card process for those customers as they come in to update or pay an invoice. We're working on getting our tokenized data transfered from BrainTree to Authorize.net CIM. I will let you all know how that goes. Best regards, Eric
  5. I have look at the following post and checked to see if I had any servers offline and it appears that is not the case. If you look at the attached image, it appears most of the time is taken in the Update Server Meta Data process... Any ideas what could be causing the delay. This issue just started recently.
  6. Ok, I did not realize that. Thanks for your response.
  7. We recently changed our WHMCS URL and we went into Paypal and updated the IPN address there however, we continue to receive instant payment notifications on the old URL. In the interim, we put an .htaccess to redirect posts to the old IPN URL to our new one and that is working fine. My question is, how long does Paypal send to the old address? We changed the URL several days ago and we still receive IPN's at the old address. Is this something that Paypal subscriptions will always send to the old IPN and new payments will go to the new IPN? Best regards, Eric
  8. I reached out to ASPnix and unfortunately their module does not support tokenized storing of credit card numbers or the ability to link payments to a Paypal account which our current module does so this won't work for us. It has been a couple weeks since I opened a ticket with http://www.serverping.net/ but have gotten no response so I assume they went out of business or something... Best regards, Eric
  9. I did contact ServerPing's support yesterday but have yet to receive a reply so I will let you know if that is the case....hopefully someone else who uses the module can chime in here! Best regards, Eric
  10. After upgrading to WHMCS version 7.8 our BrainTree Payment Module started having issues. It is charging cards Ok that are already in the system however users cannot add or update their cards. I assume the change with having multiple payment methods is to blame. Unfortunately, the module is not one that is supported by WHMCS and it appears to be originally created by Hosting Playground but they don't appear to be actively supporting this module any longer. Also, BrainTree is not able to provide a WHMCS module. Is any one else using the BrainTree payment gateway on 7.8? If you are can you tell me where you got your module, I would appreciate it. I am hoping to find a module that is maintained and supported. Thanks, Eric
  11. We're trying to track this to see if it is all related to OpenSRS etc and what TLD's. We had this happen before but we just brushed it off as a one time occurrence but now that we've seen it a few times so we're going to pay more close attention. I will reach out to OpenSRS if we run into this with more of their domains and then WHMCS if necessary. Best regards, Eric
  12. The PRO version is what their support recommends using. I have never had issues in the past. It seems to be only happening since updating to the a latest version of WHMCS and only on some domains, not all. Best regards, Eric
  13. I have noticed in v 7.7.1 some domain names are not getting invoiced according to the automation settings. We have it set to invoice 2 weeks prior to expiration. In reviewing one customer whose domain didn't renew, they were not sent any reminders by WHMCS either. Auto Renew was enabled. The customer informed us the domain expired so we manually invoiced the for the domain renewal and it then renewed domain. The registrar is OpenSRS and is using OpenSRS Pro V3.7. We have run into this a handful of times now. I don't see any hotfixes for such an issue. Anyone else seeing a similar issue? Best regards, Eric
  14. I was thinking of some type of report builder software to build the report and then allow someone to either pull up the report or have it run daily and emailed to them. In googling I came across BIRT and JasperReport but I figured someone in the WHMCS community should have some experience in MySQL reporting tools. If just taking an existing WHMCS report and modifying it, that is fine too I just figured there must be more advanced MySQL Reporting tools out there that folks are using. Best regards, Eric
  15. I am curious what would be a good open source tool to build reports for WHMCS? I am not a programmer but can do basic SQL. I would like a utility separate from WHMCS and could connect directly to the database. I have multiple WHMCS installations and would like for example to build a report that would show me all credit card payments from the previous day from multiple WHMCS databases. Any suggestions? Thanks, Eric
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