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  1. Oh that's unfortunate. I use a lot of graphs on my home dash and none of them work. Any idea which functions have changed or what would cause it? Had I have known this I would't have upgraded. How easy is it to downgrade? Thanks.
  2. Full restore, nothing fixed it. Seems to be the widget code itself...are there any changes with graphs that would cause this problem in 7.3?
  3. Ok now it says: Down for Maintenance One or more required files are missing. If an install or upgrade is not currently in progress, please contact the system administrator.
  4. Hi there, I did the auto upgrade and immediately afterwards the dashboard graph widgets no longer load. Please see: http://prntscr.com/gxzp0a I've tried changing themes and that doesn't work. Presumably some files didn't get moved over? I can manually install the files - but is there a particular folder I should focus on as I don't really want to have have to upload everything for the risk of breaking it further. Thanks
  5. InvoiceCreationPreEmail has stopped working. I really dont want to downgrade my version of WHMCS to when it was working (pre 5.7) but it's needed for my invoicing. Any idea when this will be fixed? Seems pretty critical to me but there's been 3 revisions since the bug was identified and still no sign of a fix...I've been accidentally demanding 0 days on the invoices I've been sending out because of this bug.
  6. This is a really good point actually. Last night there were loads of people on Twitter desperately trying to work out what was happening to their businesses. Everyone knows that hosting companies use twitter as a way of communicating to their audiences for things like server down time, and yet WHMCS were silent on the matter. I understand that when a DOS attack is happening the most important thing seems to be pool resources to fix it, however I think reassuring your paying customers is actually just as important, if not more so. Obviously we had nowhere else to turn whmcs.com was offline . A couple of tweets would have helped calm things a bit for worried business owners and I am guessing would reduce the amount of resentment that is felt by some this morning. My own host provider is great at reporting problems and sharing them, and I would never leave them even for a cheaper alternative.
  7. Hi Matt. I have a valid license key and was unable to view the admin section of WHMCS. The message was something about not having a valid licence for a few days. It was not a few days, although technically it might be 2 days since I tried viewing the account before and after midnight. I would suggest that the licence validation is more lenient - it should give users 3 or 4 days without checking for a valid key. 2 days could be 5 minutes before midnight and 5 minutes after... To confirm - my licence is 100% valid. I am a new member and have had my account for 3 months now. The first time I have ever seen that message coincided with your server downtime, and it is working again this morning. Other people are reporting the same problem, so I would suggest it is taken seriously. If this is not meant to happen, it sounds like a bug. All in all very impressed with WHMCS so far. A few little problems like this and the fact that any support requests done inside my WHMCS set-up aren't recognised and are completely discarded because it thinks it uses a different email address form my support account (it doesn't), but apart from that it seems pretty awesome.
  8. Yeah I think so, when I open it in DW it's like: pXþ†gñRÃòèÁcúŸÅKË*èf,?.€?¡™üT°üºpXþ†gñRÃòèÁcúŸÅKË*èf,?.€?¡™üT°üºpXþ†gñRÃòèÁcúŸÅKË*èf,?.€?¡™üT°üºpXþ†gñRÃòèÁcúŸÅKË*èf,?.€?¡™üT°üºpXþ†gñRÃòèÁcúŸÅKË*èf,?.€?¡™üT°üºpXþ†gñRÃòèÁcúŸÅKË*èf,?.€?¡™üT°üºpXþ†gñRÃòèÁcúŸÅKË*èf,?.€?¡™üT°üºpXþ†gñRÃòèÁcúŸÅKË*èf,?.€?¡™üT°üºpXþ†gñRÃòèÁcúŸÅKË*èf,?.€?¡™üT°üºpXþ†gñRÃòèÁcúŸÅKË*èf,?.€>äÉYÕ)N”*f©LRy)ðS‘f%èn$,w=)Ú—ÂìðLÃ, Shame because it's just what I need!
  9. Hello! We use WHMCS for the hosting and web design part of our business. We also run an art website (http://www.voodoochilli.net) and I would like to see if it is possible to integrate the existing signup process with WHMCS. My reason for wanting to do this is we wish to sell domains and hosting as part of a future package we intend to offer to artists, allowing them to essentially host their own portfolio on their URL. The existing signup process is far from perfect. OK, so we have this signup page http://www.voodoochilli.net/register.php which once complete redirects the user to paypal. After the payment has been taken an IPN call then executes some SQL telling us that the user has paid for a pro account or not. Presumably I could easily redirected them to a product on WHMCS instead, but how would I execute the SQL afterwards (using a hook?) and how would I pass the user ID to WHMCS (using query string?/ form POST data). Also once they are in the WHMCS system I need to communicate back to our site if they have not paid to renew a subscription. So in brief, is this easy to do? And if not, is there anyone you can suggest that I can hire to help with this integration? Thanks
  10. Hi there, I've been looking into this and apparently I can switch the template using the systemtemplate variable, perfect for me as I have 3 sites that all need to take payments through the same WHMCS system. However, it doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong? Both of these give identical results: http://www.voodoochilli.com/portal/cart.php?a=add&pid=3&carttpl=ajaxcart&systemtemplate=classic http://www.voodoochilli.com/portal/cart.php?a=add&pid=3&carttpl=ajaxcart&systemtemplate=portal Many thanks, Harry
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