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  1. When I try to get IonCube for php 7.0 i get this ( I'm using Easy Apache 4 ) [root@shared ~]# /scripts/phpextensionmgr install IonCubeLoader This script is not supported in EasyApache 4 at this time But whmcs 7 works fine on PHP 5.6
  2. Thread can be closed. [ SOLVED ] The issue was my fault, isolated issue.
  3. Issue with /cart.php ( on whmcs 7.0.0 ) When testing placing an order at /cart.php?a=add&pid=5 and putting in a domain, it then redirects to /cart.php It only happens to the cpanel packages WHMCS 7 is a fresh install then used the Import Assist to migrate my packages and stuff from the old database. I've also created a new package and it does it to that too.
  4. I restored from a backup, so it works. I think this is a isolated issue with my whmcs install.
  5. Hi, Since 6.0.2 upgrade - Some Email templates are missing. It only broke custom email templates and all the ones under " Product/Service Messages "
  6. torpix

    Whmcs 6.0.2?

    For me i had to revert back to 6.0.0 as my custom email templates broke. So hope that will be fixed in 6.0.2 Thats the only issue i found in 6.0.1
  7. it looks like their is already a feature request regarding this. https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/cpanel-integration
  8. I'm integrating the whmcs into my website template and all text boxes ( Including login fields ) are small. You can see in the image i have attached How can i make the text boxes bigger ( in height ) Thanks. - - - Updated - - - I've looked in the whmcs.css file, cant find nothing obvious in that file
  9. Got version v01.9 and it dont show in configaddonmods.php page. when i go to mydoamin.com/addonmodules.php?module=CurrencyPriceUpdater it says access denied as it needs to be activated, but if it don't show in the addon modules then how can i do it. Running WHMCS Version 5.1.3 also lack of install instructions.
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