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  1. I've read through a few prior threads but can't quite wrap my head around this, I'm trying to add a little bit of text onto a config option that when you hover over it you get an explanation (attached a screenshot) does anyone know how to achieve this?
  2. @Kian The way we do trials currently is that the customer has to contact us and we use the upgrade/downgrade system to change them to a full product, therefore I don't think this hook will work as there is nothing left in their account thats a trial product, unless the hook could see if that account has already used a specific promotion code then apply actions?
  3. Clients have to register/login before they can clikc the checkout button if I remember correctly Trials and full products are pretty much the same thing except for a couple of config options but if they stay not there like they are in the trial I'm not fussed Promocode is indeed 1 per client creating a new account we are aware will "game" the system but its a minority of users and most people won't due to our particular setup.
  4. Yep assign customers to client groups if they choose a particular value within a configurable option or choose a particular product addon
  5. I'm back on trying to find a way to do this, trial product is product 431, the none trial product is 430 the hook just needs to swap what product has been purchased if the account has already used the trial code "trial" alternativly a way to display a big popup message when people go to buy saying "YOU HAVE ALREADY USED THE TRIAL, THIS WILL BILL YOU" because people are idiots and don't read unless its right in their face and massive.
  6. Oh awesome, thanks for that Brian. I did a search on the forums but must be blind. @Kian would you know how to expand your hook to allow checking for configurable options and product addons?
  7. I wonder if its possible to assign client groups to customers if they purchase a specific addon/configurable option somthing like if configoption1435=Yes set client group=3
  8. Activity log is a good shout, however whmcs doesnt seem to record the adding of knowledgebase articles, only the modification/deletion of them? I have an example KB article created on the 11th and I know who created it but it does not show up within activity logs. Is there a way to change what WHMCS records?
  9. Would anyone know if I can run a report showing the number of new Knowledgebase guides created during a specific date range and who created them?
  10. So there would not be a price difference between the product (because the trial would charge them anyway because the trial code would not apply) Its just to prevent their paid service from terminating because its still classed as a trial and therefore on the fixed termination .
  11. I'm going to assume given the lack of responses this isn't possible which is a shame.
  12. I'm wondering if this is possible We have a trial product setup for some of our products so users can test the service out before comitting to buying. However what we have seen is that people who have already had a trial obviously cant use the trial price override again so my question is Is it possible to have a hook that sees the trial code has been attempted to been used but the client has already used it and changes the product ordered? ie. user order product id 438 but whmcs sees that the trial code is not valid for this user so when they click order and pay the invoice it actually orders product id 437
  13. As per title, is there a way a customer can order an addon to their product after said product has already been ordered (without staff having to manually intervene)?
  14. We have just switched this on to give it a try following the update to 7.9, testing shows that when a customer would order it all goes through fine but a direct debit can take up to 10 working days to go through. Customers are not going to want to wait up to 10 working days to get access to their service. Is there a way to say if paying via method x set it up even if payment has not been recieved? or should we scrap this payment method
  15. Ah that would be it, perhaps somthing to do with the codeblock as its in your reply back in september
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