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  1. If statements in module config files?

    so somthing like this if (isset($params["configoptions"]["Extra Ram"]) && !empty($params["configoptions"["Extra Ram"])) { case "None": $billing_api_values["gamevar_X"] = "1"; break; case "1GB": $billing_api_values["gamevar_X"] = "1024"; break; case "2GB": $billing_api_values["gamevar_X"] = "2048"; break; } elseif (isset($params["configoptions"]["Ram"]) && !empty($params["configoptions"["Ram"])) { case "512MB": $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "512"; $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "512"; break; case "1GB": $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xms"] = "1024"; $billing_api_values["gamevar_Xmx"] = "1024"; break; } else { $billing_api_values["gamevar_X"] = "4096"; }
  2. So we have a module which accepts custom variables, one of these is an amount of ram. switch ($params["configoptions"]["Extra Ram"]) { case "None": $billing_api_values["gamevar_X"] = "1"; break; } Is there a way I can do a statement that says somthing along the lines of if "configoptions"]["Extra Ram" exists, do below, if not exist check for config option B if not exist check config option c if not exist do following
  3. Gdpr

    Excellent that WHMCS are looking into this (albeit 6 months after I mentioned it) is there any sort of ETA on when it will be out as we would want to test functionality before the deadline.
  4. Marketing opt out link

    I'm looking into the use of a 3rd party mail solution (not mailchimp as its horrendously expensive) and can get everything except the opt out link via sql queries. How does WHMCS generate them and is it possible to get them exported for each client?
  5. I've asked a similar question in the past but thought it may have changed since then. I need to come up with a way to have a user select a location (a configurable option) then that location apply to 2 seperate options within the module we use (this is not the problem) I need the location to be changed depending on what option its being used for. ie. user selects UK as the location, I need for the first value to be passed to be 1 and the 2nd value to be 2 Is there anyway to do this or do I just need to create another configurable option?
  6. Trimming order Summary

    yes much appreciated that bud, just looks so much cleaner now.
  7. Trimming order Summary

    hmm I was afraid of that, the template we use is the slider one, within that there is no ordersummary.tpl, does it pull it from somewhere else or should there be one?
  8. Trimming order Summary

    Is this within configureproduct.tpl?
  9. Trimming order Summary

    Is there a way to trim what gets pulled into the order summary? so for example we have a configurable option called "Server Branding (Adds our company name to your servername for a small discount) " having this in the order form is useful as it gives the customer an idea of what they are paying for, however it clutters up the order summary box on the right quite a lot, so I'm wondering if we could trim it somehow to just "Server Branding"
  10. excellent, will have to buy you a beer or somthing lol
  11. nevermind it was 151 despite the link in the admin area saying it was 112 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ragl6j6xnnu533/Screenshot 2017-11-02 18.36.56.png?dl=0 how would we go about expanding this to allow for multiple values (151,224,206)
  12. replaced that line in the template (using the correct id which was 112) WHMCS is showing as being used within general settings > general > template (pretty sure I was in the right template anyway but doesnt hurt to doublecheck) and it still allows users to change the config option unfortunatly.
  13. 2 are quantities 4 are dropdown's (the one we dont want people to be able to change is one of these) 1 is a yes/no
  14. any idea of what that would look like? to give a bit more background we have lots of products and all those products share a set of config options and 1 config option specific to that product, in the shared set of config options there is a location value, this is the one we dont want people to be able to change (read only would be fine)
  15. As per title is this possible? We have several config options we want customers to be able to upgrade but there is one we dont want to them to be able to

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