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  1. Ragonz

    Ticket Report

    Hey all I'm trying to generate a dump of tickets from WHMCS (sql database if needed) for a specific month that includes the following data ticket number initial question/query/paragraph How long it took to answer it When it was submitted If it was assigned to a specific person This is all going to be put into excel so we can better our support, I can get most of the data out but cant work out how to tie everything together into 1 report
  2. Yesterday we had someone sign up with a last name of ; this caused our product platform to not create an account as it could not create a username with ; in it, is there a way to prevent certain characters being used in the first/last name fields of WHMCS?
  3. Ragonz

    Pulling Pricing from WHMCS database

    Thats the one. Many thanks.
  4. Ragonz

    Pulling Pricing from WHMCS database

    Whatever is the least work for you bud, appreciate all the effort you put in.
  5. Ragonz

    Pulling Pricing from WHMCS database

    Yea its the game slot one I'm after which is a slider, according to that it should be id 69 but that returns a value of £0.70 when its set within the config option to be £0.80 per slot
  6. Ragonz

    Pulling Pricing from WHMCS database

    Excellent as always Brian Only question is where to find the config option ID? I go to Setup > Products/Services > Configurable options then select the config option and it tells me the ID is 55 then I click on the configurable option within that "group" for the actual pricing and it tells me its ID is 69 however both 55 and 69 do not give the price set within
  7. Ragonz

    Pulling Pricing from WHMCS database

    Its a page outside of WHMCS and I've verified that a data feed works but only for products where pricing is set within the product. Most of our products pricing comes from configurable options as the total price is customer selected value x price per slot so for example, if the slot price is £0.50 in a configurable option thats what I need to display on an external page
  8. Ragonz

    Pulling Pricing from WHMCS database

    That works if the pricing is set within the product but how would you get it to work if the pricing comes from a configurable option?
  9. Is there a way to pull the pricing (Set in Products/Services > Configurable options > option name > configurable option) and display it on a web page?
  10. Ragonz


    EDIT* Ignore this post, I missed a character
  11. Ragonz

    Affiliate link for different pages

    Hopefully @zomex will reply to my support ticket asap but would anyone know how to include a promo link within one of these affiliate links?
  12. Ragonz

    Affiliate link for different pages

    Thanks again Brian, you should get commission from @zomex
  13. Evening Is it possible to have affiliates link to different places on our website? right now everyone just has a bog standard link which is https://domain.com/*?aff=# (domain and number have obviously been replaced with placeholders) but I'm wondering if its possible to direct users to specific pages (not WHMCS order pages since that is possible) so for example https://domain.com/*?aff=#/page1.php
  14. So is there no way to select which template gets used? Also if that email is not getting sent out is it time to submit a support ticket?
  15. I think I'm being blind here but where does one set the email that gets used when a client requests cancellation of a product?

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