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  1. Oh, has the "mini-dos" server load issue been fixed as it checks hundreds (or more) of domain names for SSL?
  2. I have. Many communities will "trickle" perks to members to encourage posting, as well as restrict access to things like profile edits, signatures and access to certain areas to prevent "hit and run" members (those that would join, post an ad or add a signature for SEO potential and so on, then leave). Here, it might be just that the community software has an incredibly complicated "promotion" system, and something isn't set right. Since they moved to this one, there's been several cases of things that were "off" and required looking into.
  3. It's more likely based on time and participation, as it is on most forums. I don't recall seeing what it's based on, but the community director, Chris would. Maybe you could start a thread in the community help section and ask? https://whmcs.community/community/81-whmcscommunity-assistance/
  4. In your profile, if you're allowed to upload an image there's a small icon on the bottom left of that "V" (mine is a "B"). Click that and you should see options for profile pics.
  5. I can't argue against any of the above points. Agreed, absolutely. Would also be helpful to not make them, and automatically run things like the SSL check, set to included/enabled by default. Allow things outside the core product (which is: billing, invoicing, provisioning and support) to be optional. Give us back our freedom of choice, please.
  6. We all would, actually. Why is it so difficult to have WHMCS add things like this as a checkbox to ENABLE if you want it and off by default? It would really be appreciated.
  7. That's the setting already on it, and the note "sticks" to the topmost reply when it was created. Add replies, the note moves down along with it. May be just the way I think, but I believe all notes should be in one place. Not seeing any benefit to *another* moving target (I'm looking at you, widgets, with your meaningless sort order that affects only the drop down list) in this interface aside from maybe keeping the reference that caused the note with it. As for the background color, I agree it's attention getting, but it should remain at the top (collapsed or not), rather than have the staff member have to scroll the whole ticket to accurately reply to the latest response. Things will get missed (or researched again), since they may not know about them.
  8. Actually, the notes "pane" sticks to the spot in the ticket that it was first entered, so it scrolls down with the ticket replies. That means if the note is left for the next admin, they have to review the entire ticket start to finish to be sure they missed no notes. Why isn't that at least stuck to the top like all other desk applications?
  9. Just wondering why the admin notes in a ticket are large, at the top and have an attention grabbing red background. I also wonder why there is no method to collapse it (unless I've missed it), so you don't need to scroll past a list of these to see ticket contents. Your admins add 5 notes with whois or something, and you're scrolling a really long way to see the replies. It would be appreciated if the support desk could see a little love and make notes less "in your face" until needed. Just adding a collapse section button would work, kind of like the sidebar.
  10. Touching on this again today, the built in WHMCS sync and it's inability to sync Namesilo names shows up in the sync email also. I get this for names at NS: "Sync Not Supported by Registrar Module". As I move more names there and register new ones, the emails and logs will be filled with those. WHMCS, is it so hard to reach out and see about offering sync from other registrars like this one? They have a sync script, with visible code, available over there. How hard to incorporate this that you can't seem to be bothered to do so?
  11. Bear in mind if you're using spam filtering where it checks RBLs, you might see errors using those. Many of the RBLs limit connections, and Googles DNS is used by a ton of people.
  12. I know you didn't ask me, but you might consider throwing some money at @brian! to see if you could convince him to work on one. AFAIK he isn't creating and selling things here, but he certainly has the ability to.
  13. We don't invoice suspended accounts here, since the original amount needs paying first. Any reason you're invoicing these continuously, even while suspended for non-payment?
  14. There was nothing mentioned in the WHMCS phpinfo page (at the top) about "Configuration" files anywhere?
  15. Look in that file for any additional config files? Near the top: "Configuration". There may be a stray ini or .htaccess affecting it?
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