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  1. https://docs.whmcs.com/Support_Tickets#Departments
  2. Unless they find a workaround. :rolleyes:
  3. Not to cast any aspersions to the OP for posting it, but a .msg file is not what I'd consider safe to open from a public community post. It would be a potential attack vector, I'd suggest.
  4. Haven't seen any recent discussions on that SSL checks being done automatically in newer versions of WHMCS. Is that going to be made optional, or is that here to stay requiring a kludge to make it stop? Asking for a friend. 😉
  5. That is also inaccurate, I'm afraid. It shows a bit less than half the total accounts on that same server. The main issue is it shows the reseller's account, but not the ones under it. That info is only within the Cpanel accounting at this point.
  6. It doesn't currently count any accounts under a reseller. On just one server of ours, the count in WHMCS is roughly 1/3 of the actual number that are on that box. That's an issue, where the Cpanel pricing change will bring a "surprise" bill at some point.
  7. bear

    Custom Reporting

    Ah, so it is possible to disable that. Not too used to the way IPB does stuff, so never thought to look there. Still, weird I have an envelope to view messages while you show it as a menu choice.
  8. bear

    Custom Reporting

    There is no setting in my profile anywhere to *not* accept PMs, so I'd assume there's none for him to enable them either. I'd say that's just not under the member's control? I also don't have that "messages" link in mine.
  9. bear

    Spam tickets

    Generally when it's someone abusing the contact form in this manner, I check IP addresses. It almost always is the same IP or one very near it that's hitting the form, so blocking that IP or CIDR range (IE: which blocks 16 IPs) in your firewall will stop it. If it's a place you don't have customers from and are unlikely to in the future, a wider block may do, such as, which is 255.
  10. Was it a WHMCS installation they provided? If so, it's definitely related.
  11. bear


    You don't generally link to an "A" tag, but that should still work, since it's the ID that's important there. What happens when you try?
  12. bear


    The link needs to include the page as well as the anchor, ie: link-to-page.php#anchor
  13. bear

    Transfer syncing in WHMCS

    I know this doesn't help, but "permenantly" in their code has a typo. Should be "permanantly", with an "a". 😉 The failed is for when the registrar can't complete the transfer and gives up. Domain locked, didn't get the auth from the owner and so on.
  14. This was posted previously:
  15. Wonder if they'd allow an account transfer if you could find a buyer... Might be worth trawling the terms, but since there is no reseller type accounts...I can't think of anything that would prevent it.

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