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  1. May want to take a look here, folks. This is a pretty serious issue in all but the latest Exim version (4.9.2), and word is it's going to cause a ton of problems, and quite soon. https://blog.cpanel.com/exim-cve-2019-10149-protect-yourself/
  2. bear

    Knowledgebase articles.

    I recall some time ago a company buried a clause in their terms that offered cash money to anyone that read that far and found it. Took months.
  3. bear

    Knowledgebase articles.

    Well, no clients anyway. I see strangers reading and getting fixes for themselves, but clients still ask about things spelled out in it. No fix for that.
  4. bear

    Knowledgebase articles.

    Write your own? We did. Make a list of categories, then a list of thing clients ask about most in those. Once a day, write an article in one of the categories. Takes only a few minutes, and before you know it, you have a full and useful KB.
  5. From that page: Looks like hosting (or design?), at least.
  6. I'm not seeing that. Is there a link?
  7. bear

    Domain Synchronisation Cron Report

    I'm not aware of any way of disabling just those emails. You can filter them via the mail server; that's what we've done. I'd suggest pushing them to a mailbox just for that, and check it weekly for problems, if you don't want to keep track daily. Alternately, you can just kill them (not recommended). Check this thread:
  8. I'd assume the lack of response might be the low number of AU users here that are also facing this issue? I'd suggest you need to reach out to the email provider on this one, since only they could tell you what's going on with blocks and fails. You might trawl your mail logs (if you have access) to see if there's any rejection messages anywhere. A guess would be there won't be, since it feels like a "silent fail" based on your explanation.
  9. I think you're right. It's using WooCommerce, and is slow and unfinished.
  10. bear


    It's trying to run a query against your database and get things like server info. Run that block through this, leaving off the {php|} and {/php} https://www.opinionatedgeek.com/codecs/base64decoder As long as you're not allowing PHP in the system (it's off by default), it shouldn't have run anything.
  11. bear

    WHMCS Domain Synchronisation Error

    Some, it not most, registrars require you to let them know what IP address and domain is going to be making API calls. You may wish to check if they do, since this stopped working when those changed.
  12. bear

    [Locked]Unlicensed Installation

    Your dog won't get it. He's unlikely to associate the result with the cause. Better would be to totally remove cookies from anywhere near him. A thief is a thief. Stealing software because they can, or it's "cool", or they have no money....it's all the same. You won't change them. They might buy one month to calm folks down, but it won't last. Now if you could make the thief constipated...
  13. bear

    Customer Account on WHMCS.COM bugged

    That doesn't appear to be an SSL check to me.
  14. bear

    Customer Account on WHMCS.COM bugged

    Accurate on mine. The ones that are no longer in use are marked that, and the active ones have no mark.
  15. bear

    SSL Monitoring does not work.

    This^^. I don't want or need it, and didn't ask for it. Something like this should not be automatically implemented, ever.

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