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    UnBlockIP - Free CSF Unblock Module for WHMCS

    After having used this great addon for many years we have been having some problems recently. It started a while back with clients being able to see a block was in place and being able to unblock themselves but no reason was given. Now for the last couple of months, both the client side and the admin check from within WHMCS doesnt return any blocks even though WHM clearly shows blocks in place. Running latest WHMCS (7.6.1) with latest csf - is anyone else having similar problems or is it still working for others on latest versions ?
  2. havenswift-hosting

    Stripe is asking for SAQ A-EP, like 50 pages, what to do?

    Hi Chris Can you or Andrew or anybody give an update on this - it has been at "Investigation" status for over 4 months although at least you acknowledge that there is a problem which seems to contradict the initial answer that Andrew gave. Stripe was included by WHMCS a while back and you made a big thing about it but it was only ever a half hearted implementation (no 3D for example). For smaller businesses, this requirement for SAQ A-EP effectively makes this module unusable
  3. havenswift-hosting

    Anyone have the 5.1.5 to 5.1.6 Incremental upgrade zip file

    Thanks although had already checked there and it doesnt hold that incremental patch - I have obtained this through WHMCS support now though
  4. Hi Does anyone have the 5.1.5 to 5.1.6 incremental upgrade zip file still available - this was the last one that was made available from within the client area rather than by a link from the blog posting Thanks

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