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  1. Hi there, I am in need of a simple custom report that gives me the yearly income [ any given year ] minus the income from domains. Please get in touch if you can help with this.
  2. blueearth

    Generating a report

    I need to generate a report that shows the yearly turnover of the company, minus the yearly domain renewals. Would any here know how to do that?
  3. blueearth

    Domain search not working

    Hi Brian, thanks. Yes I figured as much though I did up date the theme ready for 7.5, there must be a glitch in the theme. Thanks for getting back to me Best Nick
  4. Ok so I have updated to 7.5 and got through the various issues, mainly to do with modules and PHP7, but all good now. But, searching for a domain when not logged in, does not work. Just get the spinning icons. If logged in, it works fine. As always any ideas welcome Best Nick
  5. blueearth

    Bulk deleting of domains

    Can some one tell me if it's possible to bulk delete all the domains in the domains table. So that we can re add just the ones we use. We have been using ENOM PRO but it appears to have broken and there is no support, no replies from twitter, and so we need to delete and then re add manually. I can't believe WHMCS has still sorted some way of handling domains better than this. Just a select all toggle would be fine. best Nick
  6. blueearth

    eNom PRO Addon

    Enom Pro support is not good at all. I have been using the module for a long time. A few days ago, all prices reverted to £1.99 and nothing I can do, can change this. API is working fine. I have deleted the plugin, installed a new copy. Now a client has bought a five year .com for £1.99. Why? Because I have heard nothing from Enom Pro support I.E Circle Tree since I put in my support request 3 days ago.
  7. Having taken a deep breath I went back to this issue. I tried every combination and nothing worked. I have now gone over to the server ping stripe module. Installed and it worked straight out of the box. My previous module broke after the upgrade, and never worked again. Been a particularly bad upgrade experience this time around. Still things not working, and glitching especially in the dashboard, not being able to move info boxes around is boring, it's useless. Never mind I am sure WHMCS crewe are on it.
  8. I had to revert back to the stripe module I was using, as the new WHMCS one just would not work. I got in touch with Stripe and they said it was something to do with the tokenisation. I couldn't be offline any longer, so like I say, I reverted to the old one, which is working fine.
  9. HI there, Ok got past the first hurdles, but still getting the: Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support If I change to fresh six template [ nothing changed ] and standard cart, still get the error message. It appears the info is reaching Stripe as it shows in the gateway log, but doesn't show why it's not going through. Any thoughts appreciated. best Nick
  10. Thanks for the reply. There were no changes to any files to use the stripe module I was using. However I reverted back to the standard template, and it corrected that mistake. Now when I tried a test purchase I got the [The following errors occurred:Remote Transaction Failure. Please Contact Support.]error message. Although I had deleted the previous stripe module out of the payment gateways the module folder was still there. So I deleted it, thinking that would solve the issue. Unfortunately doing this give me the following error,[see below ] which doesn't make sense as there are no hooks, or anything else related to the previous module. Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'stripe3200/init.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/vhosts/blue-earth.net/public_html/beb/modules/gateways/roudiappstripecheckout.php on line 17 Any help much appreciated best Nick
  11. Just wondering what the cure for the: [Required Template Changes Not Found: We were unable to detect the presence of the required WHMCS 7.1 template changes for Stripe compatibility in your active order form template. Please ensure the changes itemised in the 7.1 upgrade here have been applied. Please see Template Changes for more information.] when setting up stripe. I have been using stripe for a long time but figured, it would be good to use the built in module. Even when using the default template, I get the same error. Is this a known issue? Nick
  12. Just a heads up. Running WHMCS 6.3.0. After last nights up date to cPanel 56.0 Build 3 the WHMCS crons now no longer work. As an example below for the domain cron. - xxxxxxx.co.uk: Error: An invalid command was specified - xxxxxxxx.co.uk: Error: An invalid command was specified - xxxxxxx.ltd.uk: Error: An invalid command was specified - xxxxxxx.co.uk: Error: An invalid command was specified - xxxxxxx.co.uk: Error: An invalid command was specified - xxxxxx.co.uk: Error: An invalid command was specified All was well yesterday, the thing having changed was last nights cPanel update. We don't run this version on the main server. Haven't found a cure as yet, so any ideas welcome. best Nick
  13. blueearth

    Add ons window not showing data

    Hi there, I have a strange error. Since updating to the latest version, when I click addons, I get the normal loading, then the random selection. Clicking down the list all is well until i click on Action Hooks, then i get a message saying 'No Matches Found'. Nothing else in the list works except Reports. All the others coming up with the same error message. I have repaired the database etc, but nothing seems to change it. I have put on error reporting, but not reports. Any help always welcome best Nick Cook Blue Earth
  14. Hi there after recently becoming an nominet registrar, I have been trying to add their services to WHMCS. I have added all relevant IP's to Nominets EPP I have opened port 700 I am entering my Nominet TAG and the password that I created in the nominet EPP settings, into WHMCS nominet set up. But I get this error Connecting to ssl://epp.nominet.org.uk on port 700. The error message was '' (code 0) I have see a few posts with this same error message, but no cures. Any ideas / thoughts most welcome best Nick Cook I have contacted ENOM, but they agreed that ( code 0 ) was not very helpful !

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