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  1. We are using 2Checkout payment gateway with WHMCS. Most of our clients use automatic recurring payment option but some use one-off payments. The problem comes with Automatic Recurring payment option. Suppose a client ordered a service on 10th Jan and chose Automatic Recurring payment subscription for a monthly payment plan. Next month his invoice is generated 7 days before the due date on 3rd Feb. 2Checkout's Automatic Recurring payment subscription will run on 10th Feb. As the client receives invoice he sometimes logs on to the client area and pays the invoice manually e.g. on 4th Feb. And 2Checkout's Automatic Recurring paymeent subscription run on 10th Feb creates double charge. We need to stop this. One of the solutions is to generate the invoice on the due date but this will not work for us. As the clients who pay manually need invoice generated at least a week before the due date. Another solution is to mark the services which already have any recurring payment subscription and show a warning on the invoice payment page. This will alert the client not to pay the invoice manually. WHMCS already marks 2Checkout Subscription in subscriptionid field of tblhosting table. However this is not reliable. The reason is it doesn't mark at the time the subscription is created but it marks it next time when the subscription is automatically run. Therefore this will not serve the purpose. Any idea how to solve this ? Zulqarnain
  2. Hi Up to WHMCS 5.x when a new order was created tblcustomfieldsvalues table was filled with data (rows) of all custom fields related to the selected product whether 'Show on Order' was selected or not. in WHMCS 6.1 it is only inserting data of the custom fields which have 'Show on Order' set to yes when a new order is added. We were using several custom fields to add some data about provisioning using hooks with our custom module. The module is no more working due to the above problem. Is there any solution to this problem in your knowledge? Any help will be much appreciated. Regards, Zulqarnain
  3. Hi I am creating a custom provisioning module which creates a schema in Oracle database. I want to store the name of schema name created in a custom field in Order. Can someone please let me know how to update custom fields in my custom module? Regards, Zulqarnain
  4. Hi I am using WHMCS with 2CO. Almost all my sales have monthly recurring payments and I need to store 2CO's subscription ID field in Order after the client makes payment with 2CO. The objective behind this is I want to show a message on the invoice if the customer already has a subscription ID field then he/she does not need to pay the invoice manually. We have experienced some customers pay again when they receive the invoice even they have recurring subscription active with 2CO. This makes 2CO charge payments multiple time because of multiple active subscription. I would appreciate how can I do this. Any tips are welcome. Zulqarnain
  5. Hi In addition to hosting we provide paid support to our customers. We offer e.g. 10 hours support bundle and we enter an order for all 10 hours for the customer and get invoice generated in WHMCS. Customer can ask us for any technical work under this support bundle. This all is fine. But I was exploring is there an option to log for how much hours we have provided support to the customers and how much hours are left for him? Habib
  6. Hi I was using a custom billing software and now want to import my existing customers and orders into WHMCS. All my customers have existing recurring billing. I am using APIs to import data given at http://docs.whmcs.com/API:Functions. I have successfully imported my clients. No problem in that. The issue is with orders. Since all my customers have different recurring billing dates if I import orders today, the recurring billing date will be set today for all my orders. Which will not be fine. The other option I see is to import billable Items where I can specify next recurring date. But I am not sure if this is what I have to import my orders in or what? So far what I have concluded is import clients and billable items only. Don't import orders and invoices. I want your confirmation if my strategy is fine or not. Please make any corrections. Zulqarnain
  7. Hi I am new to WHMCS and trying to import my existing clients and orders into WHMCS through APIs described at http://docs.whmcs.com/API:Functions. I have successfully imported my clients but I am a bit confused about orders. I already have many clients who are being recurring billed through a custom billing software. Each customer is billed monthly from the date when he/she signed up. Therefore every customer may have a different billing date. If I import my existing orders into WHMCS I don't see an option to specify next billing date. I can see the Billable Items API provides an option to specify recurring dates. My question is if I just import clients and Billable Items and leave Orders and Invoices? Will this work for doing automatic billing every month or there is some other thing which should be done. Any help will be much appreciated. Zulqarnain
  8. Hi MediaPlayStudios Thanks for the reply. I agree to enter my EXISTING customers and order manually one time in WHMCS. But on next recurring billing date, would WHMCS be able to know that 2CO has received the money for a particular customer or not? Will be thankful for your further help.
  9. Hi I am very much interested to use WHMCS for my small hosting business. I have been using 2CO for last few years and have several recurring customers there. My question is when I start using WHMCS, it will generate an invoice on the due date. On the same day 2CO will charge the payment from the client's credit card. I am confused how WHMCS would know that the payment has been received (I am asking about the customers already registered with 2CO before the implementation of WHMCS)? Is there a way to enter 2CO's order number in customer profile from where WHMCS can verify about the payment or something like it? Thanks Zulqarnain
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