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  1. API Funciton to get daily income

    60 views and nobody can offer ANY advice?
  2. API Funciton to get daily income

    I am writing an addon for WHCMS and want to display the daily income for the last 7 days for example. Also, it would be nice if I can display the income for this month (which I can already do via 'getstats') but also the income for last month, and the month before and so on. Is there anyway to do this as I cannot find the relevant API function that allows this. Cheers
  3. How do I download plain invoices?

    Anybody have any ideas on how I can achieve this?
  4. How do I download plain invoices?

    I currently have a custom invoice PDF template which has my company header, logo, footer, and information on it. The footer goes from the edge of the paeg to the other side of the page, ie: borderless When I send invoices to customers as PDF, this is fine. For customers who want their invoice sent via mail (yes, it does happen still), I want to be able to download the PDF using a different template - it will be the same but without the graphics. Then, I will print this invoice onto our pre-printed headed paper. I tried using the option to view printable invoice, but this includes the payment button, as well as the page title in the header and URL in the footer, which I dont want shown on the printout. Is there a way to either add a new button in the invoices.php page to download the invoice using a different template, or is there a way to select which template to use without having to change back and forth in the settings all the time?
  5. How do I change the invoice email?

    When WHMCS sends out an invoice to a client, the email says it is sent 'on behalf of' the email address I have set in the admin settings. eg: From: mycompanyaccountname@myserverhost.com [mailto:mycompanyaccountname@myserverhost.com] On Behalf Of My Company Ltd Sent: 01 Jan 2013 00:00 To: Clients Account Dept Subject: Invoice Payment Reminder Is there a way to have it come direct from My Company Ltd (billing@mycompany.com) instead of on behalf of as it is causing some confusion with my clients when the invoices have my server hosts domain name in the 'from' address Thanks
  6. I have a couple of clients with webhosting and the recurring amount is set to 0.00 However, they keep getting invoices for a value of 0.00 asking them to pay it via PayPal and then suspend the account when it's not paid. How do I prevent invoices being generated for this user/service and prevent the account from being suspended all the bloody time?
  7. hi all. I have one client in particular, who only make a payment run once a fortnight. Is there a way to automatically set the due date of an invoice by eval'ing some PHP code or something similar - basically using PHP to find how many days away the next date occourence is and then adding X amount of days to that? The reason I ask is that I have a client who has a really weird way of paying invoices and because of it, they always end up with late payments. Lets say they make a payment run on 15th and 28th of each month. If I send them an invoice on the 31st March, they will not process it in their system until the 15 April and they then set the invoice to be paid 30 days from this date which will be 30th April. I then have to wait until the next payment run which will be 15th May, until I actually get paid. It is a well known company and quite a large company at that, but after speaking to a few people in their accounts department and even one of their directors, I am told that this is how they have always operated. So if I carry out work for them on the 1st March, I have to potentially wait upto 11-12 weeks before being paid. One if the downsides to this is that if I send the invoice to the customer on the 14th, if they are out of office or simply forget to approve the invoice for payment and send it to their accounts department until the 16th, I have wait another 2 weeks on top of the 12 weeks because they won't process the invoice into their system until the next payment run which is 2 weeks down the line. I dread to think what would happen if the invoice never actually got to them for whatever reason or they forgot about in entirely.
  8. Project Management demo

    That should work. How can I have WHMCS automatically create in invoice for a specific client on the last day of each month though since the day will vary between 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st. Or can I make it generate the invoice on the first of the month and have it add all billable items from the previous month to it? Maybe that would be better.
  9. Project Management demo

    Yeah, found a bgug with that also - when I set the due date to empty, because there is no due date, it's an ongoing project, it told me it was due 735344 days ago. Didnt even alert me to say it required a date or not so I dont really to part with that much money for an addon which hasnt been tested fully for things like that - not yet anyway. I havent ever really used billable items, from the documentation I read on them I never had a use for them - I always just entered items directly into an invoice. Would billable items do what I want? Because if I remember rightly, they get immediately added to an invoice dont they? So the user would then be able to see the invoice as soon as I add a billable item? I may be wrong though.
  10. Project Management demo

    I have had a very quick play with the addon, but it don't seem to do what I am looking for. Is there a similar addon/feature that will let me enter items into an invoice, but instead of generating an invoice for the user when I enter the data, only have it generate at the end of the month? At the moment, I keep track of time spent working for a client on a spreadsheet and have to copy from the spreadsheet onto a new invoice on the last day of each month. If I could have WHMCS automatically generate this invoice for me it would save me a lot of time. I dont want the client to be able to see the invoice, or its contents, until its generated at the end of the month - kind of like the same way a phone bill is generated each month - you cant see the bill until the end of the month, but the network keep track of all calls and costs throughout the month and their system generates the bill automatically.
  11. Project Management demo

    Ah brilliant - only just see that this has been updated. I'll take a look as soon as I can find the username and password
  12. Project Management demo

    I looked but cannot find one - is there a demo of the Project Management addon found at http://www.whmcs.com/addons/project-management ? I am looking to purchase an addon to keep track of hour worked on different projects for different customers, but need it to work in an easy manner and will also need to be able to add different tasks to projects such as 'Admin' and 'Development' for which I charge different hourly rates.
  13. Changing invoice template

    Any more ideas?
  14. Changing invoice template

    Thats a brilliant idea, but I would want to be able to choose to download the invoice with or without the logo. Is there anyway, in the admin section where the invoice button is, that I can add an additional button next to it which opens the same link but maybe with an additional query string parameter and in the invoice template file, I can check to see if that parameter is set instead of checking if the admin is logged in. If this isnt possible (mainly due to the file being encrypted), does WHMCS offer any customisation/tweaking service in which they can simply add the button in and send the encrypted file over to me for a cost?
  15. Changing invoice template

    Anyone have any suggestions? Starting to wonder if this is the right section on the forum for this.

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