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  1. Just upgraded to 7.3 and am now getting the opposite result! Bracket at the end is now missing! <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <whmcsapi version="7.3.0"> <action>domainwhois</action> <result>success</result> <status>available</status> <whois></whois> </whmcsapi and {"result":"success","status":"available","whois":"" Anyone out there that can help?
  2. Anyone? Getting the same with responsetype=xml ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <whmcsapi version="7.2.3"> <action>domainwhois</action> <result>success</result> <status>available</status> <whois></whois> </whmcsapi> opening '<' missing.
  3. WHMCS: 7.2.3 The DomainWhois JSON API output seems to be missing an opening curly bracket/brace. "result":"success","status":"available","whois":""} Not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong? Can someone check if they're seeing the same?
  4. I'm currently working on a custom template using dataTables for the invoice page. Which means I require all invoice items to be loaded by default. As a workaround I've set the invoice page nav link to 'clientarea.php?action=invoices&itemlimit=all' But I'm wondering if there is another way to set $itemlimit to 'all' by default ?
  5. is it possible to make 'device will be authorized for 30 days once verified.' optional when logging in?
  6. When configuring an SSL order, the configuressl-steptwo.tpl template uses {$webservertypeid} & {$webservertype} to pre-populate the dropdown menu options for the Web Server type. Is there a way to customize this list somewhere?
  7. how could I configure the clientareaoath.tpl for different templates?
  8. Yes. Why? Is there something I'm missing regarding it?
  9. I've managed to find a way to retrieve the 'configurable' pricing data using some custom code. I'm going to see if I can adapt it to the API and then post it here once it's done.
  10. I'm attempting to do the same. I see no documentation on the WHMCS site regarding how to use the `configoption` query.
  11. Well that's embarrassing. SOLVED! My external webserver was rewriting URLs in an awkward manner. All works fine now!
  12. I've been trying to access WHMCS using the External API. I've seen a few threads on the forum regarding this, and as far as I can see I'm doing everything right. But if someone can point out what I may be missing I'd be grateful. My PHP (from the WHMCS example) is as follows: <?php /* *** WHMCS XML API Sample Code *** */ $url = "https://mydomain.com/includes/api.php"; # URL to WHMCS API file goes here $username = "adminusername"; # Admin username goes here $password = "adminpassword"; # Admin password goes here $postfields = array(); $postfields["username"] = $username; $postfields["password"] = md5( $password ); $postfields["accesskey"] = "random_string"; <-- Have tried both with and without an access key. $postfields["action"] = "getproducts"; $postfields["pid"] = "2"; $postfields["responsetype"] = "xml"; $query_string = ""; foreach ($postfields AS $k=>$v) $query_string .= "$k=".urlencode($v)."&"; $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, 30); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $query_string); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, 0); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, 0); $xml = curl_exec($ch); if (curl_error($ch) || !$xml) $xml = '<whmcsapi><result>error</result>'. '<message>Connection Error</message><curlerror>'. curl_errno($ch).' - '.curl_error($ch).'</curlerror></whmcsapi>'; curl_close($ch); $arr = whmcsapi_xml_parser($xml); # Parse XML print_r($arr); # Output XML Response as Array /* Debug Output - Uncomment if needed to troubleshoot problems echo "<textarea rows=50 cols=100>Request: ".print_r($postfields,true); echo "\nResponse: ".htmlentities($xml)."\n\nArray: ".print_r($arr,true); echo "</textarea>"; */ function whmcsapi_xml_parser($rawxml) { $xml_parser = xml_parser_create(); xml_parse_into_struct($xml_parser, $rawxml, $vals, $index); xml_parser_free($xml_parser); $params = array(); $level = array(); $alreadyused = array(); $x=0; foreach ($vals as $xml_elem) { if ($xml_elem['type'] == 'open') { if (in_array($xml_elem['tag'],$alreadyused)) { $x++; $xml_elem['tag'] = $xml_elem['tag'].$x; } $level[$xml_elem['level']] = $xml_elem['tag']; $alreadyused[] = $xml_elem['tag']; } if ($xml_elem['type'] == 'complete') { $start_level = 1; $php_stmt = '$params'; while($start_level < $xml_elem['level']) { $php_stmt .= '[$level['.$start_level.']]'; $start_level++; } $php_stmt .= '[$xml_elem[\'tag\']] = $xml_elem[\'value\'];'; @eval($php_stmt); } } return($params); } ?> I've ensured that my IP is listed in the API IP Access Restriction section of the Security tab in General Settings. And I've also double checked that my admin user has API access set in the Administrator Roles settings. I've tried accessing the API via the access key method as well, but this didn't wok either. So I cannot think of anything else that may causing the `error Authentication Failed` error. Checking the Admin & Activity Logs show nothing, plus I've also checked the webserver error logs, but no joy. Anyone got any ideas on what I'm missing, or where I can find a log of what error is happening?
  13. Had a closer look and... I've seen that in the /feeds/productinfo.php file there's a line: if ($get=="configoption") widgetoutput($data['configoption']. (int) $configoptionnum); So I tried the following: <script language="javascript" src="https://example.com/feeds/productsinfo.php?pid=1&get=configoption"></script> and <script language="javascript" src="https://example.com/feeds/productsinfo.php?pid=1&get=configoption&configoptionnum='some integer'"></script> But all this gives me is the value '0'. On viewing the WHMCS database, I'm not sure where this value comes from. Again, any suggestions appreciated.
  14. I've seen that this has been asked a couple of times on these forums, but there's not been an answer (that I can see) thus far. I'm trying to use the Data Feeds to dynamically display the price of some SSL products on an external page. But couldn't find any information as to whether or not this is possible.? Does anyone have any idea on how this could be done, or if it's possible?
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