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  1. Looking at the network / service status page it appears as if POP3 is down on one of my servers. I have confirmed that POP3 is actually running fine on the server. Any ideas why WHMCS status is reporting down?
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a way to conditionally add the email marketing opt out / unsubscribe link to my WHMCS signature when I send out a "marketing email" and omit it when it's not relevant. Below is the default signature, ideally it would look something like "visit our website | log in | get support | unsubscribe" </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align="center" valign="top"> <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%" id="templateFooter"> <tr> <td valign="top" class="footerContent"> <a href="{$company_domain}">visit our website</a> <span class="hide-mobile"> | </span> <a href="{$whmcs_url}">log in to your account</a> <span class="hide-mobile"> | </span> <a href="{$whmcs_url}submitticket.php">get support</a> <br /> Copyright © {$company_name}, All rights reserved. </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> </center> </body> </html> Has anyone figured out a way to do this? Thanks!
  3. The homepage widget for "System Overview" is not showing the red bar in unpaid invoices - there are currently unpaid invoices in my system, but the bar is showing 0%.
  4. Hello, I would like WHMCS to automatically update the renewal price for existing clients when I update them in the system. This is reflected in my company's TOS that renewals will be at "market rates". I need to do this as the margins I have on domains are so low I'm essentially selling at cost. Is this possible? Thanks.
  5. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  6. Wondering if there are plans to natively support the Stripe payment gateway? This is already a feature in ClientExec and the community has already built customizations for it, but it would be really nice to see something as integral as a payment gateway included with WHMCS so you don't have to worry about breaking the customization every time you upgrade WHMCS!
  7. I have, but I do not see how it imports my transactions from PayPal, outside of WHMCS (e.g. account top ups with my domain registrar).
  8. Hello, Is it possible to have WHMCS automatically import PayPal transactions? I would like to show an accurate picture of income and expenditures for my business; however, expenditures going out of my PayPal account are not shown in WHMCS so I only see the income portion. Thanks.
  9. Hello, Is there any way to integrate WHMCS with Intermedia so that it can auto-provision / resell their Hosted Exchange solutions? Thanks.
  10. Changes were made on my server which caused the connection to my SMTP server to fail. WHMCS tried sending several messages before I caught the issue and the messages all failed. I have since corrected the issue; however, WHMCS has not tried to send out the failed "queue" of messages. Do failed emails get stored anywhere? Can they be batch sent out now? There are new order confirmations, support tickets, etc. that are all needing to be sent.
  11. Is this possible through WHMCS? I have setup a reseller account for web space and for domain names (two separate companies). Both reseller accounts are integrated into WHMCS - I would like to transfer my current domain to myself - is this possible? Can I do it an only pay my cost on the domain? Can I setup private nameservers?
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