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  1. Yes, I suspect it's a PayPal issue too. The CC checkout page changed slightly a month or so ago as they added an extra option to sign up for an account just above the Submit button. Anyway, thanks for the prompt to sign up to Stripe. Pure laziness on my behalf that I have not already done so. I have, thanks to you, so now there is a new "Pay Now" option on client invoices.
  2. Yes, up until that point it also works for me. It's when I fill in the CC details, select the right State and the "I am over 18" option and click on Submit THEN I get the "We're sorry, something seems to have gone wrong. Try again." error. I have indeed tried again a few times, and unfortunately the error is so generically useless I have no idea what the problem might be. The only response from PayPal is to clear the browser cache (done that a few times) and/or use a different browser (done that too). I've done this probably 1000s of times over the last 3 years without this error, up until earlier this year. As I say, I am waiting for another client to call in with their CC details so I can test another submission when using a Private window to eliminate whether it really is a local browser cache/cookie issue on my end, or not.
  3. It's so long ago I've forgotten exactly how I imported them, but there were nearly 1000 customers previously managed in Excel (for nearly 2 decades), so I guess I massaged the fields and exported them as CSV to fill most of the client fields in WHMCS. I've never noticed the "Access Denied - Forbidden" error before when using "Login as Owner" up until recently. The other, more generic "something went wrong, try again" error when trying to submit a CC payment at PayPal is a PayPal error. I'll keep an eye on the Network tab in my browser and see if I can find some indication of why I am getting that error.
  4. Yes, I started to use the reset password feature but that just sends an email to the customer which I then have to find and view (via secret sauce), then respond to that email and add misc random password, and then I can go back to the admin screen and Login as owner. Back in the early v7 days, an admin could actually set or change the clients password directly in one step. Now it involves going via the email reset method. Way too many steps for 100s of client accounts. As for viewing invoices as admin. I used to simply go to the Invoices tab for the particular customer, click on the unpaid invoice, then on that page there is a "View as Client" button up next to the Print and Download buttons. Once looking at the actual invoice I'd click on the yellow Paypal button then when I get to the PayPal login page I'd select "Pay with a Card" and the next page is for a Credit Card payment with the customer details already filled in (except the State/Territory field because WHMCS sends the full state name whereas PayPal expects the short state name, so it can't auto present the right State value). I've been using this method for probably 3 years up until about the 1st Jan 2022. I'm still waiting for a customer to call me for a CC payment so I can test whether using a Private window in either Firefox or Chrome will work.
  5. All of my clients were imported from a legacy system, so none of them originally signed up with a plan. A lot of them are now over 80 years old (we've been going for nearly 25 years), so even the idea of clicking on "Forgot password" to get a new password for the billing system is all too much. Heh, it has even been a battle to get some of them to stop surface mailing us cheques and cash! Anyway, only about 20% of them actually log in and pay via their Paypal account (or CC) and offering a Subscription option has caused us more grief than it was worth when we first started using WHMCS. We only have annual plans, so it's not the end of the world to do manual CC payments and gives me a chance to be in touch with some clients. Thank you (yet again) but I have yet to try using Private mode in either of my browsers so if that still fails I will definitely take you up on your gracious offer of help.
  6. I still have the "We're sorry, something seems to have gone wrong" error when trying to make a CC payment on behalf of a client either via the admin area, by clicking their invoice link, or when using "Login as owner" and then going to their client invoice link using either Firefox or Chromium. The one thing I have not tried yet is to use a Private window and see if it truly is related to browser caching and/or cookies. As mentioned, I have had zero problems making CC payments on behalf of clients while they are on the phone for the last 2 or 3 years until this year. Anyway, my second issue of "Access Denied - Forbidden" when using "Login as owner" seems to be only related to clients who have never logged in to WHMCS. It's annoying, but not yet another sign that my WHMCS installation is completely falling apart.
  7. That is embarrassingly obvious when I got to the right area, but it's nothing like any Google hits or the PayPal support advice I tried to follow. Thank you!
  8. I know, this should be a question for the folks at PayPal, but they are hopeless and surely someone here has already had to do this before. I'm using PayPal Basic and simply want to update my old logo on the PayPal payment page to my new logo. All the Google results and PayPal support advice seem to refer to links and pages that no longer exist (I presume) so would some kind soul here take pity on me and provide me with some exact steps to be able to update my logo at PayPal please?
  9. Good point, I just disabled the other PayPal option too. Now using only the PayPal Basic. I can't remember when the 8.3.2 update arrived, but I never had any issues, for many years, up until about the 1st Jan. About half my payments are as the admin user via their invoice link in the admin area. I often do manual CC payments for them while they are on the phone. Since this problem started, I have now tried clicking on "Login as Owner" and going to their invoice via the client area and continue with a CC payment that way. That worked a couple of times, but now even that method is throwing the same useless generic error message when I submit the PayPal cart page. Yes, my difficulty is me (as admin) paying on behalf of a client using the "Pay with a card" option on the PayPal login screen. So if you have never done that, then you may not be bumping into the same issue.
  10. Argh, now I am also getting this error when I try to "Login as Owner" in an attempt to avoid the above error when making a payment for a client directly from the admin area. I got this for another client yesterday (but some misc clients I checked were okay) and the only way I could solve it was to completely delete the client's account and re-add it after jotting down their profile details. Of course, I then lose that client's payment history, but in this case I could then use "Login as Owner" without the error below. As far as I can tell, some clients are still using PayPal successfully when they log into WHMCS themselves, otherwise I'd be out of business in a month or two if I can't make PayPal CC payments on behalf of most of my clients. Most of my income is by using PayPal as my CC merchant and taking the customer details over the phone, so now that I can't do that anymore and can't find a way to fix both of my problems, I'm kinda up the creek without a paddle. The only changes I have made is to update to 8.3.2 whenever that update became available.
  11. Thanks for your response. I just got this again now when using the invoice Paypal button from the admin section for a CC payment, which had been working fine for many years up until a few weeks ago. There is nothing in the Gateway Logs page about this failed transaction. If I use "Login as client" and then go to invoice then that works sometimes but I have also seen the attached error there as well. Just now I removed the "Paypal" payment option leaving only Paypal Basic. I have double checked my Paypal settings and reconfirmed my business status and found that the language encoding was not set to UTF-8.
  12. I was getting a weird permissions error when trying to switch to a normal user, so I went to the admin roles area and ended up deleting ALL the full admin permissions now I can't do anything such as undo the mistake I just made. I've had a look in the database tables with PhpMyAdmin, but I can't seem to find where I can toggle all the permissions back on. I suspect this change has affected the database itself, so even if I did a fresh reinstallation of WHMCS and imported a SQL dump then I'd still have the same problem. If I try to import a SQL backup from yesterday, then I will be missing entries from today. How can I re-add all the full administrator permission roles again?
  13. Thanks for your response. I'm using 8.3.2 and fortunately when clients go to Paypal via their invoice Paypal (basic I think) button it seems to work, according to my Gateway logs. My problem is specifically when I try to make a credit card payment on behalf of the client, which used to work up until, hmm, about Dec 31st.
  14. Nope, I still have this error after updating my Paypal business details. Is it possible that Paypal Basic is now deprecated by Paypal, or somehow changed? Should I perhaps change to just Paypal (Checkout)? What would be the best approach to try and figure out what is actually wrong so I have some chance of fixing this Paypal problem?
  15. I just started getting this error too and I think it's because my Paypal details were incomplete. Maybe they updated their site with slightly more stringent identity requirements because when I checked my details I had to re-add some fields again and got a page that said "all good, you can now use paypal for your business".
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