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  1. Hi, I want to assign some hosting plans and domains to myself (as the site admin) so that they are registered in WHMCS to keep track of them but I do not want to be invoiced for my own plans and domains. I could muddle through some settings but surely it's something other folks have worked out already. What is the best approach for this?
  2. Thanks for posting their reply. That workaround certainly works for me.
  3. And a link to the ticket please?
  4. Marek, I totally agree. We got so fed up with this glitch we had to mark all users as active and make manual notes about who is really not active and hack the provisioning backend to take this into account. We would love to send WHMCS a bill for all the lost hours this has cost us! We have started testing an open source WordPress/Woocommerce solution for our specific needs!
  5. Totally agree. I have no idea or suggestions about downgrading. The code snippet I posted above almost solves the problem but it introduces another one when trying to page through clients... the code always forces the first page of results no matter where you try to page to... so it's useless as is. The WHMCS devs really really HAVE TO provide an option to disable this "feature". It's wasted so much of our time and does absolutely nothing to enhance the usability of the View/Search Clients page.
  6. Update: I just changed it to a closure and it started working 🙂 <?php //error_log(__FILE__); add_hook('AdminAreaPage', 1, function ($vars) { //error_log(__METHOD__); $filename = $vars['filename']; $hiddenstatus = $_GET['show_hidden']; if ($filename == "clients" && $hiddenstatus != '1') { $url = 'clients.php?filter=1&show_hidden=1'; header( 'Location: '.$url ); } });
  7. Hey brian! I just tried your admin_show_inactive_clients_hook above and some debugging shows the file is opened but some debugging in the method itself shows it's not being called (for me). I added the hook as includes/hooks/admin_show_inactive_clients.php so is that the right place for it to go?
  8. I recently changed my default currency from AUD to USD so I manually adjusted my product prices but when it came time to deal with 300 domains I thought I could rely on the Bulk Updater addon but it seems to only allow an increase by a fixed sum (maybe a negative number works, I didn't try.) Seeing that I changed from AUD to USD all my prices are ~30% too high now so I would like to reduce ALL of my domain prices by 30% without obviously resorting to manually altering each one of 300 domain prices. Any suggestion how to do this or any free addon tool that might do this in bulk?
  9. SOLVED with many thanks to brian! for his excellent suggestions. I settled on the layout in the attached screenshot and upgrades/downgrades of individual services seems to work but there is no way to auto provision anything. I don't use cPanel/WHM so I have to set things up manually because if a client adds or removes a mailbox unit how would I know what email address the addition or removal applies to?... so I have to engage with the client to work those details out anyway. As for the other issue of encouraging Paypal payments, I will offer a discount for using Paypal rather than a surcharge for the other payment gateways (EU problem solved).
  10. Thank you brian! Hmm, I am using Configurable Options and not Addons. Your suggestion of using a Dropdown is looking much better as now I can add discounted pricing for each increasing number of services. It's cumbersome and tedious adding so many dropdown menu options but at least it's possible. I'm looking at 1-50 items x 5 services so adding 250 different prices will take... awhile 🙂 I'm probably fighting against the expected multiple products to chose from but I'd like to try a "Pay as you go" system where there is just a single base plan and EVERYTHING else is just a mix of multiple services on top of that single base product. I'm not sure how an "upgrade" would work if the client wants, say, just an extra mailbox or three. I'll know soon I guess when I test it out. So a kind of related question, is there any "trick" to detect the payment method and add a surcharge automatically? For instance I'd like to encourage clients to use Paypal so adding a surcharge of $20/yr if they select ie; Direct bank deposit would be great. I can make it a pre-selected option during signup (so they have to specifically select the Paypal option to remove the surcharge) but I'd like to try and enforce it even if they change the payment option in their profile or even while viewing their invoice. Is there a possible hook for something like that perhaps?
  11. Hi, is it possible to apply a certain discount for bulk Addon orders? For instance I have a shared hosting product addon that allows the client to select how many mailboxes they want to add to their order but if, for instance, they select more than 10 mailboxes I'd like to apply a 50% discount. Is this possible?
  12. I'd like to see a some rules for nginx but in the mean time I got around this by logging in as a normal user then using the "back to admin" link to get to the admin user. Once there I could set Setup > General Settings > Friendly URLs back to Basic URLs and use another browser to go to the admin/ area to get past the EULA agreement. After that I set Friendly URLs back to Full Friendly Rewrite and all seems well, until the next upgrade but by then I hope to find the correct rewrite rule for nginx.
  13. Thanks @brian! that worked for me and now I'm on 7.5.1 using PHP 7.2. Problem solved
  14. I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 which comes with PHP 7.2 by default and want to upgrade from 7.5.0 to 7.5.1 after hitting the Billable Items bug. The upgrade failed and I know the formal advice is to downgrade to PHP 7.0 to continue BUT PHP 7.0 is no longer available for Ubuntu 18.04 so I added the xenial (16.04) package repository, which still has PHP 7.0, however php7.0-curl would not install because it depends on an older libcurl version not available on Ubuntu 18.04. So, I can't upgrade to 7.5.1 because the upgrade procedure itself depends on curl, even though the older 16.04 php7.0-fpm seems to run okay on the latest Ubuntu 18.04! I think if I can get upgraded to 7.5.1 I can finally toss PHP 7.0 for good. If anyone else is using Ubuntu 18.04 with PHP 7.2 and having trouble upgrading to WHMCS 7.5.1 and found a solution then I'd surely like to hear about it?
  15. Thanks brian!, I kept poking around and I'm pretty sure you are right that it's 100% up to whatever is printing the generated page. In this case it's generally Firefox (KDE/Neon desktop on a *buntu/debian OS) by clicking on the Print button when the customer views the invoice in their WHMCS billing area. I've found a very simple workaround that will do the trick... just force the printer dialog to print the first page! Duh! The unknowing end user may get caught out the first time they go to print an invoice via the web page Print button but if I know when queried and add it the the Knowlegebase then that basically solves my problem.

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