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  1. Hello, Thank you for your reply. I have changed the product type to VPS, Reseller hosting and Shared hosting to test, but unfortunately I still can't have the green icon for the active products, only the grey one for the inactive ones. Do you have any other advise by any chance? Regards
  2. Thank you, John! But they are the same product type. It is displayed when the product is expired and nothing is displayed when the product is active. How to make it showing same icon, but in green, when the product is active, please?
  3. Hello, Icons for inactive products are showing ( the grey padlocks), but not showing for the active products ( supposed to be green padlocks ). Any suggestions what could be the problem? Thx!
  4. Hello, Did you find a solution with Paddle?
  5. Themepiko module is a piece of...you know what! Not working with paypal, not working with recurring billings, no support at all.
  6. Hello guys, Do you have any experience in integration WHMCS with tracking services like Voluum, Peerclick and similar? Any suggestions how to approach?
  7. Solved. Yes, it was about names. Looks like 'My Account' is "Account" now and 'Contacts/Sub-Accounts' just "Contacts".
  8. Solved. If anyone has same problem : by changing the input type value in .tpl to "hidden" - rather than removing the code completely - it works as needed.
  9. Thank you. I did it of course, but I have the Oops message like in the first post.
  10. Hello, I have the same problem when I try to hide the company field which is optional anyway. How to hide properly fields like company, address2 and phone? Thank you
  11. I am using this hook since years, but after the 8.1 update this contacts menu is showing again.
  12. Apologize for all these replies, but it doesn't let me edit posts. I am using the hook from this post, but after the last update it stopped working. Can someone help with an updated hook please?
  13. oops, using old template, I am sorry! Please delete.
  14. Hello guys, I need some help with hooks. Maybe this is something obvious for you, but sounds complicated to me 😔 I would like to hide the following items from the six template. And to hide the 'company" field from standard card. Thank you for your help.
  15. Hello, Could you share your experience with different affiliate platforms? The integrated WHMCS system is very basic and not flexible. Which systems do you use that work well with WHMCS?
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