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  1. @mhermann A huge thank you for the code. That' s exactly what I was looking for!
  2. I have the same issue. My limit has been set at 10,000 for a long time and today I see that I have over 45,000 records.
  3. Is there anyone who has developed a module for Runcloud because they are a very good API that could allow us to manage sites directly from WHMCS? And it would be possible for our customers to manage part of their website within WHMCS like cloning a site, changing the PHP version, caching, etc. I have searched and I am surprised that I did not find anything. 😕
  4. The support is excellent. The team in place is very reactive. I had a problem with one of the API updates and it was fixed very quickly. It took me a bit of time to get familiar with their interface, but now it's fine. The prices are good, their module works well with WHMCS. So, I am very satisfied!
  5. I'm moving from Enom to Hexonet. Very good support and pricing.
  6. Hi had this issue and the support told me : and
  7. Hi all, I used this code and I would like to know how i can change the order of the credits widget? I would like it to the third place. <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as Item; add_hook('ClientAreaHomepagePanels', 1, function (Item $homePagePanels) { $client = Menu::context( "client" ); $clientid = intval( $client->id ); $currencyData = getCurrency($clientid); $bodyhtml = '<p>'.sprintf(Lang::trans('availcreditbaldesc'),formatCurrency($client->credit, $currencyData)).'</p>'; $creditPanel = $homePagePanels->addChild( 'Credit Balance', array( 'label' => Lang::trans('availcreditbal'), 'icon' => 'fa-money', 'extras' => array( 'color' => 'red', 'btn-link' => 'clientarea.php?action=addfunds', 'btn-text' => Lang::trans('addfunds'), 'btn-icon' => 'fa-plus', ), 'bodyHtml' => $bodyhtml )); });
  8. Hello Pandaboomer, Have you found a solution to your problem?
  9. Je n'ai rien trouvé pour ma part sauf cette discussion de 2009 http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?18419-Email-Template-Translations
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