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  1. theman777

    .swiss whois question

    Hi, i was wondering if any body can help me, with correct code line for .swiss domains in whoisservers.php. Support told me to use this line: .swiss|whois.crsnic.net|No match for But that does not work. Means all the domains are free. even nic.swiss thanks for your help
  2. theman777

    Brazilian and Belgien Domain Registrar

    Thx, how about .br top level?
  3. Hi, some clients wants to buy brazilian and belgium Domains, TLD .br and .bz Enom and Resellerclub looks like they don't sell this TLD. Is there a Registrar who allows .br and .bz? Thanks for your help. Regards,
  4. i would be interested in this too.
  5. theman777

    Monthly New Orders Income

    Could you send me this also?
  6. theman777

    PDF invoice small change

    Could you send me that to? That would be great
  7. theman777

    Bluemail - WHMCS

    Send real letters directly from WHMCS using BlueMail API. Is this Module still working with WHMCS 5.2.7?
  8. theman777

    How do i make a word multilingual?

    It is {$LANG.domainordernow}, but the code got changed when i typed it in. When i use {$LANG.domainordernow}, on the frontpage stays {$LANG.domainordernow} instead of "Order Now"
  9. Hi, The word "Order Now!" should be translated. <a href="'.$value2['link'].'" class="classodernow'.$featureordernow.'">Order Now!</a> i tried it like this, but that did not work <a href="'.$value2['link'].'" class="classodernow'.$featureordernow.'">{$LANG.odernow}</a> what did i miss?
  10. theman777

    SEO - .htaccess RewriteRule for KB

    Nop, i did not find a solution. ... As i saw the knowledge Base on the Website of Nullifide, i guess he found a working solution Would be happy to fix that too. Regards
  11. theman777

    SEO - .htaccess RewriteRule for KB

    I used the same Line, but i get a error. You wrote about a custom script, that you wrote. Did you mean the .htaccess code lines, or is there anything else i need to do?
  12. theman777

    SEO - .htaccess RewriteRule for KB

    Could you publish the .htaccess, somehow i could not fix that issue with the category and the number...
  13. theman777

    Custom Free Trials Addon

    And again today 12 Accounts where deleted from Plesk. Evan i deinstalled the Addon two days ago and deleted the cronjob. I realy need support ...
  14. theman777

    Custom Free Trials Addon

    I installed this addon. Today i got a message that 11 Hostings where Terminated: Starting Performing Automated Fixed Term Service Terminations SUCCESS: Client Name - Hosting-Testabo - Domain.com Why this happens? This is exactly the way i did the setting. But why this Test-Abos where terminated? Also i think no emails where send out to the client. This is realy not the way it should be. ... Hope you can help me with this.
  15. theman777

    Custom Free Trials Addon

    I installed it and it look's great. Thanks so far. I was wondering what the best practice would be, Products/Services Auto Terminate/Fixed Term 30 Days? The Addon does not terminate the product it self? And if i setup numbers of reminders in the setup of the addon, i do not need to choose a email Termination Template in Product/Services Tab. Regards

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