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    Change Choose Billing Cycle Dropdown with Radio

    Still waiting 😅
  2. Hello Wan;t to ask, how to change code on Choose Billing Cycle dropdown on standard cart with dropdown like this Maybe someone can help, thank you in advance
  3. My experience is happened after upgrading to version 7.7.1 and use php 7.2, then after I change to php 5.6 is working properly, but when you use admin template another blend ex: v4 is working good.
  4. Yes thank you, I already compare and some modules also using php 5.6 so i switch back to PHP 5.6 and whmcs 7.7.1 also working properly with PHP 5.6 so that everything is good. You may close this ticket because it has been resolved 🙂
  5. Already working after using php 5.6, on php 7.2 not working properly. Case close. Thank you.
  6. Already, as I mentioned above, the problem is not from Commission Delay but on Referred Signups so I should be click Manual Payout Commission Delay works well after I click Manual Payout, after that Clearing Date will be count
  7. Yes right, I know but already fews days not seen, just want to hear a few words maybe to see from something in whmcs, so I can get a reference to look deep into whmcs what should I check 😁
  8. The order it has been correctly referred by the affiliate and goes to the Referred Signups tab but not automatical payout to Pending Commission and not count because the status not accept, so I must manual with click Payout Manual link. if this continues I will think of leaving the affiliate feature of whmcs and switching to 3rd party integrated with whmcs, even though I really like the whmcs affiliate feature because it's simple and doesn't have to do a lot of settings. I'am just thank you for your reply, I don't see any whmcs support responding on here 😁
  9. Yes, from the beginning I activated a delay of payment for 30 days on the Pending Commission but my problem is as I explained above
  10. Hello Moderator, please remove this topic. Already solved when I change admin theme to Lara Admin theme the search field working well. but I still think why it can happen to default whmcs theme
  11. Hello I have new trouble on my WHMCS after migration to new VPS. when I search anything on search field always appear "Your session has expired. Please refresh the page and try again." as in the picture that I attached. I tried to look at the log and activate the Display Error and Log Error but there is no log that I see, I have also tried changing the PHP version from 5.6 to 7.2 but still the same. what causes this to happen? Please help for those who have experienced the same problem 🙏 Thank you
  12. I don't think so, until now it doesn't work when a new client orders an affiliate and is active, this does not automatically added to the tab Pending Commission so I must click link Manual Payout on tab Referred Signups, and there seems to be no support for providing any information in this community 😪
  13. Hello I have a problem with my WHMCS, Every order entered using a referral affiliate does not automatically enter Pending Comissions this happened I just found out when referrals complained because the Pending Commission did not increase when someone made an order with his referral link, so I have to click Manual Payout. The question is, how can I fix this? Thank you
  14. Hi @brian! How to apply to invoice page? I try apply to invoice page not working <div class="form-group"> {if $allowchangegateway} <form method="post" action="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?id={$invoiceid}" class="form-inline"> {$gatewaydropdown} </form> {else} {$paymentmethod} {/if} </div>
  15. Hello I want to ask how to show uptime server with percentage on whmcs server status like this http://prntscr.com/iqkjm2 Appreciate for you if there is one here who knows it, maybe @brian! can help me for this Thank you

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