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  1. I have found a list of free emails that a lot of spam is generated and I want to add them to ban email domains but doing it one by one it very time taking Do I need to enter it in database? Where and can any body give me the query to run? Thanks
  2. Jbro

    invoice with no due date?

    OK it seems the only way is to increase the date of due so I put it 9999 .09.09 🙂
  3. Jbro

    invoice with no due date?

    I need to create an invoice but the due date is not important because I am not sure when the payment come in and I do not want customer to get emails all the time that his invoice has not been paid what should I do? Just put 00000 for due date will do? what will happen is due date is 0 ?
  4. Thanks has there been any security issues with the Final Whmcs 6 ?
  5. Before upgrading to 7 I need to do a lot , I have to make some changes I need at 6 months more before upgrading to 7 Right now I am final 6 is it safe?
  6. OK it works but now I have another problem , If some body simply sends email to open ticket the priority is not low is there any way to incude tickets opened by email?
  7. Yes dear I know about overide and thank you very much to help me:)
  8. I am trying to change the lang for ticket priority for example Low to standard or high to critical It was easy to do so by replacing the word in language file but when I go to Ticket Escalations the words are not changed there and I can not find the language string
  9. Is it possible? to show different priority based on the department it has been chosen to send tickets?
  10. Thanks a lot for you help
  11. Ok thanks is it possible to change the default priority for tickets? Right now the default priority is Medium I want to change to Low
  12. I want to receive email notification only when a ticket is high priority and did not get any answer in 30 min Any body can guide me?
  13. I am going to use whmcs for helpdesk too but I have a problem with only 3 priorities. Can I add more priorities? Also any idea on what words I should choose ? I am thinking of using instead of Low : Normal , High , Critical Please give me some idea I used kayako before but time to combine into whmcs
  14. Oh you are asking my kayako version not whmcs? Kayako is Version 4.72

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