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  1. I've created a custom order status an want to change the status of orders to this custom status via API, but the API seems to offer only commands to change it to one of the 4 default values. (pendingorder, cancelorder...) Any way to realize this?
  2. We have some products which have to be checked manually before they are set up and maybe we need to decline the order. So we do not want the invoice to be created when the order ist placed. Is it possible to stop the automatic invoice creation? I've searched the forum and found some threads in which similar questions were asked, but never answered. example http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?46259-Howto-Set-Automatical-Invoice-Generation-for-new-and-pending-Order
  3. we are looking for something like that too...
  4. Hm, seems so... and with my customized templates broken too, I think a roleback will be easier at this moment.
  5. OK. Goog hint. We have a customized template and with a standard template it works as you mentioned. Now I need to fix my customized template.
  6. Upgraded from 5.1.3 to 5.2.1 First issue we have is the Password-Reset issue described by desynced. But we mentioned it with a customer PW-Reset. First mail with link came, clicked the link and PW-change was acknowledged, but the email with the PW never arrived. Yesterday, with 5.1.3, it definitely worked. In the Activity-Log from WHMCS the expected mail is not logged too. EDIT: I will get an email with a password, when I use the "reset & send password" button in the admin area (within the profile of a client). But it does not send an email with a link, it only sends the new password email.
  7. Ok, i 've found something like a workaround for the delimiter, but I could not use the comma for the decimals. The csvdownload.php filters them everytime. I tried to put the numbers in quotes, but the comma is always dropped. Source code of the csvdownload.php would be nice to customize this while their are no options that can be set..
  8. Hello everybody, is there a way to change the delimiter for the csv export? It uses comma by default, but since I use comma for german formatted decimals I would like to change the delimiter to something else.
  9. Hello, I have a little problem with a custom hook. The hook generates a customized customer-id an adds it to the database in a custom client field. The hook works as it should. It will be called whenever a new client is generated (ClientAdd). But when a new client places an order and registers during the ordering process, the order will not be generated (the customer gets an order number, which is displayed to him, but no order is generated.) When I disable the hook, everything is fine. Order is placed and all automated mails where sent for the registration, order confirmation and invoice. (with active hook, only the registration mail is sent) What could be wrong, so the hook breaks the order process?
  10. found a solution. Using the plesk8 (!) module (we definitely have Plesk 9) solved the problem for us. Now the domain is created as expected.
  11. thank you for your reply, i have already read the docs but it did not help to solve the problem. there is an IP address configured in the customer template and there is no such option for the domain template in Plesk.
  12. We setup a server and a hosting product in WHMCS to be created on our Plesk 9.5.4 Server. It always replies "Module Command Error 1014 - Parser error: Request is invalid" Plesk9 module is used. On the Plesk side, the customer account is created and the (shared) IP is assigned to the customer, but the domain (and the website) are not created. suspend, unsuspend, terminating the hosting via WHMCS all work fine. creating the domain manually in Plesk using the template configured in WHMCS works. Has anyone a hint how to get this working?
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