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  1. Do you mean that the tawk.to addon is not compatible with WHMCS v8?
  2. This was the most useful information shown on the admin dashboard. Unbelievable that such critical information has been removed.
  3. Hello, When a domain has status "transferred away", an invoice for the domain renewal is still being generated. I would expect "transferred away" having the same logic as "cancelled" regarding invoice generation. Regards, Glenn
  4. The trick was to change the value of the topPadding in the standard_cart/js/scripts.js file and minify it (or edit directly in the scripts.min.js file).
  5. This has been solved thanks to @brian!
  6. Thanks Brian, I'll have a look at it. The WHMCS integration was completed by WHMCS, but they couldn't find a perfect solution to fix that issue.
  7. Hello, We're using the standard cart order form and a custom template based on the six template. The custom template comes with a fixed header. Therefore, the "floating" order summary box (the one that scrolls down when you scroll down on the page) is not completely shown. I believe it's party hidden behind the fixed header. Is there a way to take into account the fixed header when defining the position of that order summary box? Thanks!
  8. Ran the cron manually with do --TenantUsageMetrics and metrics are correct now.
  9. OK thanks Brian, I have applied the hotfix. Let's see if this fixes it. Too bad I missed the hotfix because it does not contain the 7.9.2 tag...
  10. I'm confused about the "metric statistics". They are incorrect for all of our accounts in WHMCS. How can we force a recalculation for all accounts? How can we debug to find out why the figures are not correct? When clicking "refresh now" in WHMCS for a specific account, the figures are being corrected. What's the difference with the figures being shown at the top in the product details page?
  11. I'm using a custom theme indeed but always update the theme based on the changes on the Six theme. I double checked my custom theme and have the 4 password-reset template files there (unedited).
  12. A client requested a password reset, in the activity log I can see below error. Anyone else faced this issue? Unable to build route path for password-reset-email-prompt
  13. Having an option to disable PayPal subscriptions is a must for the new PayPal module. We've had too much troubles with PayPal subscriptions so we've disabled them in the "old" PayPal module.
  14. Anyone has an idea if there is a simple way to restrict the payment gateways shown during checkout or on the invoice based on the currency used for the payment? I found below thread from 2016 but maybe there is a cleaner way in the current WHMCS version? Would this be possible using a hook?
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