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  1. Hi Kian, We have out IT "services" listed as products, Ie Managed Services, Internet connections, Software All I'm looking to do is have a single recurring invoice for each service group so make invoicing simpler 1st of month, 1 x invoice for Managed Services 1st of month, 1 x invoice for Internet 1st of month, 1 x invoice for Antivirus I overlooked this thinking it would be possible, we can't have things on one invoice some customers are around $60,000 per month so i don't want a 15 page invoice to go to them, they simply can't reconcile services.
  2. bloody hell, I've spent months getting the system setup and running only to find this can't be done. Seems like such a simple thing. Any suggestions on someone that would be able to customise this? create an addon? I need to look at alternative systems now.
  3. That won't work as we have multiple products that are invoiced at the start of the month for that month.
  4. Thanks, sorry i perhaps should have given a better example forgot about Services in WHMCS. I want Products to be split into separate invoices.
  5. Hi All, Used to use WHMCS many years ago, just got a new system setup and ready to start merging customer invoices over from Xero. Currently we have the following in Xero, Customer A may get 6 invoices at the start of the month. Example below A services x 40 B services x 20 C services x 15 D services x 200 E services x 12 F services x 50 I guess 'm trying to do the same thing in WHMCS however when I add all the services they just come through in one invoice. Is there a way to split Products/Services to separate invoices?
  6. HI, Trying to do something fairly simple but can't find a way of doing it. Example Client has a recurring monthly invoice with 4 items on it. Let say they have upgraded and want an extra of one of those items. What i'm wanting to do it simply have the extra product begin when they are next invoiced, so it is simply added to the invoice. Is this done through billable Items? if so do i need to enter the due date and what is the invoice count? i want it to continue indefinately.
  7. gks


    Would like to see this also, a statement with a list of invoices and the total balance owing. If you go to login as client this will display the total balance owing its just getting the client to login.... If this info could be send on a PDF would be great.
  8. gks

    Time Tracking - First approach

    In reply to your post.... Yes that is also what we do, some clients have pre purchased hours, some are on maintenance so they don't pay by the hour and some are ad-hoc so they pay per 15 min block. Yes looked into the billable items section however there is only an option to work out the $ value from what i can see? I'd rather put down the hours times the hourly rate then working out the $ value for each update. Unless there is another way this works?
  9. gks

    Time Tracking - First approach

    Sure, what I would like to see is rather basic however there is literally nothing that does it and includes the billing side of things. This would be used mainly for tracking computer troubleshooting jobs. although this can be used for much more. The plan would be to use the WHMCS included support ticket / helpdesk system. Let say a user emails to helpdesk@domain.com saying they have a computer issue, they get the automated prompts etc etc. its logged into WHMCS under that clients name. I spend 2 hours fixing the computer, so in the ticket response i write "fixed computer ......." and record the time spent as 2 hours. The job remains open and the user has another issue, i then make another change and add an extra 30 mins. This time its all fixed. The job is done, they have 2.5 hours total, i close the ticket and it generates an invoice. They may view this job in their account history. Thats about it really. I guess you would need another field that is set on the clients account where you can choose the hourly rate, service level type etc. This may be as simple as Standard Rate $150 After hours Rate = $225 per hour, you simply select this from a drop down when adding time. Another client may be on a lower hourly rate Standard rate - $90. In the end its just Time x Clients rate. I'm sure there are a lot of guys in web design that bill by the hour or 15 min block. This would be such a time saver, willing to pay $$$ for this to be implemented.
  10. gks

    Time Tracking - First approach

    Actually what im after is what you have done however the ability to add the time onto the support tickets.
  11. gks

    Time Tracking - First approach

    Any chance I could have a look or grab a copy? i've been looking all day for exactly this. Would be hapy to buy it off you if it does all the right things. Not sure how to PM on this forum.
  12. gks

    Time Tracking - First approach

    any further on this one?

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