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    Stopping invoice creation temporarily

    Ok ,well.. as to that. I cheated. I hired a linux/whmcs/cpanel expert from freelancer.com to set the server up and make sure everything is secured. He must have set up the cron, as it is running and it is generating the invoices lol. Oops. Now that I know its not in WHMCS I can look for it... As to the temporary nature of my setup, its not the server that was going to change, but the URL, which I have changed out today. So technically I should be ready to send out invoices now, but would still prefer to delay their generation until I am done with all of the data entry so I am not multitasking all this stuff when it comes time to audit the first outgoing invoices, just to make sure they are correct. The data entry process is... chaotic. The short story is that I quite literally inherited an entire web hosting business (~150 accounts containing ~360 domains), and my friends billing practices were.... well.. non existent. he somehow remembered when he was supposed to bill people, but he had no management in place at all, and his billing records are just all over the place. so its taking considerable time and effort to input each user and their domains, since I have to look up past billing history in email, paypal, bank accounts, stripe account, authorize.net account, etc and then essentially guess the next due date, etc. Its quite the job with 360+ domains to look up in this manner and its taking considerable time. Worse, some customers have multiple email addresses and so while I might enter most of a users domains all at once, I might miss one later down the list because its registered email is not the same, which is the main reason I do not want invoices going out until I am done. Just in case one sneaks in the back door when I wasn't looking 🙂 So anyway, using the other suggestion above I edited all email templates and disabled them all. But still with that job running (need to find it!) I will have to go in and edit the invoices it generates before I actually send them. Better to turn it off now and make sure the data is correct before its first run.
  2. frostfiretulsa

    Stopping invoice creation temporarily

    Ok, next probably really stupid question: How do I stop the cron? lol. If its there in admin somewhere, I must have zipped past without seeing. I did look! 🙂
  3. Hi, I am in the process of manually importing customers from a non-computer source (so the process cannot be automated). This process is likely to take me several days or perhaps weeks to complete, due to the nature of the process (very long story and not important). There are some clients who will be somewhat past their due date (2 months or so at most), but I would very much prefer to NOT immediately generate those invoices as I enter the data in to WHMCS. Furthermore, I will not want those invoices to trigger the "past due" options, since it is not the customers fault that they are being billed late. I am unchecking the send emails checkboxes when I am generating the customer and products and that seems to work fine when the next due date is in the future. But what about where those dates are in the past? I am certain the system will generate those invoices and send them out... and I want to prevent that from happening until I am done with the data entry. Is there any way to do that? Just to sate your curiosity, this is mostly due to the URL I have WHMCS at presently. Its temporary, and I would rather not have my customers even see it. The final URL will be installed in a few days, but I do not want to waste that time, so I would like to continue data entry. Any assistance greatly appreciated! Dave

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