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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. I got the hook needed for this to work from someone else. All solved now!
  2. Hello, We like to include a service list on our clientareahome.tpl to make it more easy for our clients to find their services and make changes. We have intergraded DirectAdmin functions into the client area, but there is a lot of clicks to get to the functions. Attached is a screenshot of the page, but I am not able to find a good way to make it work. Is there anyone that can create a hook or code that will make this work for a few $, please let me know. Edit: The list should only include pending and active services. Thanks, Haavard D, Nordhost
  3. Hi, We're trying to list a customer's products/services on the clientarea homepage (clientareahome.tpl), similar to what was asked about in the old thread at https://whmcs.community/topic/182573-customise-clientareatpl-to-display-active-productsservices/. It suggested to use {php} tags, which from what I understand does not work anymore. Is there another way to get the content of $services as they are used in clientareaproducts.tpl available in clientareahome.tpl?
  4. Hello there, Have anyone tested the CoCCA WHMCS Module (https://cocca.org.nz/#seven) with .as domain names? I am also trying to get in touch with ASNIC registry to get EPP/API access. Has anyone had success on getting such access? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I need to prevent some mails to be sent from WHMCS, and understand this can be done with a hook. Here is the thing, I have one account mail for the client account, and the same client has one billing contact. So if the $client_custom_fields.0 is set to "on" then the "invoice created" mail should only be sent to the billing contact. Any client that has custom_fields.0 set to "on" has a billing contact with a fixed mail. Then, if there is sent any reminders etc later on, this mail should only be sent to the main client account contact, and not for the billing contact. This includes any reminder and/or payment confirmation mails. So in basic this hook is to force the invoice created mail to only go to the billing contact, and than later force all reminders and confirmations to go only to the account holder. Is there anyone here that can create such hook for me quick? Thanks!
  6. Thanks guys for your feedback, I have found someone to help me with this project now. Have a good one! - Haavard
  7. Hello, We are rebranding and need someone to create a new professional PDF layout for us. Anyone that could help me? Thanks, Haavard
  8. @WGS I have sent you a request on your webpage but did not get any reply. Can you look into that? Thanks, Haavard @nordkappnett
  9. Hello there, 22. of May 2016 we enabled the function "Store Client Data Snapshot" in our WHMCS installation. So from this date we have stored a snapshot into mod_invoicedata for all new invoices. But we have a lot of old invoices that is not stored in the mod_invoicedata table. I am looking for someone to write me a script to generate this data for all old invoices. Can anyone do that for me, and for what price? Thanks, Haavard @nordkappnett
  10. Hello, I am looking for someone to make a redesign of our boring PDF invoice. Is there anyone out there that can assist with such job? We need something brand new and professional Please contact med by PM if this is the job for you! SY, Haavard NordkappNett AS
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