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  1. rmbpantek

    Changes to Order Process

    I was wondering if anyone has had any luck changing around the order process in WHMCS. I have a product that requires a domain. When the client orders the product, I would like the customer to configure the product (configureproduct.tpl), then be taken to the domain options page (configureproductdomain.tpl) Any ideas?
  2. Has anyone had any luck with creating custom code to allow an attachment to be added to a ticket note? Or, can someone suggest a third party developer that may be able to make this happen for us? Many thanks!
  3. rmbpantek

    PayPal callback sandbox

    Yeah, I tried to submit a ticket for this request. I was told to vote for this feature request. That was very unhelpful.
  4. rmbpantek

    Setting Session Times

    Hello! I am trying to set a session inactivity limit that is different for admins and clients. I have set the session.gc_maxlifetime in the php.ini file to the limit that I would like for clients. I then added an override in my WHMCS installation admin folder. The override is being picked up, but it is also only in effect for the client area. Is there somewhere I can put the override so that it will only impact one of the two (admin area or client area)? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  5. rmbpantek

    Support Ticket not tied to Client

    In addition to hosting, we also sell professional services by the hour. Each time a request comes in for an hourly support request, we create a support ticket. Sometimes, when we create the ticket, the requester is not yet a client. when time is purchased, we then update the client id for the ticket, and everything is great. However, every once in a while, someone fat fingers an email address and the ticket open email bounces. It appears there is nowhere in WHMCS to change the ticket email address. I understand that its most likely because it should be tied to a client. I can go into the DB and update the email, but I really feel like it should be easier. Am I missing something? Is there a better way to do this? I appreciate any input. Thanks.
  6. rmbpantek

    Configurable Options

    I was hoping I could get some feedback. We have a product that is hours of tech support. A customer can buy one or more hours. We also have to option for a RUSH charge. This means that you can pay extra to have your job completed faster. A customer may buy 3 hours for a task, but we would only charge the RUSH fee once. No matter how is set it up, the rush charge is multiplied by the number of hours they purchase. Is there anything I product settings or addon options that could prevent this? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hello! I just upgraded our system to WHMCS 5.2.5. Since then, I am having two problems with our API. 1.) Credit card data is no longer being accepted by the API. I can confirm that the credit card data is being sent, but it seems that WHMCS isn't accepting it. This included card type, CC num, and expiration. 2.) We cannot charge orders through the API. We are using the "capturepayment" action on the API, but that seems to not work. Has anyone else seen these problems?
  8. I just upgraded to 5.2.5 and my system is sending over 14,000 emails. The email it is sending is the "Support Ticket Flagged" admin email I can only stop it by disabling the email. Has any one come across anything like this?
  9. rmbpantek

    Support Ticket Custom Fields

    I was hoping someone could help me with some questions I have on support ticket custom fields.... We have several custom field that are required for our support tickets. When a ticket is created through the client area, the client is forced to populate the custom field. However, probably 75% of our support tickets are completed through the admin area. I have some employees that are not diligent about completing these fields. Is there a way to force employee to populate the custom field much like the client area? I tried to force defaults to prevent blanks, but that isn't giving us what we need. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  10. has anyone tried to embed a youtube video into their knowledge base article? I can get the video to embed and look correct in the WHMCS admin are when I create the article, but it only displays the raw HTML text in the online portal. Has anyone out there been able to do this?
  11. We currently use the Plesk 10 module for some of our products. We have a plan that was not set up originally to use the Plesk 10 module. We now want to use it for this product. Can I change the existing product or am I better to create a new one and move the clients over when we migrate them to the new server?
  12. rmbpantek

    Support Ticket Notes

    I am trying to link our time sheet system to our ticket system. However, we use the same ticket number that our clients use (field tbltickets.tid). However, the API only lets me use the ticket id (field tbltickets.id). For the short term, we can use "get tickets" to look up a match, but when out number of tickets grows large, this will be a problem. Has anyone come across a similar problem? Or can anyone suggest another work around? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  13. rmbpantek


    I have a similar situation....I have two companies that we recently split into two WHMCS installations. I need to get the client data and history removed from the other companies, including transaction data. Any thoughts on the best way to approach it when removing the data from the tables?
  14. rmbpantek

    Support Ticket Overview Widget

    Can someone please explain to me how the support ticket overview widget is supposed to work? I am using the latest upgrade. All of my status show up in the widget box with the number of tickets in that status. This is cool, I like that. But it looks like something I can click on. I do this but nothing happens. Only when I click on "My flagged tickets" do I get a little mini-list of my tickets in the widget window. I thought that maybe no tickets in that given status were flagged to me, but this was not the case. It does seem like if I click the "view all" link after, it will take me to that status, but it seems a little funny to me. Is there a part of the functionality that I am missing?
  15. rmbpantek

    Support ticket due date

    Although there is no due date, escalation rules can bet set up. If a ticket has no activity for a set amount of time, reminders can be sent out.

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