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  1. We have an external system that sometimes calls whmcs through internal api to add a domainorder. Since we are planing to upgrade to 7.1 we are testing out some functions. For some reason when we call "AddOrder" it no longer sets the the domainfields. This a part of the examplecode, for example a ".se" domain registration $command = 'AddOrder'; $params=array(); $params["clientid"] = "31"; $params["domain"] = "sometestdomain.se"; $params["billingcycle"] = "annually"; $params["domaintype"] = "register"; $params["regperiod"] = "1"; $params["paymentmethod"] = "mailin"; $params["nameserver1"]="ns1.somenameserver.net"; $params["nameserver2"]="ns2.somenameserver.net"; $params["domainfields"]=base64_encode(serialize(array("Identification Number"=>"123456-7890","VAT"=>""))); $results = localAPI($command, $params, $adminDATA); print_r($results); Everything works and no errors are reported, order is added by whmcs The order can even be accepted with "acceptorder" without issue. The problem is is that the identification number in domainfields somehow goes missing and is not set in whmcs. In 6.x we used $params["domainfields"]=base64_encode(serialize(array("0"=>"123456-7890"))); and this worked correctly Is there some other way one has to pass the custom TLD specific variables to domainfields? (the docs still say base64 encoded serialized array) We have tried the following ways and none worked, no errors are reported $params["domainfields"]=base64_encode(serialize(array(".se" => array("Identification Number"=>"123456-7890","VAT"=>"")))); $params["domainfields"]=base64_encode(serialize(array("123456-7890",""))); $params["domainfields"]=base64_encode(serialize(array("0"=>"123456-7890","1"=>"")));
  2. Hi Is there a way to add / change a billing contact for a client through the external api calls. I have not found any documentation in addclient or updateclient api calls where one can specify billing contact id
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