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  1. Hi I have this problem as well. Multiple accounts are showing the same data and "last update" shows 1 month ago. The cron seems to be working fine. I am using WHMCS 7.10.1 (latest version) but I didn't see this problem solved yet. Any idea?
  2. Not sure if this helps you but I have “fixed” the annoying messages by creating an email filter under our WHMCS cPanel domain. Just create the email filter, copy/paste the exact subject on the emails that you want to block and choose “send to another folder” (trash for example) or simply choose “discard all messages”. This is woking fine for me. Never got any of those notifications. I was getting about 15-30 per day.
  3. Ok, it was my mistake. I was testing with servers without root access. I guess that resellers users are not able to unblock themselves, so this is a huge restriction which I am sure it is because of how WHM and CSF works. I am just wondering that if CSF has a "reseller privileges" section to enable the IP unblock feature from the reseller's WHM panel, a WHMCS module could also do the same, right?
  4. Thank you once again @aegisdesign I just downloaded and tested ServerPing's module and unfortunately, it does not work 😞 I see the module properly installed, configured and it is showing on the client area. However, when I try to unblock any IP from the blacklist, it says "No block found on server: X". I tried a few of the IPs listed there and none worked. I will keep digging...
  5. Thank you for the info. What if we don’t use CXS? Is there any problem by using this unblocker?
  6. Hi there! What is the status of this plugin? Is it still working on WHMCS 7.7.1 ? I see a few problems in the community and lack of support. Any good and non-expensive alternative? Thank you
  7. The workaround did not work for me since the currencies were showing incorrectly from my end, but this problem is finally solved out. It seems that it was a problem from 2Checkout end and they have confirmed that it is fixed. I tested and I can confirm it as well.
  8. Totally random. Never get less than 10/day. Can reach 50, true.
  9. I am also getting this problem for a few months. I got a reply from whmcs support that this is a known issue but no word about a fix. i actually created a filter that automatically archives the message but I need to keep my mail client open all the time. POP import works fine. Just these annoying messages that keep popping randomly from time to time.
  10. Are you using any custom modules/plugins? Any invoice plugins or something that could be the culprit? I am using: Clean HTML Invoice Clean PDF Xero I also purchased a 3rd party 2Checkout plugin from a company called "whmcs global services" but there was a big problem with one of the payments so I have stopped and uninstalled it. I am back to the native 2Checkout plugin now that ships with WHMCS and I installed this hotfix: Still, the problem persists. I hope WHMCS team can help us to get this sorted out. I have a ticket regarding this matter in the queue.
  11. I am not using INR currency so I can't tell what is the problem. We both have 2 things in common: WHMCS and 2Checkout so I hope we can find some other people with a similar problem to find a solution ASAP. I tested in USD and a similar problem shows up: item_list_amount_1 => 7.33 item_usd_amount_1 => 2.00 item_cust_amount_1 => 2.00 The invoice was marked as 2 USD. 2Checkout shows 2 USD and the client is charged 2 USD. However, in the invoice and payment receipt that WHMCS sent to the client it showed 7.33 USD. This is the odd part! We really need to have this fixed asap. I am under the impression that something changed in 2Checkout that could be causing this? Hard to believe all of a sudden WHMCS started to do this without any recent update.
  12. Hi dear fellas I tried to configure 2Checkout's inline method into my WHMCS but there is always a problem. To start with, it seems that WHMCS is still using and showing the documentation related to the old 2CO's control panel (version 1): https://docs.whmcs.com/2CheckOut While 2Checkout is now showing the instructions for 2CO version 2: https://www.2checkout.com/online-shopping-carts/whmcs.html The "Header Redirect" or the "Direct Return" never work to me. They both send the user to 2Checkout's main page or to a 2Checkout page full of errors. Very embarrassing to start with. If I select "Link in Thank You page" it works! But this requires the user to click on the link and somethings this can be easily missed. When I test things around I also get problems with the "Secret Word". 2Checkout changed a lot of things and there are new fields in the new V2 of their control panel. I am not sure if WHMCS module is up to the latest changes of 2CO. Does anyone have this kind of problems? Thank you all.
  13. I started to face a similar issue from my side, already reported to support as well. In my case I have WHMCS using USD as the default currency and 90% of my clients use a default currency (let's call it ASD) with a rate of 1 USD = 4 ASD My 2Checkout transactions are collecting the amount correctly (example: 100 ASD) and everything shows 100 ASD everywhere: on WHMCS invoice, on 2Checkout and so on. However, the client is getting a receipt of 400 ASD. Basically, WHMCS is converting the amount from 100 to 400 ASD as if the client was assigned with the USD currency which is not the case. This is very odd as it just started to work this way in the last few days. Could it be that something changed from 2CO side and the module is not working as it should?
  14. And it worked! 🙂 Thank you @brian!
  15. Hi I need to add custom code for a live chat module into WHMCS and I believe the header is the best place to put this code in all client area pages. Is it possible to have a hook file instead that will run the code in the same way? I would like to avoid editing template files as I usually forget the updates and they get rewritten in future updates. Thank you all for your help.
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