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  1. Thank you @wp4all This would be ok for a quick fix. However, I try to avoid making individual file changes as they easily get overridden when a new version comes. I am looking for a permanent solution, hopefully, this will help all the users facing the same problem as we all do for Google, Facebook, and Twitter as well. I hope @WHMCS John can give us an idea about when this will be taken care of.
  2. Hi We have the exact same problem but with facebook logo. We received a "Facebook Policy Warning" saying that their logo is not compliant with their branding guidelines. Is there any planned update to ensure that all logos (Google, Facebook, Twitter) will be compliant by their guidelines? Thank you
  3. I am posting on this community once again because I really could not find any other Expenses module for WHMCS and WHMCS has a feature request for the same for more than 5 years and I don't see any kind of progress being made: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/expense-balance-feature Is anyone using this module? I don't see any hype on something that we all know that WHMCS lacks of and should have since the beginning. I am also concerned with the lack of information about the module itself in their page, and no answer from the support here on this community. Based on this I really can't expect a good product, even though the price is really good $60 for a one-time license. Imagine you know how much profit you get from each domain, hosting and everything else with a proper expenses extension. Would love to hear from other users using this module.
  4. Hi Instead of having a sequential auto-increment value for each quote, is it possible to increment in intervals of 5? For example: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc? I know how to set the next auto-increment value through MySQL but no clue on how to increment more than 1 value at a time and no idea if this is even possible. Thank you
  5. sitesme

    Header Code in a hooks file

    Hi I need to add a code from a similar tool like Google Analytics into my WHMCS installation. I know how to add it in the header files but I was wondering if I could use a hook file to avoid the theme files to be overwritten. If so, could someone give me the exact hook code file syntax so I just add my code there? Thank you
  6. sitesme

    Cookies Notification Bar

    Hi @wp4all My comment was not to be taken as offensive. I just added more info to complement your contribution with more alternatives, that's all! Since I was the one who started this thread, I am using it to share multiple alternatives to other users and also as a bookmark to myself, whenever I need to access to this information again in the future. You are indeed who contributed for me to look into other alternatives and I thank you for this All the best.
  7. sitesme

    Cookies Notification Bar

    I guess once we start exploring for alternatives, there are endless options out there. I found this solution from OneTrust and it seems very easy to configure and to add the code through a hook as @brian! mentioned. Other solutions that I found useful are Cookie Script, or Cookie Control (Civic). All of them with cookie management control allowing each user to enable/disable the cookies they want. For a simple cookies bar message (without any control whatsoever) the Cookie Consent is just perfect with a good amount of options to customise the look and position of the warning message. Best of all... they are all free or they have a free option.
  8. sitesme

    Cookies Notification Bar

    Thank you @brian! That worked perfectly
  9. sitesme

    Cookies Notification Bar

    Oh!!! I missed this link! This site is perfect: https://cookieconsent.insites.com/download/# and we can easily customise the look of the bar. Amazing! Thank you @brian! Now... any guidance on how to create this header hook?
  10. sitesme

    Cookies Notification Bar

    For a non-programmer, this is all Chinese to me. No idea where to start... but thank you for pointing out. Hmmm... I mentioned that after searching the marketplace "Apart from one commercial module that I found, is there any way to do this for free?" but well done, good way to advertise your commercial product here
  11. Hi I am wondering if anyone was able to install a cookies notification bar at the bottom (for example) to inform that users are supposed to accept our cookies policy. Apart from one commercial module that I found, is there any way to do this for free? Thank you.
  12. It makes a lot of sense. I thought this was happening to all users using Six theme. Thank you so much for this tweak @sentq. It will certainly not get overwritten now Well... since I am not a programmer, I would need the hook itself but it is all sorted out. Thank you all
  13. ironically, the auto-updater would give you a warning about that file when updating, e.g back it up before updating. Hmmm... I do take backups, but my point is that I don't want to restore files manually every time there is an update. The file will get overwritten no matter what, right? I don't see what the backup has to do with it. Ok! Now we are talking Thank you @sentq I was just about to create a new file inside the hooks directory but... I realised that there was already the file "WHMCS_SixTemplateCreditBalance.php" and I just added your code at the end of this file. It seems to work! I am now wondering why this code wasn't added since the beginning since it seems a common problem reported by some others as well. In an attempt to help, here is my final file with the last code added: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e5a36f9db07440e260df1c0493931f83 Thank you all once again.
  14. I didn't explain well, sorry. I usually do manual upgrades and I overwrite all existing files. Hooks are usually new files so they are never overwritten. This custom.css seems to be part of the theme itself so it will get overwritten. Are you serious? There are too many things to remember, even if it is a single file. With the hectic day life, I will never remember to not replace file A or file B. There were a few modules where I had to do this, guess what... I quit and I don't use any. This is not only on WHMCS by the way but for many other scripts. I even tried to separate a folder with customizations to be replaced every time there is an update but I I will totally forget about this in 3-6 months. It is my nature and it sucks... but well... what to do? I will keep a text note to update this file and I will clone a custom-backup.css file now so at least I have it there all the time. Thanks for your help as usual
  15. It is! Totally forgot I had this issue before and it seems that the custom.css file was overwritten since it was empty. This seems to be a common problem in the future. From time to time, I usually replace ALL files under WHMCS to make sure I am not using outdated files and to have a sense of a clean system. Isn't there a way to add this in some sort of a hook that will never change? Many thanks and sorry to bring it back again. It is a great add-on.

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