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  1. Hi Brian, I know you have been around for a while..... good to see you here ;) Sorry if I sounded brash, but I am one to give an honest review when needed and this was needed........ and I needed to vent hahaha. Ill post that review.... it was just more a head's up for anyone else thinking this Import Script was going to be the answer to everyone's dreams.
  2. Oh allow me to now add something else.... None of the cancellation requests from my old installation came across, so now I need to resubmit cancellation requests in the new installation. AWESOME, WAY TO GO WHMCS 😉
  3. Here is my rant for the day, well make it for the year. I am just starting to come out of a depression due to a WHMCS import assist experience I am having and still fixing. What started out to be .... "Lets amalgamate 2 WHMCS installations into 1" ended up being the biggest HEAD F$%K in history. @WHMCS you really need to look at your Import Assist script and get it right. There are so many issues with it, I cant even begin to discuss and rant on about what it should do and should not do. Eg..... You import products but then by accident I find out there are no product prices on my products on the new installation. WOW! Here is a list of a few things I want to kill my self over. How can you create an import script, but not import everything that is on one installation, eg. You dont import Pre Defined replies, You dont import knowledge base, You dont import email templates....... and the list keeps going on and on. Not to mention when it comes to 3rd party plugins WHMCS does not have a bar of it, make sure you check with your plugin authors if they support some sort of an export / import. Trust me 90% of them wont. This is a note to all Authors / Developers / WHMCS.... get things right, if you create a Project Management Addon, and the user has 300 projects and wants to migrate to a new installation, what happens? Do you offer an easy export option to json file or some other format that will be easy to get up and running without headaches? If the answer is NO then you need to reevaluate your processes and procedures. I have used WHMCS for close to 10 years now, and whilst it has gained SOME SORT OF TRACTION, it is so far behind the 8-ball that I think it needs a complete rewrite from the ground up. There is not much difference between v4 to v7 when it comes to the core functionality. Where is the mobile app? Dead and burried they do not care, yet 3/4 of the community who bought it, are crying for a decent mobile management app, why is this not important? are you living in the stone ages? I am finding issues and cleaning up a lot of mess with the amalgamation of 2 installations into 1 and I will never go thru this again, its just too hard. Let this be a warning to anyone looking into doing this prepare yourself for some sort of chaos and carnage. Cheers.... Mitch
  4. menkom

    POP3 Connection Error

    I have also had this issue since upgrading to 7.71, does not happen in 7.5. I have also made the change from SSL port to normal 110 port and seeing if this makes a difference, Will report back if required.
  5. Guys I ended up making a business decision, I registered my company name and I will be amalgamating both WHMCS installations into 1 installation and using the new domain eg portal.newdomaincompany.com.au as the main WHMCS installation, then from the ticket screen options I will create 2 departments for either IT or WEB related enquiries they will then be handled by different teams. The invoice headers does not necessarily need to be that of the website domains, initially I thought this was important but I dont think it is, it is much less confusion for client, all they need to know is the parent company name, the websites will be purely for marketing and branding. So this is how I have proceeded, BTW I used the Migration Tool from WHMCS to merge both installations into a new installation and it worked great, does not import everything but most of it worked ok. Cheers
  6. Hi there, I am in need of a plugin or something for the following. 1. Google Drive integration to an extent, who stores files locally these days anyway??? 2. I need a addon that allows files or links available to clients in their customer portal section, eg. We also use WHMCS for managing IT managed clients and as such we have a few Google Drive Doc files that need to be available to the clients as easy links to be able to click on for different things eg Passwords, RDP access, Internet Details whatever it may be. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the help guys.... I think for now, what I am going to do is register a new top level domain like a corporation domain url that will be used for billing and the client portal in general. From there the WHMCS installation will bill out with the new corporation name and and i dont have to worry about custom logos, custom fields etc....I guess the main thing that I took away from here is that its better to amalgamate the 2 installs into one. Thanks for the tips guys.
  8. Huh,.... dont think WHMCS can even do that out of the box.....? Are you useing 3rd party help for that? I mean what about when it comes to invoicing and quoting and the logo ? WHMCS as of now cannot give options to show different logos at the time of invoicing. Also what would be the main domain? eg.... you need to have 1 main domain associated with WHMCS you cant have 5. Are you simply redirecting those domains to a primary domain? If so what would that primary domain be?
  9. Hi Kian, thanks for your input. I am a bit confused as to what you said maybe you missed some points. You said your client was in a similar situation and merged but then you mention 5 domains each with their own dedicated template.... etc.... Are you saying they still have 5 installations of WHMCS ? Or as you saying they use the 1, but then on the front face each brand has a website but still will redirect to the same one customer portal ? If you can elaborate that would be great.
  10. Hi guys and gals..... Well I am going to try and keep it short and sweet as possible. I want some advice moving forward... maybe some of you have gone thru this already and maybe some of you are in similar positions and hopefully we get some insight as to the pros and cons of going either way.... The situation is this: We have 2 companies under the one main group name lets call the 2 companies, lets call business 1 - ACME tech, business 2 - ACME - web, the group name is ACME INC At the moment ACME tech and ACME web both run independant installations of WHMCS,. The reason being that that initial though was to keep things seperate plus invoicing is seperate, different invoice numbers. This has been working OK for over 2 years however, when it comes to support tickets, plus when it comes to payments from customers its been a bit of a pain in the ass. WHY? Because clients who may have services from ACME web and ACME tech dont know the difference between them and sometimes open tickets in the wrong company. Also when it comes to the payment gateway module have 2 installations starts to complicate things and have found the its a bit unreliable. Finally customers are a bit confused because there is now 2 customers portals instead of one. I am at a stage now being the business owner as to how to proceed moving forward, it is a big decision and will take lots of time, which is why I want some public feedback. The GOAL here is to simplify everything. By this I mean simplyfy the technicial overheads, customer confusion, etc...etc. What I have been thinking and would like opinions on is the following. Do I get rid of both WHMCS installations of the companies and just create 1 installations for the GROUP eg ACME INC. Therefor in there is both types of customers some are TECH related some are WEB related. The payment gateways are now reduced to 1 instead of 2 and all products and service are just under the 1 client profile.? From what I can see it seems OK this way. I would firstly need to add some options in the ticket submission system to choose if its WEB or TECH related and can be assigned to the relevant departments. Secondly all invoices as such would be 1 brand because at the moment WHMCS does not do multi brand...... (I know I can can use some third party modules eg... from Modules garden but I think this complicates things more and is just another overhead) My only hesitation on this is 2 things. 1. If I ever decide to sell one of the businesses it will no longer be its own entity....... initially I thought keeping it as seperate as possible is a good idea for accounting and reporting purposes. 2. The branding will no longer be that of TECH or WEB rather it will be now the GROUP. The GROUP name is not really something publicly advertised, the trading names are eg www.acmetech.com.au and www.acmeweb.com.au So business owners.... what do you think, have you been in this position before and what is the better option moving forward???? Thanks so much and hope to get some insight into this. Mitch.
  11. Hi i am also revisiting this module..... Here are my gripes and i wanted to know if anything can be done about them.... I create a project then i create tasks for those projects, i want to now rearrange those tasks eg click and drag to rearrange but i dont seem to be able to sort this task list at all, which is very confusing as sometimes you add tasks on an adhoc bases and they are suppose to be done in some form of chronological order. Can i do this? When i create a task why cant i add notes for this task straight away, i need to save the task then go back and edit the task and add notes. Very annoying Can i control notifications better, i noticed that every single change sends a notification email ? Why cant i categorise tasks better, eg... DEVELOPMENT as a main task heading then under that is the sets of tasks for this task group, right now it just looks like a long list of tasks that i cant categorise nor can i sort.
  12. menkom

    custom invoice number

    Hi JonnyL, would you be so kind to elaborate and take some screenshots of your settings so we can see it, im finding it hard to duplicate from you answer, thanks very much.
  13. Greetings, does anyone use or has customised either using custom fields or with an addon that can successfully manage IT for a business. Eg.... usernames and passwords for routers, PC's, Laptops etc.... along with warranty periods, serial numbers etc... Whatever general information you would want to grab and have at a client profile level for easy access and viewing. ??? Advice would be welcomed.
  14. Looks like Wildfire is dead and buried, site is suspended and Google does not bring up any results so what now ??? is there an alternate solution someone can share with me ? Maybe a custom script we can crowd source and make this happen ? Specifically i am looking for full automation of WordPress install with theme, plugins, db, user. Is this possible ? can someone direct me to the right place ? Thanks
  15. Hi Guys, Id like to see what others are doing in this scenario. If im selling a product that has nothing to do with hosting or domains but is say for example a service that i packaged up. I want to create this as a product so people can order it through the portal. Do i need to use the Autorelease option ? or just leave it to none ? Seems weird to use Autorelease because it also give a user and pass and module create option even though there is nothing to create. Can someone give me an example of when you should use the Autorelease option ? Thanks and looking forward to replies.

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