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  1. backtogeek

    VATMOSS & EU VAT changes

    I did get a reply yesterday after getting is escalated, it is quite a complex issue though so I had to re-iterate a few things, waiting on a reply again. top and bottom of it being they know whmcs is not complaint but they are saying HMRC wont give them the info they need, I am part of the EU VAT Action group and WHMCS's responses were actually seen by the policy office at 10 downing street today. WHMCS have not yet told me who they contacted to get the info they need though so it was 'information only' With so many payment gateways and platforms moving to handle the VATMOSS on behalf of customers my feeling is (and I could be wrong) WHMCS do not want to put the effort in to get things compliant and are instead looking at ways to deflect responsibility. If I am wrong and I could well be, WHMCS should know this is how it looks from the outside.
  2. backtogeek

    VATMOSS & EU VAT changes

    Just to add to this there are a number of gateways and services that could be easily integrated in to WHMCS by WHMCS (I have contacted them and they confirmed they would work with WHMCS on this) that essentially takes the burden away from the hosts as they fully handle all VAT on behalf of the merchant. examples are: Paddle.com taxamo.com
  3. backtogeek

    VATMOSS & EU VAT changes

    sorry thanks, i saw it said your comment is held for moderation but then it vanished.
  4. backtogeek

    VATMOSS & EU VAT changes

    Why was my reply deleted?
  5. backtogeek

    VATMOSS & EU VAT changes

    Hi Folks, I have been looking for info for a while on how WHMCS can be made compliant and given the vast resources WHMCS has I have to say this response is VERY disappointing. A few points. Point 1: The VAT rate is to be charged based on the customers LOCATION at the time of order, not in accordance with the address they enter. e.g. I am from the UK, my billing address may well be in the UK however if I order service from a digital merchant while I am in Germany then I pay the rate of VAT for Germany. When I return to the UK I then need to pay VAT at the UK Rate and so on. Point 2: Merchants need to be able to display the prices pre order including VAT based on the location of the visitor, not post order confirmation. Point 3: 3 Pieces of corroborating information that confirms the customers location at the time of sale (and all subsequent transactions) must be stored for no less than 10 years. Point 4: Individual VAT specific reporting must be available per EU state. As far as I can see all the WHMCS plugin lets you do is set a VAT rate per country which only kicks in after the user presses "buy" or "order" and then enters 1 bit of information. As such WHMCS is not compliant, this plugin does not make you compliant 1 bit and additionally as it turns out if you are in the EU (or are registered in the EU) and you decide not to sell to others outside you own state to avoid complexity you are breaking anti-discrimination laws. I have sent a ticket to WHMCS, waiting for a reply. Sorry but very little info in this thread is correct, doing it the way this thread is suggesting may be convenient but it is not compliant. Also in terms of this blog post: http://blog.whmcs.com/?t=96594 it is just wrong for the reasons above and the MOSS team have had an open system and support staff in place to help people and software vendors be complaint since October, who exactly have WHMCS tried to contact?

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