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  1. 1. gatewayModuleName changed to $params['paymentmethod'] , and I see 'Sample Remote Input Gateway Module' in gatewaylog in gateway column and this is a name of my gateway. Anyway error still occurs. 2. $response from row 242: Invoice ID => 22425 User ID => 12 Amount => 3.02 success => 1 transaction_id => 22425/1626945023/12 fee => 0 token => xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxxxx 3. Declined print_r is not printed to log , because it's not declined, I think 🙂 Also I added $invoice_res value to log after addInvoicePayment function and got: Invoice ID => 22425 User ID => 12 Amount => 3.02 $invoice_res => 1
  2. Hello. I'm using $postfields with lowercase letters, it was mistype in txt file thank you, gatewayModuleName changed to $gatewayParams['name'] thank you, added I will test now and let you know
  3. Thanks again! Yes, I do logging almost after every operation in my log and to Transaction log too. I see this in transaction log: Invoice ID => 11405 User ID => 12 Amount => 1.00 success => 1 transaction_id => 11405/162000086345/12 fee => 0 token => xxxexxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx and this: Invoice ID => 11405 User ID => 12 Amount => 1.00 merchantAccount => mymerchant authTicket => orderReference => 11405/562000086345/12 merchantSignature => xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx amount => 1 currency => UAH authCode => 12323423242 email => my@email.me phone => 956783311 createdDate => 1626770968 processingDate => 1626770971 cardPan => 33****3333 cardType => Visa issuerBankCountry => Ukraine issuerBankName => COMMERCIAL BANK recToken => xxxexxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx transactionStatus => Approved reason => Ok reasonCode => 1100 fee => 0 paymentSystem => card merchantTransactionType => SALE d3AcsUrl => d3Md => d3Pareq => returnUrl => Also attached gateway code (some data and was deleted, but all logic saved) new 2 (2).txt
  4. Thank you very much for your answer. I did some additional logging - and I see that capture function is called during process I described before. Callback is not called, the same as remoteinput function. If I'm trying to pay as admin using 'pay with credit card" button on invoice page like https://whmcs/admin/invoices.php?action=edit&id=45684841405 I see a capture error: But transaction added successfully, invoice marked as PAID successfully, money gone from my card successfully 🙂
  5. Maybe some one has unencrypted WHMCS module that works correct? So I will compare it with my code and will try to find own errors...
  6. Hi. I'm using custom payment gateway module based on WHMCS github example which is using card tokens for automated payments. (WHMCS 8.1.3-release.1) User can add credit card to WHMCS using https://whmcs/index.php/account/paymentmethods , and WHMCS saves card token for feature payments. If there is unpaid invoice and client wants to pay it using my custom payment method and saved card - he is clicking on "Pay button" on the invoice page, after that this page https://whmcs/index.php/invoice/11888222217/pay is displayed (screenshot) After that he clicks on "Submit Payment" - page is reloading and he is getting error message with text from $_LANG['creditcarddeclined'] (second screenshot) But: Gateway returns 'success' in logs Transaction succefuly added to invoice Invoice marked as paid My capture function is returnig next: <?php $result = [ // 'success' if successful, otherwise 'declined', 'error' for failure 'status' => 'success', // The unique transaction id for the payment 'transid' => $response['transaction_id'], // Optional fee amount for the transaction 'fee' => $response['fee'], // Return only if the token has updated or changed 'gatewayid' => $response['token'], // Data to be recorded in the gateway log - can be a string or array 'rawdata' => $response, ]; return $result; $response - it's an Array with populated data from gateway response Can you please help me find out why error message is displayed if returned array contains 'status' => 'success' ? Thank you
  7. Not sure I understood your issue. Can you provide more information? I didn’t find any answer or solution for issue from this topic
  8. Thank you for your answer. But the main question is - why currency changed on client side? I have used API call to “read only” function GetProducts to get some float value. I didn’t call any function which updates something or changes something.
  9. Hi. I'm trying to change price on product upgrade. So here is my little hook: add_hook('OrderProductUpgradeOverride', 1, function($vars) { $return = []; if ($vars['oldproductid'] == 111) { $results = localAPI('GetProducts', array('pid' => $vars['newproductid']), ''); if ($results['result'] == 'success') { $price = $results['products']['product'][0]['pricing']['UAH'][$vars['newproductbillingcycle']]; $return['price'] = $price; } } return $return; }); If client is trying to change product with ID = 111 - I'm searching for the full price for selected new period of new product and returning it instead of recalculated price which depends on days and etc. Client has UAH (грн in local language) currency in profile , but in this case he is getting prices in USD (Screenshot_1) If I'm not calling LocalAPI and overriding, for example, like this: add_hook('OrderProductUpgradeOverride', 1, function($vars) { $return = []; if ($vars['oldproductid'] == 111) { $price = 1; $return['price'] = $price; } return $return; }); Currency displayed correctly (Screenshot_2) Can someone help with this?
  10. Before WHMCS 8, if I remember correct, client had to create new contact for someone and set "allow login" option or something similar. That one action allowed new user to login to WHMCS and receive notification. But now account owner should do two similar actions : 1. He needs to invite someone and set user's rights 2. He need to wait until invite will be approved and then he needs to create one more "record" for this new user but for now as "contact" Is this correct? OR I missed something
  11. Hi. My client asked to add his manager to WHMCS to pay invoices. I proposed to invite his manager using "Invite User" page in client area and choose " View and payment access to invoices" option. Now, his manager can access invoice page in his client area, but manager is not receiving any notifications about new invoices. Help me, please, to understand How to configure notifications for invited user?
  12. @whmcs.com.ua , Документации нет... объясните, как и где работать с этим модулем?
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