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    Data analytics

    I have an idea that I’m working on, but wanted to know if there is a market or any general interest for automating customer retention with predictive analytics. send in some comments and suggestions
  2. Thought the route i took was alot better. Tested both ways
  3. Price has been discounted to $10.95 Owned and $20.95 Owned with Support Use Coupon Code: whmcsmod and it wiill take off $10.00
  4. This is not done by widgets. This searches the database and querys a live number of active / suspended then terminated products
  5. WHMCS Product Streaming Stats Mod Description of module: This module will query and display live results of current Active or Suspended products on your website. Example: We are currently hosting 100 Domains, 5 Resellers, 24 VPS/Servers, 99 Game Servers This text is customizable and you can choose what you want the module to display on either your HTML website or WHMCS website or both. The module is supported to work on HTML, PHP or .TPL coded pages. This product is great for any hosting company whether it be a web hosting company or game server hosting company there are a variety of different options you can display on your website. Payment Method: PayPal Price: $20.95 Owned Open Source Click Here To Order Price: $30.95 Owned Open Source With Support Click Here To Order Picture of display text Example of coding Direct link to WHMCS Product Streaming Stats Mod Open Source: Direct link to WHMCS Product Streaming Stats Mod Open Source:[/b] https://billing.stridehost.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=55"]https://billing.stridehost.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=55 Direct link to WHMCS Product Streaming Stats Mod Open Source: Direct link to WHMCS Product Streaming Stats Mod Open Source:[/b] https://billing.stridehost.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=56"]https://billing.stridehost.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=56
  6. StrideHost

    WHMCS Project Management2 (NEW)

    even if theres no way to make ita product yet if i can limit it to people who only buy the certain product for now until you make the api thing for me that would work perfectly.. if theres a way to make it so once they pay a popup occurs in their client area that says click here to get started with logo design
  7. StrideHost

    WHMCS Project Management2 (NEW)

    ohhh well that really sucks because this is exactly what im looking for. the screen shots looked perfect
  8. StrideHost

    WHMCS Project Management2 (NEW)

    wouldnt know the smallest thing to doing so....and theres no way to use this as a product? its just for anyone to open projects atm?
  9. StrideHost

    WHMCS Project Management2 (NEW)

    im triyng to deploy my new company within the next week or so....so hopefully before then?
  10. StrideHost

    WHMCS Project Management2 (NEW)

    ok i want the provisioning module
  11. StrideHost

    WHMCS Project Management2 (NEW)

    sure how much for a owned license and provision?
  12. StrideHost

    WHMCS Project Management2 (NEW)

    Im not trying to prevent anyone from making a project but i want to make a PRODUCT say calling it, "Logo Design", once this product is purchased then the mod would come into place and serve as the project manager and allow the client and myself to communicate with updates between eachother
  13. StrideHost

    WHMCS Project Management2 (NEW)

    For this addon can a customer order a project? Basically i want an addon that will allow the client to order a project then submit their details or w/e and once received we (admin) can update them through that and they can download files etc. but the client needs to be able to order a project and fill it out with what they want done. can we do that wilth this mod?
  14. Hi this was probably already covered but i couldnt find the topic anywhere. I am using the comparison checkout shopping cart and the tables for First Name all the way until City are like 75% too big. Is there a fix for this? Im talking about the end of the shopping cart for new users where it asks for your info etc

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