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  1. Product Images addon

    I agree, however at this stage, this is the best we can do.
  2. Product Images addon

    We have a 30 day money back guarantee. Feel free to try and if you don't like it, just drop us an email and we'll refund you.
  3. Product Images addon

    Please check the screenshots at http://www.zingiri.com/product-images/
  4. Jared, in what sense do you think integration and bridging are 2 different things?
  5. Product images is an addon for WHMCS allowing you to easily add images when creating or editing your WHMCS products. Check it out here: http://www.whmcs.com/appstore/1018/Product-Images.html
  6. Checkin/Feedback Addon

    What do you mean? Where is this function?
  7. Will WHMCS Easily Integrate with WordPress?

    They do a 30 day money back guarantee so no issue there, best to try the free version first, if it works fine, the pro version will work as well, if it doesn't, you may need to look at solving some theme issues or plugin conflicts ...
  8. Will WHMCS Easily Integrate with WordPress?

    The latest version 1.3.x has fixed a lot of the teething problems of the WHMCS bridge for Wordpress and is working pretty well now. Try it: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/whmcs-bridge/
  9. WHMCS & Wordpress login

    You can try with http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/whmcs-bridge/ There's an optional plugin that provides single sign on integration between your WP blog and WHMCS installation, find out more at http://zingiri.net
  10. Parsing WHMCS Licensing Product Addons in PHP?

    I suppose you want to do this in PHP, if so looks like you need to explode the string first on "|", this will give you the different addons, then on ";", this will give you the parameter sets for each addon and finally each parameter on "=" and this should give you then pairs of parameter name and value. Something like this should do the trick. This function will return true if the license is valid for the addon and false if not. function checkAddon($addons,$addonName) { $addonsArray=explode("|",$addons); foreach ($addonsArray as $addon) { $pairs=explode(";",$addon); $name=$status=''; foreach ($pairs as $i => $pair) { list($id,$value)=explode("=",$addon); if ($id=="name") $name=$id; elseif ($id=="status") $status=$value; } if ($addonName == $name && $status=='Active') return true; elseif ($addonName == $name && $status!='Active') return false; } return false; }
  11. New cron job

    Nice one I was looking more along the lines of how to properly bootstrap a cron job so that the relevant WHMCS stuff is loaded, database connection is made, etc.
  12. New cron job

    I'm currently developing a new addon and need the option to run a cron job every few minutes. Does anyone know how to create new custom cron job? Any templates?
  13. You can also use the Wordpress WHMCS Bridge plugin : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/whmcs-bridge/
  14. Best CMS

    Definitely Wordpress! You get a smooth integration with WHMCS as well, see http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/whmcs-bridge/
  15. integrate Wordpress Template to WHMCS

    Check out http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/whmcs-bridge/

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