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  1. Hi there, After upgrading from 5.3.8 to 5.3.9 I have this message on all the graphics : Table has no columns. Does someone have the same problem ? Thank you for your help. Best regards Mouse Imaging
  2. Hi, I upgraded WHMCS to version 5.2.5 and since then I have problems sending Mass Mail with the integrated tool. I'm using accents (it's in french) and when I want to visualise the mailing (before sending it) I see just a small part of the mailing. Actually it stoppes at the word before the one with accent. Do you know about this problem and how I can fix it ? Thank you for your help. Mouse Imaging Paolo
  3. Hi, In fact the cron job doesnt work. I dont have any Job Avtivity on WHMCS. If I rin the cron URL it's working. The problem is that I tried all 4 cron job that whmcs give us but it doesnt seems to work. Do the CHMOD have to be changed ?
  4. Nobody has an idea ? I'm using Direct Admin and the cron wasn't changed. The file cron.php has the execussion rights. The only way I can generate invoices is doing them manualy. I really appreciate your help. Best regards Mouse Imaging Paolo
  5. Bonjour a tous, Je profite de cette section en francais pour poster mon probleme. J'ai fait la mise a jour sur la version 5 depuis 4 jours et mon cron ne marche plus. J'utilise Direct Admin. Avant la mise a jour le cron s'effectuait normalement tous les jours sans probleme. Depuis cette mise a jour, plus rien. Je suis oblige de generer les factures manuellement. Quelqu'un connait-il le probleme ? J;ajoute que je n'ai pas change le cron et que le fichier cron.php a bien les droits en exectution. Merci pour votre aide. Amicalement Mouse Imaging Paolo
  6. Hi, I upgraded my WHMCS soft toi the new Version 5. Since I didi this, my cron (is still working fine), but I don`t get the usual email indicating what was done and I dont see new Invoices generated (for renewals). Does someboby knows about this issue ? I appreciate your help. Best regards Mouse Imaging - Paolo
  7. Hi everybody, I have an issue with my WHMCS. I translated the email templates into french and i set up the language in the admin as French. When a customer register on my WHMCS and chose french as default language, he is still receiving all emails in english. Did I miss something ? Your help is really appreciated. Thank you in advance Paolo - Mouse Imaging
  8. Hi Alistair, Thank you for your help. It worked fine. Best regards mouseimaging
  9. Hi there, I tried to customize my whmcs and everything went fine. I just have 1 problem that I can't find. Look at the link http://www.swiss-managerv3.com/whmcs/index.php Look at the column Quick Search on the bottom. The color is blue and I can't find it anywhere on the css. Can somebody help please ? Thank you in adavance. Best Regards Mouse Imaging
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