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  1. I was having the same problem until recently. Google Ads now recommends the conversion code be placed in the head tag, but, that doesn't mesh so well with a global include. However, I am seeing connectivity through the complete.tpl integral method that is referred to above. Hope that helps. Works for me. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I just enabled the eNom Watchlist via my WHMCS admin install. However, I notice a very slow load. Is anyone else experiencing this? Also, the "Recent News" links are all 404. Server Error 404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks!
  3. rockhost

    2Checkout closing hosting companies down

    Just wanted to add to the list of WHMCS users being ditched by 2Checkout. Whatever!
  4. Not long ago I received the following email from 2Checkout. I was wondering if I was alone. I don't understand the reasoning. I haven't had a chargeback or any strange account activity for years or really ever. I only offer 2Checkout as a third party option. I have my own merchant account. So, I don't need them badly, but gosh, why? ========== Dear Seth, In reference to the email communication you received from us on August 11, 2015 regarding your 2Checkout account being closed, we would like to provide clarification of the content of our email. 2Checkout has made the decision that as of September 15, 2015, we can no longer support your business. This was an internal decision made by the management of 2Checkout, and does not reflect the views or positions of any of the card associations or of any other payment service provider, including Allied Wallet. In our previous email, we mentioned that you may contact Allied Wallet to apply for a merchant account. If you have a need for card processing services, you may visit Allied Wallet's website to apply for a merchant account, subject to approval by Allied Wallet. We apologize for any confusion caused and we regret that we are unable to support your business. Should you have any questions regarding your 2Checkout account between now and September 15, please contact us by email at sellersupport@2co.com or by phone at 1-877-294-0273. We wish you and your business the very best. Regards, The 2Checkout Team ========== Has anyone else out there experienced this? Obviously 2Checkout is a WHMCS partner. I don't get it! Thanks!
  5. rockhost

    Responsive Mobile Homepage (header.tpl)

    Thought I would follow up on this just in case anybody else was reading along now or in the future. Here's the fix. I added four lines of code to custom.css: @media (max-width:320px) { .transfers { display:none; } } Then I edited line 152 of header.tpl in my custom template which is built from "slider." <input type="submit" name="transfer" class="btn btn-info transfers" value="Transfer" /> As you can see I snuck that extra "transfers" class into the input. Works great, even changes with landscape view on my iPhone 5. Happy hosting!
  6. rockhost

    Responsive Mobile Homepage (header.tpl)

    Is 320px the standard for mobile devices? Place the code in custom.css, I suppose? Thanks!
  7. Hey Gang, So, I've got my WHMCS installation looking pretty slick (if I don't say so myself). That is, on my laptop. The mobile design leaves a little to be desired. While, I love that the fact that full website (slider template) has both the "search" and "transfer" functions, viewing on my iPhone squishes the form so much that typing is difficult. How can I remove the "transfer" button for mobile visitors only? Thanks in advance!
  8. rockhost

    TLD Pricing Table

    Thanks for following up. Yeah, that works too. Just applied the inline style.
  9. rockhost

    TLD Pricing Table

    Couldn't wait! That did the trick! Holy ****************! Thanks!
  10. rockhost

    TLD Pricing Table

    Wow, thanks, that's a lot to take in. My brain's fried for today, but I'll certainly test this tomorrow. I did remove the debug code. Thanks for that!
  11. rockhost

    TLD Pricing Table

    I am including domainchecker.tpl. It's inserted on line 47 of templates/orderforms/rockhost. I totally agree with you. Something is missing. I added {debug} to line 48 temporarily, but I'm not seeing any errors in the activity log or live on the page. Any thoughts? Or really, how do I "hook"? Grasping a new idea here. Love to learn. Thanks!
  12. rockhost

    TLD Pricing Table

    No dice. Any thoughts?
  13. rockhost

    TLD Pricing Table

    Hmm...No luck, didn't seem to make any visible changes. Maybe I'll clear out my templates_c dir, no?
  14. rockhost

    TLD Pricing Table

    Ah, no, I'm running v6.0.1. Is the next build related? I'll definitely go ahead and upgrade regardless. Hadn't seen that yet. - - - Updated - - - Ok cool, I just added about 10 tlds to my search as well. Guess we'll see what happens. Give me an hour...
  15. rockhost

    TLD Pricing Table

    Hello, I'm really liking the new WHMCS. Feels fresh. Anyway, I'm having a problem customizing the default cart.php page. As you can see the TLD table is missing prices here: https://my.rockhost.com/cart.php However, all kinds of neat pricing options appear at the search url: https://my.rockhost.com/domainchecker.php Can someone help me connect the dots? Everything else is in order. Let me know if you see otherwise. Thanks!

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