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  1. I am looking for a hook or module that will allow me to auto credit specific clients accounts with their payout balance each month. Is there an existing addon that can do this?
  2. Sent you a message, ive love to hear back from you if you have time
  3. I am looking for a way to send an email to a 3rd party when a specific product type's invoice has been paid. for example, When a client pays their due invoice for their VPS/Server plan, id like to send an email to another email address with the VPS plan's hostname/ip address. What is the best way to do this? A hook when an invoice is paid based on the product type of VPS/Server? Or a WHMCS notification via email using API and a custom api trigger using a email notification template? Thanks
  4. I am looking for a WHMCS certified developer to create a whmcs addon module that will allow me to sell Wp-rocket Licenses. their API looks pretty simple and straight forward, and i can provide test api creds. https://wp-rocket.me/docs/api/reseller/?php#introduction Please let me know how to contact to get started.
  5. I wondered that to and found out they can be sorted by editing each of their files under modules/widgets/ Each one has a php file in there, change their "weight" and that is the order. Starting with 0,10,20,etc Lowest number is first. LEt me know if you get stuck on anything.
  6. I am looking for a system that can sync invoices/clients over to QuickBooks pretty seamlessly. I have tried working with http://consolibyte.com/ but their support/service was horrible and has never gotten back to me or gotten it working. I singed up in Nov, and well its feb now and its still not working, nor have i heard back from them since then. They even tried to invoice/bill me twice so far for a non working system. Does anyone have a good/working quickbooks <-> WHMCS integration system they wouldn't mind sharing more info about? Thanks
  7. http://blog.whmcs.com/ https://twitter.com/whmcs
  8. Try removing the disk space settings in whmcs and just let the server set it via the module package. Has this never worked, or always done this?
  9. I am not sure what control panel you are using but with plesk and cpanel/whm you can use the packages setup on those servers to set the disk space/bandwidth instead of having whmcs set those limits. So like on the product settings on the module setup, you can set the package it should be using. That way the server sets those limits and not whmcs itself.
  10. Your admin account should be getting emails about new tickets/replies. So if you reply to those tickets via your admin accounts email it will update the ticket and send the client the reply via whmcs. So make sure your admin account is not using the same email account that your support dept piping is using.
  11. Oh great, does that mean i have to use the old fixed file.. grumble!!!
  12. Id love to test this out also. Ive used some other systems in the past, so would love to help improve this one.
  13. So i get this error when assigning tickets to a client id, on the other tab. And im on linux, this didn't used to happen. Wonder if it is related to the same issue?
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