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  1. I was wondering why I was getting so many duplicate customers in Stripe. Today I discovered why when a client deleted a card and was unable to add a new one. If a client deletes the only credit card they have on their account, WHMCS deletes the customer from Stripe. So if a customer has a new card and deletes the old one first, their account in Stripe is deleted. When they add the new card it creates a new customer in Stripe. So now going to Stripe you can't easily see a full history of the client without searching and jumping through various screens. Because the account is deleted there is some information you can no longer access as Stripe removes it when the account is deleted. I don't know what happened to prevent this client adding a new card but WHMCS was trying to use the Gateway ID for the deleted Stripe account to add the new card. Why is WHMCS deleting the Stripe account when the last CC is deleted?
  2. Thanks @brian! I will look into that. I hadn't thought of the lists on the summary page. They are always below the fold and I forget they are there.
  3. Bugger. I was hoping there would be a nice little line of code somewhere that I was missing and it would be a simple change. Thanks @Kian
  4. Is it possible the change the order of the products and services in the dropdown on the Admin - Client Profile - Products/Services tab. I would like to have the active products listed at the top. Similarly for the domains. I am using the blend theme and can't see anywhere in the code where this maybe possible. Thanks!
  5. ZeroGravity

    Not understanding how funds work in MarketConnect

    The deposit funds on MarketConnect acts like an "escrow" account when providing products via MarketConnect. You add funds to your market connect account to cover your clients purchases. The balance is shown in points but points seem to directly correlate to the dollar amount. In the MarketConnect admin you can see your wholesale price and set the retail price you want to charge your clients. You can set the retail price to whatever you would like to charge though setting your price for a RapidSSL certificate to $150 (wholesale $9.95) mightn't get you many sales. 🙂 When a client makes a purchase an invoice is generated for them using your retail price. When the order is provisioned your MarketConnect funds balance is charged the wholesale price. If your funds balance is insufficient to cover the MC price it won't be provisioned until you add more funds. Your profit is the difference between the MC price and the retail price you set. Hope that makes sense.
  6. I have started using WHMCS Market Connect to provision SSL certificats. I ordered a RapidSSL Wildcard certificate via the WHMCS admin. I followed the instructions in the Market Connect Help for an existing hosting account (here is the link). I went to the client's profile selected the hosting account under products and services Clicked on "Add New Addon" Filled out the information and clicked "Save Changes" I went to the Addon and clicked create. I get the error "Unauthorized approver email given for domain" The button to change the "change approval email" button in the admin is greyed out. The clients profile email and the one on the cPanel contact information don't use the same domain as the hosting account. This is recommended by cPanel. I have tried regenerating the CSR using the same email addresses I have in the past for this hosting account. If I go through the "Add New Order" process it works. But this time I followed the instructions for ordering using an addon to an exiting account and get the error. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  7. ZeroGravity

    WHMCS MaxMind Error

    Thanks for replying John!! From the module log the error returned from MaxMind is the same as the OP's ([warning] => Encountered value at /billing/region that does not meet the required constraints) so I assumed the error was the same. I just noticed what the OP said about Service Type being "Insights" instead of score. 😣 I have changed the Service Type to "insights" to see if that resolves the problem. Will need to wait for another transaction to see what happens. Up till now I have needed to uncheck "Block orders where order address is different from IP Location" to get the transaction to go through. Like the OP I assume the region error will continue so have included the additional information you requested. This is the MaxMind request in the Module Log. Array ( [device] => Array ( [ip_address] => xxxx ) [event] => Array ( [transaction_id] => xxxxxxxxx [type] => purchase ) [account] => Array ( [user_id] => XX [username_md5] => xxxxxx ) [email] => Array ( [address] => xxx [domain] => xxx ) [billing] => Array ( [first_name] => XXX [last_name] => XXX [company] => XXX [address] => XXX [city] => XXXX [region] => Nebraska [postal] => xxxxx [country] => US [phone_number] => xxxxxxxxxx [phone_country_code] => 1 ) [payment] => Array ( [processor] => paypal ) [order] => Array ( [amount] => 13.95 [currency] => USD [discount_code] => ) ) This is the response in the Module log Array ( [id] => xxxx [risk_score] => 0.1 [funds_remaining] => xx.xxxx [queries_remaining] => xxxx [warnings] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [code] => INPUT_INVALID [warning] => Encountered value at /billing/region that does not meet the required constraints. [input_pointer] => /billing/region ) ) [ip_address] => Array ( [risk] => 0.01 ) [http_response_code] => 200 ) Attached screenshots from MaxMind and WHMCS fraud settings. Is that the information you needed? Thanks!
  8. ZeroGravity

    WHMCS MaxMind Error

    As time passes..... It seems to only be happening when a client logs in to renew a domain before the invoice has been automatically created by WHMCS. I have invoices being created 14 days before renewal. I don't see the error when someone logs in to pay an invoice that already exists. It seems to occur when they login, click to renew the domain which creates the order and invoice. When they try to pay using a credit card (stripe) they get the IP country related error. NetEarth One is the registrar. I don't know if this had been marked as resolved somewhere so being ignored but can someone please help. Thanks!
  9. ZeroGravity

    WHMCS MaxMind Error

    I'm still getting this error. Any further updates?
  10. When checking out WHMCS is showing the profile address as the billing address. I have create a contact with the billing address. In the profile I have set the Billing contact to the contact I created. When checking out in the client portal the billing address is the profile address not the address I entered under the contact to use for Billing. Any thoughts on why this may be happening. Thanks!
  11. ZeroGravity

    WHMCS MaxMind Error

    I just updated to 7.6.1 and am still receiving the error. It appears the call is not sending the ISO 3166-2 subdivision code that MaxMind requires for region. I checked the module log and it has "[region] => Colorado" I believe this should be "[region] => CO" (Edit as I look at more links. Should it actually be USCO? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-2:US From the MAxMind API - "region string (4) The ISO 3166-2 subdivision code for the user’s billing address." https://dev.maxmind.com/minfraud/#Billing_billing When editing a client the state drop down shows the full state names. There is no way to enter "CO"
  12. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of having a system that can automate everything? Why is the system not picking up the "Auto Registration" for the TLD and assigning it when an order is placed via the admin? Does it only do this if a client places the order? Am I the only person that has come across this issue?
  13. I am having some issues when creating an order for a client via the admin that includes domain names. Login to WHMCS admin I go to the clients profile and click "Add new order" I set "Order Status" to "Active" I add the domains to the order and click "Submit Order" After submitting the order I go to the domain tab of the clients profile. The domain is listed but no registrar is assigned, I have to manually select the registrar and save. I am using NetEarth One and have this set as the "Auto Registration" for every TLD under Setup -> Products/Services -> Domain Pricing. When the client pays the invoice the domain is not automatically registered. Again I need to go back to the domain tab in the clients profile and click the register button. There are records in the activity log indicating the invoice has been paid but nothing related to the domains being registered. Why isn't the registrar automatically assigned and why aren't the domains being registered when the client pays the invoice? Many Thanks!
  14. Thanks! I found the culprit. I was a custom widget I found to display SSL certificate expiry dates. Deleted the widget and the doctype text is gone.

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