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  1. Solved. It was due to old admin template. I replaced the new admin templates and problem fixed.
  2. We recently upgraded our 7.1.2 WHMCS to 7.6.1 . All system requirements were passed and WHMCS was upgraded successfully. But now I realized that it can not connect to any of our Cpanel or Directadmin servers anymore. When I click on "Test Connection" button, it gets stuck in "Testing Connection" mode without any error! We are using minimal system requirements (PHP 5.6, maria db 10, ioncube 10). I also tried PHP 7.2 but nothing changed. What could be wrong with our installation?
  3. Hi there, I'm running WHMCS 7.1.2 and decided to upgrade to the latest version (7.6.1 at the moment). Can I skip other releases (7.2 ,..., 7.5) and upgrade directly to 7.6.1 ? I tried auto upgrade but it failed and messed up my website. So I prefer to do it manually. I will appreciate your help.
  4. Hello sentq, I took a look at your code and noticed that your hook is converting non-latin latin-like characters to their nearest latin characters (ie. ü to ue) . But what about other non-latin languages such as asian languages? Do you think it would be possible to modify your code to force the WHMCS to keep non-latin characters in the url ? (As you know WHMCS removes them from the urls by default). I'm pretty sure that Google can understand non-latin characters and will index them in its search results.
  5. Thanks brian, I thought maybe there is an easier way to do this. But it seems the hooks are the only solution as always! I just wondering why htaccess rules not affecting sidebar urls.
  6. Hello guys, I'm customizing the six template for my non-latin language and also making the urls seo friendly. but since the WHMCS built-in seo friendly feature only supports a-z characters I've decided to modify some htaccess and template codes to achieve my goal. I was almost successful except for knowledgebase sidebar urls that are still shows up in WHMCS way (a-z chars). Any ideas how to modify sidebar urls as well? I want the knowledgebase sidebar urls to be like this : {$WEB_ROOT}/help/{$kbcat.id}
  7. I raised a support ticket and they said I need to change all fields in the database from DECIMAL(10,2) to DECIMAL(12,2) (including tblinvoices and tblinvoiceitems). Now the problem is fixed. But as twhiting9275 said they really must do something to fix this in the core. Prices are the most important thing in a billing system. If I can not use my prices in such system, the whole system would be useless to me.
  8. Thanks Brian, I have changed the fields to DECIMAL(12,2) and the price has been saved successfully with 10 digits but WHMCS still reduces the price to 8 digits in invoices. How to fix this one? Should I change any other fields in the database?
  9. Hi there, Today I faced something weird in WHMCS. It does not allow prices more than 8 digits! Some of our prices are more than 8 digits in local currency. Has anyone ever faced similar issue? How to fix this?
  10. Thank you twhiting9275 We did it manually and now everything works fine. but thanks for table names
  11. You are right. Seems we have to import the data manually Thanks anyway brian
  12. I restored the pre-upgrade database backup and the issue has fixed. But since the backup is old (created 2 days ago) do you know what tables should I export from the today's database (corrupted one) and import to the restored database to prevent missing new data? (such as support tickets,new registrations,orders,invoices,transactions,...)
  13. I'm using a custom theme but the problem persists with default themes too. I didn't change anything. I have an open ticket in WHMCS support regarding an upgrade issue since 2 days ago. I thought they are working on my website and it caused the issue but they said they were not working on my installation. So it seems nobody changed anything! I also disabled all hook/addons but it didn't fix the issue.
  14. Thank you brian but it's not related to my issue. I'm not getting a blank page. All pages are loading fine. the only problem is with "My Services" page. It's not listing any services and it says "No Records Found".
  15. Hi Today we found that all services are disappeared from our client area and our clients are not able to see their services. The services are shown in admin area. It's a big problem and our client's are blaming us for this. Any idea why this issue occurred and how to fix it?
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