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  1. Yeah it seems to be plugin related. I removed any plugins i don't use and am left with error logs: [03-Mar-2017 11:55:17 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Fatal error: The file /home/bluerayc/public_html/brclient/modules/addons/enom_pro/enom_pro_compat_checker.php was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.3 and cannot run under PHP 7.0. Please ask the provider of the script to provide a version encoded with the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.6. in Unknown on line 0 I have already submitted a support ticket to Circle Tree but have yet to get a response I have also began bugging my other plugin developers about this as well: CircleTree Enom Pro - in beta, seems to be working prelimiarily with PHP7 Namecheap FraudRecord - Not encoded and acording to them should work fine ReliableSite SpamExperts FraudLabsPro Zumada SEO - not encoded for PHP7 Technically speaking anything not encoded should work with PHP7 but I have tickets in anyway just confirming.
  2. So for the last month or so I have been going through fixing SEO content issues on our site. One of the biggest issues has been duplicate content with WHMCS. Some have been easy and other have been a nightmare trying to fix. Some of the duplicate content has been the login page when a page requires a login. For example knowledge base article that are only viewable by clients etc. Easily fixed for me as I dont really need them locked down like that. However pages like cart pages etc or affiliate.php and pwreset.php that are only linked off of a page. I am unsure how to take care of these types. Here are some pages that are being listed as duplicate: Should this type of stuff be a 301 redirect to cart.php or would that break soemthing https://www.bluerayconcepts.com/brclient/cart.php?a=view https://www.bluerayconcepts.com/brclient/cart.php?a=checkout These are the ones that are really weird to me. These are showing as duplicate content but pwreset is only a link of the KB category. It shows up as duplicate many times as does affilliate.php: https://www.bluerayconcepts.com/brclient/knowledgebase/16/Email https://www.bluerayconcepts.com/brclient/knowledgebase/16/pwreset.php Any help is overly welcome.
  3. Thanks Brian that did it. After digging around for a few hours I was starting to figure it was hardcoded someplace
  4. I am wanting to remove the required fields NS1 and NS2 on the dedicated server order form. I have been able to remove the fields but continue to get the must fill out required fields warning. Does anyone know where and how to remove the required field setting for the NS1 and NS2 prefix on the dedicated server order form?
  5. What was your solution. I have been battling this as well. I currently only have a handfull selected but its still slow.
  6. If you want to bundle two products that both require server setups whats the best way to handle this. If I want to add spam filtering to a hosting product I have some issues. The spam filter appliance requires some configuration for the domain, this is handled via the whmcs addon for the spam filter. 1. If I try doing the spam filter as an addon there is no automatic configuration and we have to manually go in and do every thing. Which can be done but then there is no product information for the spam filtering as the addon section is very sparse. 2. If I bundle hosting and spam filter then during the customer checkout they have to enter the domain name for the hosting. The spam filtering will of course be for the same domain name as the hosting but whmcs is requiring them to input domains for both products. a. Is there a way to make WHMCS use the same domain for the spam filtering configuration? b. If not is there a way to label the domain configuration page during checkout to let the customer know "[h=1]Choose a Domain... For Hosting Product"[/h][h=1]Choose a Domain... For Spam filtering Product.[/h] Right now the checkout process only labels it [h=1]Choose a Domain...[/h]but does not say what its for only just takes the customer there for configuration which in many cases causes confusion. Any input would be grateful. Hopefully I explained it without being confusing. Thanks
  7. No this is an upgrade. But the Six template hasnt been modified. Or is this dealing with another file somewhere that was modified? No issues on the admin side only the client side regardless template used.
  8. No this is an upgrade. But the Six template hasnt been modified. Or is this dealing with another file somewhere that was modified? No issues on the admin side only the client side regardless template used.
  9. Same here Installed, changed the template to the Six template with no modifications. Still get the error. Notice: Undefined property: WHMCS\Smarty:_tpl_vars in /home/bluerayc/public_html/brclient/vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 738
  10. Clicking home is does not work and there is no search option. Attached is what I have I have tried tapping outside of the active window but nothing.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place or not but: Running iWHMCS on IPAD. Go into Client Profile but there is no way to get back to the main screen. Shows edit as the only option. Tapping anywhere outside the client profile window does not take me back to the main screen for iWHMCS.
  12. Marco, Thanks, outstanding catch. I disabled the modsec rules and it worked just fine. I was not getting any modsec notification so I will have to look at it closer. Normally i get emails about modsec flags. Thanks DJ
  13. So I have a weird issue that popped up yesterday. Support says its a server side misconfiguration but I can't see what since its been working fine and nothing has changed on the server. As the title says, if a customer service has an admin note and you try to make a change to the service it throws a 404 error. If I remove the admin note then I can change the service and save. Now I have widdled it down even further and its only a certain amount of characters in the note section that cause an issue, If I keep the note under about 50 characters (doesnt make any difference what characters) it works just fine. FF and IE both throw the blocking insecure data when there is an admin of more than about 50 characters in the service. This sounds like a WHMCS issue not keeping the admin note secure with the rest of the page. Any help would be greatful. Currently running 5.3.8 software
  14. So I am going through and setting up the promotion. But it wants to apply it to the whole cart package and tld instead of just the package. I have only the package selected in both the requires and applies to but it still wants to take the entire 50% off of the entire cart. Is that just the way the percentage works?
  15. Ok kinda of a dumb question but figured I would ask anyway. Do you offer Spam and virus filtering as part of the hosting package or do you charge extra for it? I am not talking about Spam Assassin, but more something that you yourself have to pay extra for in order to even offer it to your customer. I know Postini charges - did you pass that charge onto your customer? I know that Edgewave - cost money per email box. There are cheaper solutions like ASSP. But it still cost us hosting providers money. Do you just eat the cost, or are you charging a bit extra and putting it as an addon?
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