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  1. Everything else looks fine in the logs apart from the above error (which is in the module log too). Everything on the account looks good but when you try to jump from the account list into the account (in WHM) it is just blank. If you edit account (in WHM) and save without changes then everything is fine. Edit: yes, the api all looks good... all permissions in WHM
  2. I am having a weird problem. When I activate an account in WHMCS the account gets created in WHM. However, if I try and access the account in WHM either via the control panel with the new details or via WHM "list accounts" it just comes up with a blank screen. If I "modify account" in WHM (and don't change anything) then save it all is well. Seems like there is some issue with the creation of the account via WHM but not sure how to troubleshoot. EDIT: Found an error in the WHMCS activity log: ... but looking on the forums this isn't supposed to cause an issue (although no idea what it is)
  3. Yeah, I saw that.. I made a new comment about it on the other thread but won't echo it here or we'll be maintaining 2 threads, LOL
  4. This is a bit odd. I installed 5.2.13 weeks ago and when I logged in today it said there was a new security release. This is why I fell for the same thing as paperweight. If 5.2.13 is the latest release why did I get the popup screen telling me there was a new release?
  5. Same here... I ended up overwriting the whole thing with v13 full install and now it works.
  6. I did it twice to make sure there were no copy errors, same error:
  7. There is a field in the admin table that specifies the auth type (can't remember what is is set to but I think it's 4 letters). Delete this and then you can login with just your username and password. Once in you can reset the 2 factor auth. That said, looks like the app has been fixed now.
  8. It's ok, figured it out... glad I didn't wait for support though, >1h and not even a response
  9. I took the IOS update of Google Authenticator this morning and it's forgotten my info. I can't login as I can't remember my backup code. I have full access to the file system and DB but am not sure what I need to do to re-gain access and reset Google Auth. I logged a support ticket a while back but so far no response and it's quite important I get my access back asap. Thanks Jim
  10. Cool, seems a little odd that there is no visible difference from an account cancelled and one terminated, but now I know that's no so bad I guess
  11. I have an account that a client cancelled a few weeks ago. It was correctly listed as cancelled in WHMCS. However, today she decides she wants it again but it has disappeared. I assumed that as per the cancelled request it was terminated at the end date. It turns out it was terminated yesterday but for some reason it is still listed in WHMCS. Considering there is no longer a matching account in WHM surely it should not still be listed in WHMCS, or am I missing something here? Thanks Jim
  12. It really irritates me that sites like this decide they need to hold credit card information... why?? Surely they can just pass on the transaction off-site? There is absolutely no reason why my credit card information should have been stored in their database!
  13. Sorry if this is detailed somewhere, I had a look but couldn't find the info I need. I have setup the option of auto payments via paypal (subscriptions). My customer is asking exactly how it works in terms of invoicing but I can't answer them from experience as I have yet to receive a payment via that method. This is how I assume it works: - Customer gets the "14 day before reminder" - On the date payment is due the payment is taken and they receive the PAID invoice Is that correct, or do they not get reminders when using this method? If so, do they get an email saying payment will automatically be taken on the due date? Again, sorry if this is a silly question, but clarification would me appreciated. Thanks
  14. BINGO... No idea why I didn't spot that, I was only looking at the bit on the end. Thanks!
  15. Weird... seemed like it was cache... I cleared the cache and it loaded the right form... then the next time I loaded the wrong one again... grrr
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